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The Best Motorcycle Dollies for Space Saving

Want a motorcycle dolly to move, store, wash and work on your ride? This guide has EVERYTHING you need to know to make a purchase (and our top 3 recommendations).

Whether you’re looking for reviews on a motorcycle mover for a super sport, dirt bike, pit bike, or a heavier motorcycle like a Harley Davidson, this guide has everything you need to know before making a purchase.

We’ll start with a 1-minute guide explaining the type of motorcycle dolly you need, then head straight for our three favorites.

What Is A Motorcycle Dolly?

A motorcycle dolly is the perfect solution for keeping your bikes organized. It’s a metal frame sitting on wheels that allows you to mount and move your motorbike, securely.

Whether you’re storing one bike in a compact garage or have a ton of classic bikes that you reorganize regularly, a dolly helps to keep your space tidy.

Types Of Motorcycle Dolly

There are three types of motorcycle dolly to choose from. No one, is the “perfect” one for every scenario. And, that’s because there are two factors that determine which is the best motorcycle dolly for you:

  • The storage space you have for your motorcycle
  • How much your motorcycle weighs


A fixed motorcycle dolly works much like a trailer, the frame is large, secure and suited towards storage spaces that are easier to get in and out of. Due to this having little in terms of moving parts (except for the wheels), fixed units tend to have the biggest weight capacity.

That makes them suitable for big motorcycles like Harley Davidsons.


An adjustable motorcycle dolly only mounts the rear wheel and kick stand. That means your bike is secure, but you can maneuver it into position much easier than a fixed unit, and it takes up much less space than a full-size motorcycle dolly.

You can adjust the rear wheel position. This isn’t just useful for adjusting the position for the storage space on offer, it’s incredibly useful for getting it into that storage position, if space is tight.

As there’s an extra moving part (the adjuster for the kickstand), expect the weight capacity of adjustable units to be slightly less than the fixed equivalent. But, the weight capacity is still suitable for your average bike; anything from dirt bikes and super sport, through to bobbers and classics.

Scissor Center Stand

A scissor lift with wheels, on average, has the lowest weight capacity (although there are some with 1,000lbs+ capacity). Scissor lifts are awesome for moving, storing, washing and working on your bike; it’s your mobile mechanic’s stand.

And, it works as your motorcycle’s center stand, rather than a full-on dolly; it’s our top pick!

Due to the moving parts, this is suitable for lower weight bikes such as adventure, enduro, dirt bike, and pit bikes.

The Best Motorcycle Dollies For The Money

So, below we’ve got our top picks for the best motorcycle dolly on the market. We’ve got a pick for the best fixed, adjustable and center stand bike mover (in that order) below.


1. Extreme Max

Our Pick For: The Best Fixed Motorcycle Dolly For Heavy Motorcycles extreme max

When looking at weight capacities on motorcycle movers, you need to be well below the manufacturer’s recommended capacity. Any bump as you move (such as a dip in your driveway) will exert g-force, and that increases weight.

With big bikes like the Harley Davidson weighing around 540lbs, you want to be looking at something right at the top end of the weight capacity. And, that’s where the Extreme Max comes in.


The Extreme Max motorcycle dolly’s capacity is one of the biggest on the market; a hefty 1,250lbs.

Low-Profile Design

And, for a motorcycle mover with such a high capacity, you’d expect the unit to be big and bulky. But, go and compare it to the likes of the Park N Move, and you’ll quickly see how slimline and low profile the Extreme Max is.

And, that’s important not just for maneuverability, but for saving storage space too.


You’ll load up your motorcycle on the Extreme Max by rolling it on and flicking up the two end stops. Once on, you can then adjust the side tracks to make sure your kickstand is seated with the bike at the right angle.


So, besides a weight capacity of 1,250lbs, what limits the type of motorcycle that can be loaded on the Extreme Max? It’s got an interior length of 76 inches, and your tire needs to be less than 7.5 inches (that’s sidewall to sidewall).

If you’re bike’s within that range, you’re good to go.


The Extreme Max has one of the highest volume of online reviews of any motorcycle dolly on this list. And we like that. Reading other people’s reviews, we can see how happy people are with there purchase, especially based on the price…


You’ll see motorcycle dolly units for sale at anywhere from $80 right through to $1,000. Luckily, the Extreme Max sits in the VERY low end of that price budget.

Basically. Great price. Perfect storage solution. Awesome online reviews…

Motorcycle Dolly Prices  

2. BikeMaster Adjustable TLMD-B

Our Pick For: The Best Adjustable Motorcycle Dolly For Medium Sized Bikes bikemaster adjustable motorcycle dolly

OK, so what if you don’t have the need for a 1,250lbs weight capacity, but you do have a need for an adjustable motorcycle dolly? That’s where the BikeMaster TLMD-B comes into play.


The weight capacity here is 1,100lbs, although we’d be only heading for the BikeMaster motorcycle dolly if your bike’s weight is MUCH less than this, due to the pivot in the dolly’s frame.

That pivot is going to take the brunt of the stress. That said, there are people suggesting they’ve used this with 900lb+ bikes such the Fat Boy with no issues. It is made of 8mm steel, so there is plenty of strength there, that’s for sure.

Low-Profile Design

Like the Extreme Max, the BikeMaster has a low-profile design, which is going to allow you to slot it into to some pretty-tight spaces.

However, the addition of an adjustable pivot in the center of the frame allows getting it into position MUCH easier. It’s also going to allow you to move your bike into a much smaller space; perfect if tonnes of other bikes are filling up your garage!


And here’s the cool thing. Most motorcycle dollies for sale are fixed units; you can’t adjust them to suit your bike. If you check out the BikeMaster you’ll see you’re able to adjust the kickstand area from 34-50”. That means that when the BikeMaster is adjusted, it’s going to offer much more stability than the average motorcycle dolly on the market today.


There are only a handful of reviews online for the adjustable bike mover from BikeMaster, but it’s specialist when compared to the Extreme Max and slightly more expensive, so that makes perfect sense. However, the reviews that ARE online, are extremely positive.


If you’re looking for the cheapest motorcycle mover possible, the Extreme Max is probably a better option. Expect to budget around $100 more for the BikeMaster, but we think it’s worth the cash.

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3. Pyle Scissor Center Stand

Our Top Pick For: The Best Motorcycle Dolly For Dirt Bikes & Workshops pyle lift center

So, you don’t own a big bike like a Harley, and you want a motorcycle mover that makes working on your bike easy? You need a scissor center stand, and one of the best, is the one on offer from Pyle.

It’s suitable for dirt bikes, pit bikes, adventure, enduro and even trials bikes.


Here’s the crazy thing about the Pyle center stand; the weight capacity is huge. A typical cheap scissor lift is going to offer around 500lbs-800lbs in terms of capacity. The Pyle? You’ll get a massive 2,000lbs capacity.

So, whilst the most likely buyer are dirt bike riders like us, it’s suitable for all types of riders that want to jack up their bikes and start wrenching.

Low-Profile Design

There’s no wasted space with a scissor center stand. Unlike other motorcycle dolly units, you’ll be able to turn it on a dime, with no adjustment.


And, loading is a ton easier too. There’s no lifting, pushing, leaning…no-nothing. Once loaded, the bottom of your frame is even protected by a thick rubber mat.

Simply roll your stand under the flat section of the frame, and let the scissor lift do all the work. If you don’t fancy a hefty loading procedure with your mover, the Pyle is the best motorcycle dolly for you.


If you need to lift the Pyle mover out of the way, it’s light too; 43lbs. That’s about 15lbs lighter than the Extreme Max.

In terms of actual lifting space, the loading tray is 9″ x 14.6″, and that’s perfect for the average dirt bike, supermoto or pit bike.


We like researching online reviews before making a purchase, and the Pyle has the best of any the center stand motorcycle dolly we found. So, if we had a choice, this is where we’d be putting our money.


And the crazy thing is, it doesn’t cost that much. It sits in a nice middle ground. The BikeMaster is heading on $200+, with the Extreme Max around the $100 mark. You’ll be able to grab the Pyle for around $150, and we think that makes it an absolute steal.

We like wrenching, so the Pyle scissor motorcycle mover gets our vote.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading out 5-minute guide to the best motorcycle dollies and movers available online.

Hopefully, our short review has covered everything you need to know to make a purchase. Still confused and got questions? Drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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