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AGV K3 SV Review – The Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet In 2020

Looking for the best motorcycle helmet in 2020? Here’s my review, advice and recommendation after racking up 5K miles wearing the AGV K3 SV.

I passed my bike test in 2016. After racking up over 5,000 miles wearing my beginner motorcycle helmet, here’s what I’ve learnt.

In this 2-minute review I’ll cover all the best brands that make motorcycle helmets, why I chose the AGV K3 SV, and why I think it’s the best beginner motorcycle helmet.

Top Motorcycle Helmet Brands

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing a motorcycle helmet as a beginner.

All I’d say, is there are plenty of cheap motorcycle helmets, which I’d avoid like the plague.

I always choose reputable brands for safety gear.

When we’re talking about protecting your head, it’s just not worth taking risks, for the sake of saving a few $.

In the case of motorcycle helmets, you’ll want buy one from brands such as:

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands In 2020
  1. AGV
  2. Arai
  3. Bell
  4. HJC
  5. Lazer
  6. Nolan
  7. Shark
  8. Shoei
  9. Spada

The Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet

If you can find the style you like, a size that fits, and it’s in budget, any of the above brands will be perfect.

Personally, I chose the AGV K-3 SV (Rossi Replica). And, I’ve racked up over 5,000 miles wearing it.


agv k3 sv

The AGV K3 SV is the best motorcycle helmet for beginners, in my opinion.

I chose it because of:

  • The reasonable price
  • Great wind-noise protection
  • Extra mouth coverage compared to most beginner motorcycle helmets
  • Superior ventilation
  • It’s lightweight construction
  • I’ve used AGV helmets before (off-road), so I trust in their durability and protection


The first thing you’ll notice when looking at the AGV K3 SV motorcycle helmet, is there’s a big differential in price.

For instance, the Rossi Replica that I have is much higher in price than the Camodaz (basically, black/yellow).

What’s the difference? Design. It’s as simple as that.

Getting helmets painted is expensive.

So, if the helmet is coming from a reputable supplier, and it’s labelled at a K3 SV, the differential in price simply comes down to the popularity of the paint job.

The only reason I chose the K3 SV Rossi Replica (i.e. the most expensive), is because it was the only design in stock, and in my size, at the time.

Wind Noise

I’ve tried my cousin’s HJC, and my uncle’s Shoei. My AGV K3 has much better protection from wind noise.

In fact, when they are not using their Bluetooth, they ride with ear plugs in.

I don’t.

So, I’m either deaf, or I have better wind noise protection.


A lot of motorcycle helmets, especially cheap ones for beginners, will sit in the 2.5kg-3kg range.

The AGV K3 SV is 2.2kg, so it’s incredibly lightweight.

You might not think 300g-700g makes a lot of difference.

But trust me. On long rides, it’s going to prevent an achy neck.


Safety Certifications

Before even checking fit, you’ll want to check any helmet you buy has passed rigorous safety testing.

In the case of road-going motorcycle helmets, look for a ECE 22.05 and DOT safety stamp; the AGV K3 SV has both.

Mouth Coverage 

agv k3 mouth
You’ll notice on the K3 SV that the design curves around the mouth. Not only does that offer extra wind protection, but it offers extra safety protection for your face.

I like that feature a lot!


If I was asked to highlight the best thing about the AGV K3 SV from this review, I’d lean towards it’s superior ventilation.

There’s a combination of vents built into the AGV K3 SV that help to:

  • Keep your temperature regulated (in both hot and cool conditions).
  • Prevent dust entering your helmet.
  • Stop your head getting soaked.
Large Sliding Roof Vents

agv k3

See the 2 large sliders near the temple area, that look like they are pointing towards the visor?

They are large sliding roof vents.

They look low-profile which is perfect for design, but they are big enough that you can open them easily (with gloves on) whilst riding.

Perfect for a hot and muggy days.

Roof Vent  

On the top of the helmet, you’ll see a much smaller vent (it’s open in the picture).

If it’s raining, I close it (you’ll get wet otherwise). If it’s not, I tend to leave mine open.

Like the two larger roof vents, this is easy to open when riding.

Medium Sized Mouth Vents

Moving onto the mouth piece, you’ll see two vents. They are perfect for extra air-flow, but more specifically, they help to keep dust out.

There’s a small slider on the interior of the helmet to open both vents.

When you open them, you’ll still get protection against wind, flies, rain and dust, thanks to the mesh on the interior.

Rear Roof Vents

agv k3 vents
Look towards the top and back of the K3 in the picture, there’s also 2 rear roof vents.

These are always open.

They are protected by a small lip in the helmet shaping, so rain doesn’t get in.

Essentially, if you open any of the roof or mouth vents, the air passes through the helmet and out the rear roof vents.

Visor Venting

Look at the middle of the helmet, just below the visor.

That’s a small slider (it only moves around 5-10mm).

What that does is opens the visor 5-10mm, offering a bit of extra ventilation. I use that on a hot day, but not at high speeds.


All of the above combined basically means the AGV K3 is incredibly comfortable.

And, I’d happily highlight it as the best beginner motorcycle helmet.

Best Beginner Motorcycle Helmet In 2020

What’s Next?

I’ve bought, used and trashed tonnes of motorcycle gear (on and off-road) over the years.

Got a question? Leave a comment below and I’ll see if I can help.

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