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The Best Beginner Wakeboards in 2021 [+ Size Chart]

Looking for the best beginner wakeboard? We’ve listed the best wakeboard brands, 3 of the best boards and our top pick for beginners.

If you’ve been out on the water and are ready to buy a board, we’ve got you covered, and you want the best wakeboard possible.

In our 3-minute guide to the best beginner wakeboards we’ll cover:

  • What Size Wakeboard You Need
  • The 9 Best Wakeboard Brands
  • Our Top Picks For The Best Beginner Wakeboards

At A Glance

Our guide to the best wakeboards for beginners isn’t exactly short, but it’s worth a read. You’ll learn about the type and size wakeboard you need, as well as which are the brands, and our top pick.

Although we do suggest reading the full guide (it takes around 5 minutes), for those that are strapped for time, here’s the short version.

All things considered, we’re picking Ronix as our top brand. Looking for a Ronix wakeboard that’s suitable for beginners? Head straight for the Ronix Vault.

Wakeboard Sizing

For beginners, choosing the right size wakeboard is incredibly important.

Each rider will develop their own riding style, but weight plays a major factor into the size you need. If you buy a wakeboard that’s too small, it won’t keep you afloat properly – that makes learning incredibly difficult.

Typically, a larger and longer wakeboard will be suited to heavier riders. Short boards are more suitable for lightweight riders.

What Size Wakeboard Do You Need?

The wakeboard sizing chart below gives you an idea of what size wakeboard a typical beginner will need. There is some slight over-lap.

For instance, look at the chart. We’ve labelled a 131cm board for those 96-150lbs.

Realistically, if you’re in the lower end of that weight, you’d get away with a slightly smaller board.

And, if you’re at the higher end of that weight spectrum, you’d get away with a wakeboard such as a 136cm/137cm.

Wakeboard Size Chart

Length Of Wakeboard Weight Of Rider
Under 130cm
Under 95lbs

The 9 Best Wakeboard Brands

hyperlite wakeboard

Once you’ve figured out which size wakeboard you need, you’ll need to understand which are the best brands.

The profile of a wakeboard is incredibly important to help you learn to get up, edge and do tricks; quickly.

I wouldn’t buy a cheap wakeboard from an unknown brand. The profile doesn’t aid progression, and the board won’t last as long.

If you grab a board that is the right size, and from one of the 9 best wakeboard brands we’ve mentioned below, you can’t go far wrong.

So, here are the best wakeboard brands on the market today.

  1. Hyperlite
  2. Ronix
  3. Byerly
  4. CWB Board Co
  5. Body Glove
  6. Liquid Force
  7. Airhead
  8. Obrien
  9. Slingshot Sports

The Best Wakeboards For Beginners

Now we know what size wakeboard we’re looking for, and all the best wakesboard brands, it’s time to look at some specific boards.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers produce all their wakeboards in all sizes. And, that’s why we’ll offer specific suggestions, but you may be restricted due to the sizes on offer.

The cost of the wakeboards below is a guideline, as prices will change throughout the year depending on what offers the manufacturers have on.

This Year’s Best Wakeboards for Beginners

Ronix Vault
ronix vault wakeboard

Ronix regularly do clearance sales, so this board can be found cheap. Sometimes much cheaper than the lower quality Body Glove, you can check the price on the Ronix Vault wakeboard here.

The Ronix Vault is an entry level board, but it’s more technical than the Body Glove, making it the best board for tricks.

They’ve crafted the board’s edges specifically for edging on both the toe and heel side.

Being incredibly lightweight, and well-crafted, it’s a board that will see you right through to the intermediate stage of wakeboarding.

Hyperlite Skate 2.0

hyperlite rusty pro wakeboard for beginnersThe first thing you’ll notice with the Hyperlite Skate 2.0 board, is it’s a package deal.

So, unlike some other wakeboards, you’ll get a free set of bindings. And, that’s one of the first reasons it tops this review.

As the name suggests, all Hyperlite products are, well, lightweight!

That makes it easier to learn to edge, surf the wake, and do tricks.

It’s not just an all-rounder, but a technical all-rounder, so this board is going to be good enough to keep you going for at least your first couple of years boarding.

And, on that note, it comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, so during those first few years learning, you know your board is covered.

Hyperlite have focused on stability here, to make edging easier, but still giving the board plenty of pop.

Whether you are at a cable park, boat riding, doing tricks or trying to catch big air, this is the best wakeboard for beginners to start learning with.

Body Glove Wakeboard
best beginner wakeboard

The Body Glove wakeboard is reasonably priced, and a good all-rounder.

It’s reasonably lightweight, but you will find lighter boards from the likes of Hyperlite.

It’s a generic board suitable for those over 125lbs, and therefore, isn’t going to give you the precision when it comes to intermediate tricks.

But, on the flip side, it does offer additional stability in comparison to more technical boards, which will make learning tricks in the early days much easier.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 3-minute beginner’s guide to the best wakeboards.

If you take anything away from the post, let it be this; stick to reputable brands (see our 9 best wakeboard brands section), and you’ll be good to go.

Want more options? Check out this guide to the 5 best wakeboards for 2021 on

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