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The 7 Best Motocross Boots in 2021 [+ Star Buy]

Looking for the best motocross boots? On a budget, or looking for the best boots for shifting? Whatever you’re looking for – we’ve got you covered.

When it comes to buying gear, motocross boots are going to be one of your biggest purchases.

Whether you’re looking for the lightest, best for shifting or cheapest on the market, my guide to the best motocross boots has you covered.

Update: I’ve just purchased Sidi’s new Crossfire 3’s (not the SRS model). Having owned the original Sidi Crossfires when they were launched (donkeys years ago, like, before they were cool!), this is what I went for this time round too. I’ll be updating this post after I’ve given them a battering in a few enduro and motocross races (and in the meantime, you can find them here)…

Quick Answer: The Best Motocross Boots In 2020

  1. Fox Racing Comp 5
  2. Gaerne GX-1
  3. Fox Racing Comp 8
  4. Alpine Stars Tech 7
  5. Gaerne SG-12
  6. Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots
  7. Alpinestars Tech 10
  8. Fox Instinct

Motocross Boot Reviews

The Best Motocross Boots Under $200

Fox Racing Comp 5

fox comp 5

If you’re sitting with a budget of $200, the Fox Racing boots are certainly going to be an excellent choice. And not just the Comp range. Fox offer a ton of quality boots for MX and offroad; check out the full range here.

Although this is in the lower budget end of the MX boot market, that’s not to say Fox have cut any corners here.

The buckles are easy to grab, and open and close easily, even with your gloves on.

And, if your riding on rocky tracks and not prone to getting the hole shot, the integrated shin guard is going to offer some roost protection.

There’s plenty of support, comfort and although it’s not the lightest MX boot on the market, they’ve done an excellent job to pack all this into a boot that weighs less than 4kg.

Want a bargain on Fox Racing dirt bike boots? You can read customer reviews and grab them here.

Gaerne GX-1

gaerne gx 1 mx boots

Gaerne are better known for their high-end MX boots; the SG10 and the SG12. But, they’ve also got a good range of lower budget boots, including the GX-1 at around $200.

Straight from the factory in Italy, the look and feel of the material just oozes quality, and the sole looks particularly hard wearing compared to its rivals.

A cool feature the GX-1 incorporates is breathable inner fabric, which is going to make hot motos that little bit more comfortable.

Gaerne, like Alpinestars and Sidi, are known as a boot manufacturer, not a generic MX manufacturer. And that means all their R&D goes into making better boots (that’s a good thing). You can see their current range here.

Our Verdict: The Best Motocross Boots Under $200

Both the Gaerne GX-1 and the Fox Racing Comp 5 are boxing above their weight in terms of a boot that costs under $200.

However, there’s no denying the level of comfort that the Fox Comp 5 boot offers; there’s a noticeable difference between that and the GX-1.

Our pick? With a budget of $200, head for Fox Racing boots; you’ll get a pretty-good deal here.

The Best Motocross Boots Under $500

Fox Racing Comp 8

fox comp 8 mx boots

The Fox Racing Comp 8 is the next level up from the Comp 5.

Like the Comp 5, the comfort level of the Comp 8 is above that of its competitors. In fact, it’s almost on par with the Instinct boots (which are more expensive).

Where you lose out in comparison to the Instinct MX boot is the hinged ankle. The Comp 8 doesn’t have this feature and that can make shifting a little harder in comparison.

Soles are important. Once they wear out you’re either talking about $100+ to replace them, or buying a new set of MX boots.

Luckily, the Comp 8 comes with a Duratec outer sole. That means it’s got plenty of grip on the pegs, but plenty of life in it too.

Whether you have wide or narrow feet, the adjustable straps on the Fox Comp 8 will allow you to get the perfect fit. Check out the range of boots available from Fox Racing here.

Alpinestars Tech 7

alpinestars tech 7 mx boots

Looking for some Tech 10s but don’t have the budget? Look no further than the incredibly lightweight Alpinestars Tech 7; regularly available at discounted prices over here.

Unlike the Comp 8 from Fox Racing, you do get some level of hinge and flex in the ankle, without compromising support and protection.

So, if you’re having trouble shifting, or want to make it easier, these are the boots for you.

OK, it doesn’t have the inner boot that the Tech 10 has, but the comfort is there nevertheless.

In fact, comfort is top notch and the snug fit helps to prevent blisters, as well as any pain from harsh landings.

The only issue riders tend to have with the Tech 7 is the back of the boot has minimal protection, if any. Get into a big crash and you could be in trouble.

Overall, the Alpinestars Tech 7 are perfect for those that like a high level of flex in their boot, but still want reasonable protection. Sound like you? Grab them here.

Our Verdict: The Best Motocross Boots Under $500

This boils down to one thing; how much flex do you need? If you’re not overly bothered about flex in your boot, I’d be heading straight towards the Fox Racing Comp 8.

More support and a lower price, but they lack flex in the ankle.

If you need flex and are willing to pay a little extra for it, then head straight for the Alpinestars Tech 7. In my opinion, the Alpinestars Tech 7 is the best dirt bike boot in this category, and you can grab them here.

The Best High-End Motocross Boots

Gaerne SG-12

gaerne sg 12 motocross boots

Now we’re getting to the big boys, and talking about spending some serious cash.

Having trouble shifting? No problem. The Gaerne SG12 comes with a fully hinged ankle that makes shifting a breeze.

And, you get plenty of frame grip thanks to the grips guards than have been integrated on the inner calf.

What you’ll notice here compared to budget motocross boots is that general vibrations and impacts on harsh landings are much more manageable.

And, that’s partly thanks to the Vibram sole. It’s helped along by carbon fibre that’s been integrated into the sole. Impacts have to go somewhere and they go through the Vibram sole and carbon fibre insert, before your foot.

Although the SG12s don’t come with an inner boot, there’s really no need for one. The popularity of inner boots is down to increasing comfort. And, the SG12 is as comfortable as its closest competitors without it.

You’re probably expecting the SG12s to be one of the lightest motocross boots on the market, given the price, but that’s not the case.

They weigh in at a little over 4.1kg, and that actually makes them heavier than the majority of competitors, even lower budget MX boots.

A bad thing? Well, yes and no. I’ve crashed in road bike boots (Sidi), and MX (Fox, Astars, Sidi…well all of them really). Light boots hurt. I can deal with an extra kg if it means my legs aren’t split in two.

I bought the Sidi Crossfire 3, a few days ago. I weighed up the SG 12’s but having had the original Crossfires. They were the first boots with a hinged ankle (which I needed), and I’m not disappointed so far…full review soon. You can get them here

Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Boots

sidi crossfire srs mx boots

The Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS are a serious competitor to the SG12. In fact, any Crossfires are including the Crossfire 2 TA and Crossfire 3 SRS here.

The Sidi Crossfires were the boots that introduced me to the hinged ankle a few years ago.

And, it has to be said, they felt good. Motocross boots are notoriously hard to shift in, but it’s not drama in the SRS 2 thanks to their hinged ankle.

And, as they’ve been producing a hinged ankle boot for some years, they’ve coupled that with intense support and extreme comfort.

Our Verdict: The Best High-End Motocross Boots

For a solid hard wearing boot, I’d go with the SG12.

But, all things considered, especially the flexibility in the ankle, I’d take a pair of Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS boots over the SG12s.

The Best Motocross Boots For Shifting

Alpinestars Tech 10

alpinestars tech 10

The Alpinestars Tech 10 doesn’t come with a hinged ankle, but it might as well.

Within an hour of breaking in, they really start to flex, but if you put pressure on any part of the boot, you’ll see that protection isn’t compromised, and that’s why their one of the best motocross boots for shifting.

A cool feature is the removable sole. That means you won’t have to pay someone to re-sole the boot, or throw them away when the soles are dead.

And, for that extra bit of comfort, you’ve got the Tech 10 inner boot to keep your feet cosy. You can get it here.

Fox Instinct

fox racing instinct mx boots

Welcome to Fox Racing’s answer to a competitor to the Alpinestars Tech 10. And, it’s a contender for the best MX boot for shifting.

Unlike the Tech 10, the Fox Instinct does have a hinged ankle. And, that means they could focus on boot support rather than boot flex.

So, you’ve got the ability to shift easily, with the knowledge that hyperextension just isn’t going to happen. You can get them here.

Our Verdict: The Best Motocross Boots For Shifting

The flex in the ankle of the Fox Instinct MX boots is simply more fluid. It’s designed to make shifting easier without compromising protection and that’s the reason it outplays get them here.

Review Verdict And Top Pick: Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots

alpinestars tech 7 mx bootsThere’s a lot to take in there, so I thought I’d round this list up with my review pick for the best motocross boots; all things considered.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve owned a ton of different dirt bike boots. Everything from the cheap Alpinestars Tech 3, through to the Sidi Crossfires. But, all things considered, I’d have to be putting my money towards the Alpinestars Tech 7 for my next upgrade. And, here’s why…

The Brand

Alpinestars are known for motorsport footwear. Whether you’re a professional go kart competitor, F1 driver, Moto GP rider or amateur MX rider; they’ve got a boot to suit. And, I do always tend to lean towards brands that are specialists in their field. You don’t keep a large company like Alpinestars going, being such a specialist, if your stuff is junk.


The problem with the likes of the Sidi Crossfire, is the price. You won’t get much change from $500. And, as I ride a lot of mud and sand, boots don’t tend to last too long. There’s no way I’m sinking $500 or more into motocross boots, and that’s-that!

With the Alpinestars Tech 7 boots, they sit in a perfect middle ground.

They’re not cheaply built (and therefore, not exactly cheap), but they’re a good chunk cheaper than the most expensive dirt bike boots. In fact, you can go and check out the Alpinestars Tech 10 (the 7s older brother). Sure, they’re the best-of-the-best, but they MSRP at around $600.

Expect to get plenty of change from $400 from the 7s.


For motocross boot manufacturers, there’s a middle-ground that needs to be straddled. And, it’s somewhere between being lightweight and flexible, but also offering plenty of protection. The Alpinestars Tech 7 manage to sit perfectly in that middle-ground.

First up, you’ll get a TPU shin plate. But more importantly, you’ll get a TPU blade system built in, and that’s going to combat hyperextension if you land heavy or make a big mistake on track.


But, like having a properly sized helmet, having MX boots that don’t fit correctly and comfortably, leads to a lack of protection. That’s why the focus with the Alpinestars Tech 7 is ultimate comfort.

You’ll get a TPR flap on the calf that allows for that perfect fit. And unlike cheap motocross boots that have a stiff buckle and closure system, the Tech 7 boots get an ergonomic fit.

Bike Grip

And it doesn’t stop there. The Alpinestars Tech 7 are built for racers. If you want maximum control on your bike, you need to be gripping with your legs and knees.

That’s why Alpinestars have incorporated a single piece TPU panel, and that’s combined with honeycomb sculpturing.

What does that mean? You’ll be getting maximum contact and grip when riding your bike, so maximum control too.


The flex in the Tech 7s makes shifting easy. And, that’s thanks to the biomechanical link in the boot. That’s between the middle lateral and bottom lateral of the boot. If you’ve had problems shifting in your current boots, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you throw on your pair of Tech 7s.

Online Reviews

Finally; online reviews. If you’re like me, you check online reviews for every product you buy. And, the Tech 7 reviews online, cover almost everything we’ve mentioned above. Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself.

Who Should Buy The Alpinestars Tech 7 Motocross Boots?

So, if you’re looking for a new set of dirt bike boots, should you buy the Alpinestars Tech 7 dirt bike boots?

Well, the main thing to consider here, is budget. The Alpinestars Tech 7 could originally be found for under $300. Nowadays, they’re a little more expensive, but you’ll still get change from $400. That’s a far cry from the most expensive boots, that weigh in at $600 and beyond.

If you have the budget, the Tech 7s is where I’d be putting it. For the price you’ll get:

  • A sleek MX boot, available in tons of sizes and colors
  • Awesome support
  • Maximum protection
  • Huge amounts of flex

If you’re looking for the best motocross boots for the money, get them here.

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