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The 3 Best Enduro Boots For Trail Riding & Offroad Racing

Looking for new enduro boots? Our quick 5-minute guide gives the rundown on low, mid and high budget boots designed for trail riding and offroad racing.

Welcome to our 5-minute review to picking out the ABSOLUTE best enduro boots for trail riding and offroad racing. Whether that trail ride is a local green lane, part of an offroad race or big adventure ride; this review has got everything you need to know.

Below I’ve got some top recommendations of boots I’ve used for racing offroad over the last few decades. I’ve also taken into account the likes of cost, durability and of course, online reviews from customers who own these boots (both the new and old models.

Ready to get straight to our review of the best enduro boots?

Enduro Boots: Your Options

There’s a tonne of boots I’d recommend for enduro and offroad riding, but the ones you pick is going to come down to one thing; price.

The best enduro boots cost in the region of $500-600. In that range, you’ll want to be looking at the:

  • Sidi Crossfire SRS
  • Sidi Crossfire (same core design as the SRS, but with an old-school enduro style sole)
  • Alpinestars Tech 10
  • Gaerne SG 12
  • Fox Instinct

The likes of the Sidi Crossfire, Gaerne SG 12 and Alpinestars are regularly on sale here.

You’ll then step down to the boots below $500, which is still a pretty hefty investment. Here you’re looking at products like the:

  • Gaerne SG 10
  • Alpinestars Tech 7
  • O’Neal Rider
  • The list goes on…

Head here for deals on the SG10 and more, we found the prices there are much cheaper than the majority of other dirt bike stores offering enduro boots.

So, below, we’ve got high, mid and low budget option for you. Regardless of the price you want to pay, there’s a perfect set of enduro boots for you.

The Best Enduro Boots In 2021

1. Gaerne SG 12

Our Pick For: The Best Enduro Boots Under $500

Gaerne SG 12 MX boots
Gaerne SG-12 are the best motocross boots under $500 this year.

The Gaerne SG-12 are the best enduro boots under $500 this year.

The Gaerne SG 12s uses a dual stage pivot system. The first part of the pivot system offers support but flexibility when it comes to lateral support.

The second allows for easy ankle movement, and that makes shifting and riding ruts a breeze. But, the flexibility is stunted on sudden impact (landing hand from a jump or drop-off for instance), so your ankle isn’t going to over-extend.

The SG 12 dirt bike boots are slim-line and lightweight, but they can be opened out if you’re wearing a large knee brace like an Asterisk.

Better still, the core sole is perfect for skimming ruts, but has that bite so you’re getting enough grip from your pegs.

Basically, the Gaerne SG 12s combine:

  • Support
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight construction
  • Grip

Want the best of the best? Get an awesome price on your Gaerne’s here.

2. Fox Racing Comp

Our Pick For: The Best Enduro Boots under $400

fox comp 5 enduro boots
Fox Racing Comp 5 – our pick for this year’s best cheap enduro boots

Don’t have a budget of over $500? I hear ya’. Luckily there are other options out there.

If you can, I’d definitely be stretching to around $200+. There are plenty of boots around the $100 mark, but they tend to be big, bulky, and not great for riding mud or ruts on the trail.

And if you can grab that $200+, I’d be heading for the Fox Racing Comp motocross and enduro boots. They’re similar in build quality to the Alpinestars Tech 10 (although, around half the price), but you get the support to match.

But more importantly, the curved edges of the sole (rather than a large steel toe cap) means that when you’re riding trails, you’re not going to be catching ruts and roots (a sure-fire way to bust up your ankle).

The Fox Racing Comp boots are suitable for enduro, trail, offroad, adventure and even ATV riders.

3. O’Neal Rider

Our Pick For: The Best Cheap Enduro Boots under $200

oneal rider enduro boots
O’Neal Rider – the cheapest enduro boots from a well known brand.

If you’re looking for something EVEN cheaper, the O’Neal Rider boots offer plenty of bang for ya’ buck at around $100.

They’re not as lightweight as the Fox or Gaerne’s, but they’re comfortable, durable, and have a ton of positive reviews online.

Don’t expect the same comfort level, but in all honestly, they feel pretty-close to Alpinestars old Tech 6 enduro boots, but they’re around half the price.

The 15 Best Enduro Boot Brands

Looking for a set of enduro boots, but our top 3 picks aren’t in budget, the right design or available online? 

Put simply, if you stick to the top enduro boot brands, you won’t go far wrong in terms if comfort, flexibility and durability. All the brands on the list below can be found at decent prices here

  1. Alpinestars
  2.  Answer
  3.  Fly Racing Dirt
  4.  Forma Boots
  5.  Fox Racing
  6.  Gaerne
  7.  Joe Rocket
  8.  Leatt
  9.  Moose Racing
  10.  O’Neal
  11.  SIDI Boots
  12.  Shift
  13.  Sidi Boot Parts
  14.  TCX Boots
  15.  Thor

Still Not Convinced?

I’ve already created a detailed guide on the best motocross boots here. Essentially, I ride MX and enduro so I use the same boots for both.

So, if you’re looking for recommendations for other boots and want some examples of enduro boots that can be true all-rounders, head straight over to that list.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute review of the best enduro boots for trail riding, adventures and offroad racing. We constantly post up new enduro guides, from riding tips, to things like this write up on the best dirt bike gear.

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