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The Best Dirt Bike Footpegs In 2020 [From Fastway For MX Junkies]

Looking for the best motocross footpegs for 2019? Check out my guide to the new Fastway Evolution 3, the best MX pegs for the money.

Let’s face it, most OEM parts on dirt bikes are absolute junk; footpegs included.

The profile of OEM footpegs is just too narrow.

And, that means your putting excess pressure in the middle of your foot.

Not only is that ridicuoulsy uncomfortable, it completely wrecks the sole of your boot.

More importantly, if you like riding in the mud like I do, OEM pegs regularly get clogged up with dirt and rocks; that means no grip at all.

The Best Motocross Footpegs

I was planning to review all the footpegs on the market, with the pros and cons of each.

But, I just decided to review the best footpegs for the money instead, and they come from Fastway.

Fastway Evolution 3 Review

You’ll see the Fastway pegs kicking around under a few different names:

  • Evolution 3
  • F3
  • Anklesavers

These are their lower end pegs. If you have the budget though, they also have the Fastway AIR and F4.

Rider Endorsement

If you’ve not heard of Fastway, they’re actually kind of a big deal.

Their products are used by motocross riders such as:

  • Gared Steinke
  • Sara Pettersson
  • Nick Gains

But, they are ridiculously popular with woods riders too. So, they’re also used by the likes of:

  • Steward Baylor
  • Trevor Bollinger
  • Grant Baylor

If you don’t know any of those names, you’re not the dirt bike nut I thought you were ?

Peg Position

I’m a taller rider, but all riders will benefit from being able to adjust the position of pegs.

Standard setups tend to be fine when sitting down.

But, if you’re the type of rider that stands up a lot of rides woods like me, you’ll always feel like you’re over the bars.

There’s a Fast Kamber Mounting 8mm System that’s going to help make sure you always have the right positioning on the pegs.

With the Fastway Evolution Evolution 3 pegs, if you’re at a track where you’re going to be standing up a lot, you can angle the pegs, and set them back for your next track.

Different Grip Setups

Ever thought the grip coming from OEM pegs sucks?

Had aftermarket pegs and felt the contact patches were too sharp and provide too much grip, not allowing you to move around the bike?

Me too.

The Fastway F3 pegs come with 3 different grip setups that are interchangeable.

That combined with the different foot positioning setups makes the Fastway a true “build your own footpeg” setup.


It’s the nature of the internet that prices for all motocross parts fluctuate almost daily.

fastway footpegs

But, check any day of the week. You’ll find the Fastway Anklesaver pegs are nearly half the price of pegs that are similar in quality.

So, if you’re looking for the best motocross pegs for the money, these are for you.

Check Price on Amazon  

Mud & Rock Displacement

You’ll notice from the pictures that the pegs look low profile, but they are incredibly wide. That allows two things to pass right through the pegs; dirt and rocks.

If you’ve ever raced and got rocks or mud stuck in your pegs, you’ll know how annoying it is.

Wait, Anklesavers?

The way the Fastway pegs can be setup helps to evenly distribute weight, much better than a OEM peg setup.

And, that means you’ll feel less strain on your foot, leg and, well, ankle.

For big impacts, this could be the difference between a big injury, and walking away slightly sore.

Overall Fastway Evo 3 Review

Usually, I’d offer a comparison. Something along the lines of “if you have more cash, here’s an alternative”.

But, there isn’t an alternative. These are the cheap alternative, but they rival the other alternatives that are nearly 2x the price.

And, that’s why we’ve highlighted the Fastway Anklesavers as the best motocross footpegs money can buy.

Check Price on Amazon  

What’s Next?

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