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The Best Motorcycle Chain Lube [Isn’t WD40]

Struggling to choose the best motorcycle chain lube? I’ve been buying chain lube for nearly 20 years, so this guide will definitely help.

Welcome to our 2-minute guide to the best motorcycle chain lube.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from owning both offroad and road bikes; look after your bike, and it will look after you.

Even simple things such as lubricating a motorcycle chain correctly, will save you cash. A lubricated chain is one that’s going to last.

Before we carry on, I’ll dispel one myth, then offer my recommendation on the best motorcycle chain lube for all types of riding.

Is WD40 A Lubricant?

WD40 is certainly a useful product. But, is WD40 a lubricant?

The answer is no. It’s a myth.

The original WD40, is a water displacer.

Spray it on something, pour water on that something, and you’ll see the water bead off.

As part of the make-up of WD40, it does have some light lubrication properties.

That’s why in some applications (stopping hinges squeaking for instance), it will work.

Hinges are not exposed to high levels of water, or dirt. So, the small lubrication properties (more importantly, the water displacement properties) of WD40 will get the job done.

Should I Lube My Motorcycle Chain With WD40?

No. It’s lubrication properties won’t last.

What it is good for, is cleaning.

After you’ve washed your motorcycle chain, you can spray it with WD40.

It will help to remove water, and break down dirt (if you use a chain cleaning brush), ready for the application of a good motorcycle chain lube.

But, after that, you’ll still need to use a chain degreaser.

The Best Motorcycle Chain Lube

Maxima Chain Wax

chain lube maxima

Checkout Maxima’s motorcycle chain wax.

A quick search on online shows it’s got lots of positive reviews. And, for good reason.

I’ve used pretty much every brand under the sun: Castrol, Muc-Off, Silkolene, Putoline, Lucas Oil and more.

I’d definitely not slate any of these brands (and, I’d used them all again), but I just found I was lubing my chain less with Maxima.

And, when I eventually cleaned and re-lubed my motorcycle chain, it was a lot less dirty than it was with other chain lubes I’ve used.

I’ve used it on my road bikes and off-road bikes (so, in the dirt, dust, sand, wet and dry) and it’s performed well on all fronts.

And, that leads to one thing; less chain wear. Less chain wear = longer life = money saving!

Motorcycle chains are not cheap!

Maxima sell their motorcycle chain wax for under $20. But, there’s actually a deal on a pack of 4 that gets it down much cheaper.

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Motorcycle Chain Wax, Or Chain Lube?

So, you’ve probably noticed…I’ve actually recommended the best motorcycle chain wax, rather than the best lube.

Wax provides much better coverage, durability, and it penetrates the rollers better (I’ve found). And, that means better chain protection.

My choice is motorcycle chain wax over lube.

What Else You’ll Need To Clean A Motorcycle Chain

If you’ve ever tried cleaning a motorcycle chain by hand without cleaning products, you’ll know it’s an absolute nightmare.

Here are the things you’ll need to make motorcycle chain cleaning a breeze.

#1 – Chain Cleaning Grunge Brush

grunge brush

Wiping down a chain cleans exterior dirt; but exterior dirt isn’t the problem.

The problem is dirt and dust that gets into the links and rollers.

As the chain moves around, dirt and dust crunches and grinds away at the internals of the chain; that’s what causes wear.

A chain cleaning grunge brush is basically a (big) 3-sided tooth brush that gets to places you can’t with a sponge or rag.

#2 – Degreaser

motorcycle chain lube cleaner

You’ll need some degreaser. Otherwise, you’ll be aimlessly scrubbing bits of chain wax from one part of the chain to another.

The Maxima motorcycle chain wax is designed to stay on, and protect the chain. And, it does a hell of a good job.

The only way to remove the wax is using a chain cleaner that’s got degreasing properties.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best motorcycle chain lube and wax.

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