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The ABSOLUTE Best EVS Neck Brace In 2020 [R4 Review]

Confused? Let us explain why the EVS R4 is the best neck brace from EVS, and why it’s better than a standard foam based protector.

Welcome to our 2-minute guide to the best EVS neck brace.

We’ll uncover why you need a neck brace instead of a protector, and why the R4 is the best in EVS’s range.

EVS R4 Review

Brace, Or Protector?

I know what you’re thinking. There’s a fine line between a neck brace and a protector.

And, if you’ve seen the EVS R4 reviewed against any other neck braces, you’ll notice it’s regularly the cheapest of the bunch.

So, is it a brace, or just a protector?

Essentially, the difference comes in how it fits, and the materials used.

A MX neck protector simply sits around your neck, usually secured by one strap.

Typically, they use a dense foam, and therefore, offer protection, but not much.

A brace however focuses more on neck support and preventing serious injuries in a dirt bike crash, rather than protecting you from bruises.

So, they’ll be multiple straps. And, whilst foam is used to make it comfortable, the core materials used are much more durable (such as shock absorbent plastic).

The EVS R4 is a neck brace, not a neck protector.

Why The EVS R4, And Not A Race Collar?

A neck collar (or protector), is what EVS are known for.

They brought out their neck protectors out long before the likes of Leatt were even thinking about developing neck braces.

And, they’ve taken what they’ve learned in all their years developing collars, straight into their EVS R4.

It’s got all the comfort of a race collar, but it’s got the support you’ll need to protect you from a neck injury.

So, the only real reason not to buy one, would be price.

Obviously, the development costs of a neck brace are far greater than a standard motocross collar, and that means the RRP is much higher too.

How The EVS R4 Protects You

Braces like the EVS R4, work by creating a barrier against axial loading. evs neck brace

When you crash, there’s a good chance the force of the impact hits your head first.

Your helmet absorbs most of the impact, but the force carries on in a straight line, following on the same path it started on.

Eventually, it reaches your neck, and it’s your neck that absorbs it.

If it causes enough injury that your neck can’t absorb the force, the impact is carried elsewhere, such as your collarbone.

The EVS R4 slots nicely between your shoulders and helmet and absorbs any impact after the helmet, so your body doesn’t have to.


There’s a one-size fits all approach to the EVS R4 neck brace for adults. But, there’s a separate youth model.

The R4 will only offer protection if it’s the right size, so don’t buy an adult brace for your kid thinking they’ll “grow into it”.

They might as well not be wearing it, if it’s the wrong size.

Flexibility & Comfort

As EVS has been working on collars for over a decade, they’ve made sure all their products are compatible with most helmets and body protection (roost guards etc).

Without this compatibility, neck braces become uncomfortable pretty-quickly.

And, to increase comfort further, they’ve ensured all hardened sections of the R4 brace (that offer support) have been covered with softer materials; especially where there’s likely to be a contact patch with the body.

EVS R4 Review Verdict

The EVS R4 neck brace is the next step up from a traditional motocross collar.

It offers more than just protection against low-level bruising and instead, focuses on protecting you from injuries when riding MX. And, it does that by offering support.

But, this support doesn’t come at a price of comfort, or weight…the EVS R4 is one of the lightest neck braces on the market, weighing around 2lbs.

If you’re looking for a motocross neck brace, but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend, the EVS R4 is for you.

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