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The Best Motocross Knee Pads & Shin Guards In 2021

Struggling to pick the best knee guards for motocross? I’ve been a MX nut for over 17 years, so this 2-minute guide is all you need.

I’ll do a real-quick run-down of why you need knee protection, whether you need knee braces or guards, and finally – a rundown of the best knee pads for motocross riding.

Do You Need Knee Guards For Motocross?

Absolutely. You should never ride on a motocross track without some sort of knee protection; you need motocross knee pads.

The impacts you’ll get from a crash are not small, and knees tend to take the brunt of impacts.

Knee Guards vs Knee Braces

It’s a hard tossup when it comes to choosing whether to buy knee guards, or knee braces.

Realistically, it comes down to budget.

I personally wear knee guards, but definitely realise that they don’t offer the support or protection that I’d get from a knee brace.

Knee Guards

Knee pads for motocross offer basic protection. And, they are extremely cheap.

You shouldn’t need to budget any more than $30 for a pair.

They’ll protect your knee cap and shin. But, they won’t offer any real protection on the side or back of your knees and shins.

The real downside is they can get easily displaced in a crash.

And they also don’t protect you against hyper-extension, which can lead to disastrous ACL injuries.

Knee Braces

If you’re interested in knee braces for MX, I’ve created a quick guide to the best motocross knee braces here.

Knee braces offer full protection, but they also offer support.

They provide a better fit, side and rear leg protection and they offer support against hyperextension and therefore, ACL injuries.

The problem? They can cost over $400 per brace.

Get MX Knee Pads  

This Year’s Best Motocross Knee Guards

1. EVS Option Knee Guards

I bought these knee pads a few years ago.evs knee guards

The EVS Option knee guards were added to my kit bag after I left my UFO pads at a race (I tend to lose stuff).

I’ve been impressed with them.

They offer good protection, but they’re flexible, so I hardly notice I’m wearing them when I’m on the track.

I did feel the bottom strap was a bit more intrusive than my old UFO pads, but that was easily fixed by sewing a small piece of material on the interior.

They RRP around $25, so if you’re looking for cheap motocross knee guards, EVS have got you covered.

EVS Knee Guards  

2. Shift MX Enforcer Knee Pads

Being honest, I like to try out different products and MX brandsmotocross knee guards

So, if I was buying a new pair of knee guards today, I’d be tempted with the Shift MX Enforcer pads.

And, that’s mainly because I’m a sucker for reviews; and the Shift MX Enforcer reviews are encouraging!

In terms of quality, I know it’s there with Shift, as I’ve had their gear before.

And, design/protection with all basic knee guards, I’ve found over the years, is all pretty-much the same.

Shift Knee Protection  

EVS Option Or Shift MX Enforcer?

As I said, I have no really gripes with my EVS Option knee pads, especially for the price.

But, with all the positive reviews that surround the Shift MX Enforcer pads, at basically the same price – they’d be my pick if I was purchasing a new set today.

Buy MX Knee Pads  

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best motocross knee guards.

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