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Review: Gaerne GX1 Dirt Bike & Enduro Boots

Looking for a new set of dirt bike boots, and not sure if the Gaerne GX1s are for you? This quick review covers everything you need to know, and offers the best alternatives.

Welcome to our 5-minute review of the Gaerne GX1 MX and enduro boots. If you’re looking for a set of high quality boots from a leading brand, but on a budget, this is a pair that should be on your short list.

Why Gaerne Enduro Boots?

Based on the fact you already know about Gaerne, you’re in the small group of motocross riders that recognize this brand as being a competitor for Alpinestars.

Let’s face it. They’re priced similarly, the quality is the same, and they look awesome.

Gaerne have been manufacturing footwear since 1962. No brand stays alive that long unless it’s producing top quality kit.

That can be seen throughout the range. From the GX1s and all the way up to the SG12s.

Gaerne Motocross Boot Prices  

Gaerne GX1 Review


The GX1s cover the whole spectrum. gaerne GX1 motocross boots

You’ll be able to grab them in EU 38-49, and US 5-14.

Designed In Italy, Made In Italy

Go grab some gear from your kit bag. You’ll be surprised at how many top MX brands import low quality gear from China, whack their name on it, and charge us 5x the price they paid.

Seriously, go and check the inside labels of your best kit – I think you’ll be surprised.

Sure, there are cheaper boots than the GX1s, but they’re also cheaply made.

The GX1s are designed and manufactured in Italy.

Need we say any more?

High Quality Leather

And, we all know manufacturing stuff in Italy isn’t as cheap as places like China. So, they might as well use the best materials.

And they do – your GX1 boots come with thick full grain leather. That’s going to offer not just support, but it’s going to last too.

Buckles & Straps

You’ll get 4 straps & buckles on the GX1 boots. The straps themselves are plastic, but the buckles are made from aluminum.

If you’ve owned MX boots before, you’ll know how cheap and flimsy plastic buckles are. On some boots, you’ll find they don’t snap into position correctly, within just a few rides.

A bigger problem, is a different kind of snap – plastic buckles break easily.

The best thing? The GX1 boots come with aluminum buckles, so are unlikely to break.

Managed to trash your buckles? They’re easy to replace (that can’t be said for all other boots on the market).

Impact Resistance

Impact resistance and support is really where brands like Alpinestars and Gaerne boots separate themselves from the pack.

First up, you’ve got a toe plate that’s molded. That means your foot is going to stay in position.

There’s some padding in the ankle and heel area – that helps to absorb impacts from crashes and when you case that triple ?


So, let’s talk more about the support on offer. After all, when you’re landing off big jumps, or bailing hard, you need protection.

The most important feature incorporated into the GX1’s design is the hardened ankle. This doesn’t just keep the boot stiff, it keeps your ankle supported whilst riding and in the event of a crash.

A softer fitting boot would simply fold if your heel is hanging to far over the rear of the peg. That’s going to lead to an extremely uncomfortable broken ankle.

But it’s not just broken ankles from landing hard off jumps. Ever caught your toe on the inside of a rut wearing cheap boots? It hurts. The GX1 boot’s hardened ankle has got you covered there too.


So, you’re supported in terms of harsh landings. But it’s the plastic outer shell that really protects your ankle, foot and shin.

That’s going to keep your lower leg from being battered from roost, assuming you’re not in the lead!


You’ll notice that a lot of Gaerne’s and Alpinestars’ product range mirrors the other.

Alpinestars used to produce a Tech 1 boot. You’ll still find it online, but I believe that’s been discontinued.

It looks very similar to the Gaerne GX 1 boots. It’s simple, sleek. As cool as the design is, the focus of the design is really in making sure it does a job. It’s a practical boot on a budget, as is the GX1.


Let’s be honest. The Gaerne GX1 boots are cheap for a product from such a high-quality brand. And that means somewhere there’s going to be some sacrifice.

Here, the sacrifice comes in form of flexibility. To offer exceptional impact resistance, quality leather and elevated levels of support, it’s flexibility that suffers.

If you want everything the GX1 boots have, but more (including flexibility), then you need to be looking at nearly doubling your budget and shooting for the SG10s and SG12s.


There’s one thing that’s junk before anything else on all motocross boots; the sole.

And if you check out the product description on most cheap MX boots, you’ll see that the sole isn’t replaceable.

There’s a good reason for that; that manufacturer makes more money by selling you a new set of boots, than a replacement sole.

That’s not the case with the Gaerne GX1 boots.

You’ll be able to replace the sole when you eventually wear it out. And, that’s going to save you a tonne of cash compared with buying a new set of boots.


In this price range, you’ve got a few alternatives. You’ve got the softer looking Alpinestars Tech 3.

But, you’ve got multiple options from MX gear brands such as Fox Racing, Thor, Shift MX and so on. We’ve created a buyer’s guide to the top best MX boots on the market here.

Remember though, these are brands that don’t specifically focus on producing MX boots.

That doesn’t mean their boots are junk (far from it). But there is a reason that in that budget range, most motocross riders stick to brands like Gaerne and Alpinestars.

Who Are These Boots Suitable For?

If you don’t have the budget for the high-end boots (we’re talking Alpinestars Tech 8/Tech 10, and the SG10/SG12), you’ve definitely got a few options.

However, I’d be sticking to an entry level boot from a leading brand, which makes the Gaerne GX1 boots perfect, especially for the price.

They’re suitable for:

  • Enduro & trail riders
  • Motocross riders
  • ATV riders
  • Dual sport and adventure riders

Basically, if you have a budget of around $200 and like to venture off-road, you won’t go far wrong with the GX1 boots.

Gaerne GX1 Motocross Boots  

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute review, covering the Gaerne GX1 boots.

And, if you’re still not sure if the GX1s are for you, head over to our post on the best MX boots here.

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