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The Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts For 2020 [With & Without Chargers]

Not sure which is the best motorcycle phone mount? Check out our 2-minute guide to the best mounts with and without USB chargers.

Riding on the road is dangerous enough.

And, we’ve all had that panic moment whereby we think we’ve forgotten or dropped our phone.

With the ridiculously high computing power of today’s phones, a lot of us use our cell phones as a GPS.

So, we need them where we can see them.

Whether you’re riding to work, or to the other side of the Alps, you need a motorcycle mount for your phone; this guide is going to help you choose one.

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle phone mount, you’ll fall into one of two categories:

  • I want a basic motorcycle phone mount
  • I want a phone mount that has a USB charger

Below, we’ve offered what we consider the best choice, for each of the above scenarios.

The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

ROAM CoPilot Motorcycle Phone Mount

So, here’s our top pick.roam motorcycle phone mount

If you’ve been looking at motorcycle phone mounts that are creeping towards $100, you’ll have a nice shock when you check out the price for the ROAM mount ?


Of all the phone mounts you’ve researched, it’s unlikely any will have the amount of reviews that this one does. There are literally thousands, and mostly positive.

That’s almost unheard of for such a cheap product.

Whether you need to take calls, switch your playlist, or the destination on your GPS app, the ROAM mount has you covered.

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Handlebar Mounting

It’s mounted to your bars using a combination of a high quality and durable plastic mounts, and silicone housing for all the corners.

Phone Security

Unlike other cheap phone mounts, this one’s been well thought through.

There’s a total of 6 contact patches and that means your smartphone is secure throughout your ride.


But, that doesn’t mean your vision is compromised.

You’ll be able to adjust this phone mount whilst riding, to get the perfect view.

Handlebar Fitment

It fits pretty-much any handlebar you can think of.

That means anything from 7/8”-1-1/4”.

Phone Sizing

One day, small phones are the in thing. The next day, something like the iPhone 7 is released.

That gives a tough job for companies making cell phone accessories.

Do they make them for big or small phones?

But, it’s the reason the ROAM CoPilot is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts out there.

Whether you prefer a super-slim and small phone, or something a bit more substantial; this mount will work with either.

In fact, it extends to accept phones as wide as 3.5”, so that means phones such as the:

  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S7, Edge and OnePlus 3
  • HTC 10
  • Google Pixel and Pixel XL
  • The list goes on…!

Measure your phone.

If it’s less than 3.5” wide, the ROAM Co-pilot has got you covered.

Life Time Warranty

Each of the ROAM CoPilot motorcycle mounts comes with a lifetime warranty.

Got a problem? Send it back and get a brand new one!

Alternatives To The ROAM Motorcycle Phone Mount

You’ll only really see how good the ROAM mount is, by comparing it to a few of the alternative motorcycle phone mounts that are currently on the market.

Remember, make sure you compare the:

  • Price
  • Warranty
  • Number of reviews
  • The average star rating of the reviews

Most of the alternatives to the ROAM cell phone mount will have 90% less reviews (and ones that are nowhere near as good), not to mention the fact that they are usually much higher in price.

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The Best Motorcycle Phone Mount (With USB Charger)

Moto Power MP0609D

Phone Sizing

motopower phone mount

If you’re looking for the best motorcycle mount with a USB charger, the Moto Power mount is certainly worth checking out.

If differs to the basic ROAM mount, as it will fit any screen up to 6”.

Of course, that means you can mount more than just a phone. In fact, you could mount a full-on GPS if you really wanted to.

USB Charger

You’ll get a 5V / 2Amp USB port and power cable to charge your device on the move.

Phone Mounting

The grip is adjusted easily, so switching from mounting your GPS to your cell phone on your bike is a breeze.

And, you’ll be able to adjust the viewpoint using the 360° rotational ball; which offers a tonne of flexibility.

Phone Security

The Moto Power motorcycle phone mount is just as, if not more secure than the ROAM CoPilot.

Its clips are Anti-Shake, so even the bumpiest of rides isn’t going to unsettle them.

And then, you’ve got the 4 silicone corner straps that offer your phone that extra security.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to the best motorcycle phone mounts.

I’m constantly posting new motorcycle product recommendations and riding tips.

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