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The Top 22 Dirt Bike Gear Brands in 2021 [+ Our Top Pick]

Here are our favorite MX gear brands, and our #1 pick for the best motocross gear on the market.

Looking for only the BEST dirt bike gear brands?

This guide’s got everything you need to know to make a purchase (written by me, a self-admitted dirt bike junkie).

Let’s face it…

You know that your dirt bike gear takes a HECK of a beating. Cheap MX brands that fall to pieces after one moto?

They’re just not going to cut it. PERIOD. And that’s why I’ve created this dirt bike gear guide…so you don’t waste your cash on junk.

Bottom Line: This year’s best dirt bike gear brand

Below I’ll explain what I think of dirt bike gear brands I’ve used over the 17 years I’ve been riding, the 22 best motocross gear brands and more.

That’s gonna’ be the long version. Here’s the SHORT version.

From my time running a dirt bike gear ecommerce store, being at tracks and racing wearing TONS of motocross gear, there’s one brand that every rider loves.

My pick for the best motocross gear brand? Fox Racing…and the new designs are out now, and can be purchased at a discount here; they’re cool as ever!

Fox Racing Motocross Gear

Heard of James Stewart (“Fastest Man On The Planet”), Jeremy McGrath (“Supercross King”) and Ricky Carmichael (“The Greatest Of All Time”)?

Of course you have.

Apart from being FRICKIN’ awesome…

You and me both know what they have in common, right?

They all wore Fox Racing dirt bike gear, and YOU can too!

Fox aren’t an ordinary gear brand.

You know the ones come out of nowhere, sponsor every rider they can find, and 2-years later, they disappear into the same darkness they appeared from.

Where do they go?

Far-far away, with the poor quality gear that they turned up to the track with.

Fox Racing was born in 1974.

Yup, they’re one of the oldest names at your local dirt bike track. And, you just don’t keep a company going that long by kicking out poor quality gear.

You need to be rolling out kit that’s best-of-the-best; that’s the definition of Fox Racing.

OK, so we know Fox are AWESOME.

But, what’s the best MX gear combo they’ve bought out for 2021?

Fox Racing 180 [2021] Dirt Bike Gear

My pick? This set; the Fox Racing 180 combo. I mean, just LOOK at it.

fox racing dirt bike gear new style

It’s got the flash you need for 2020, but it’s oozing the bit of retro that we all love.

Here’s the thing with the Fox Racing 180 gear that you won’t get with cheap dirt bike brands; it uses moisture wicking materials.

Riding in the wet?

You’ll dry off almost instantly.

Got a hot moto coming up?

As you sweat, the moisture will dry quickly, so you can focus on the top step of the podium, not overheating.


And, the RAP (Rider Attack Position) built into the 180 pants combined with this moisture wicking material means you’re comfortable.

You’ll get heat abrasion protection built into the knee (for when you crash, which we all know you will) and leather inside leg panels (so they don’t get burnt on your exhaust/engine).

Combine that with 600D polyester and you’ve got a kit combo that doesn’t just look AWESOME, it’s going to stay looking like that for a LONG time.

The Best Dirt Bike Gear Brands

Want an option that’s NOT Fox? If you’re not going to buy dirt bike or motocross gear from Fox Racing, buying from the list below won’t steer you far wrong. They’re all leading manufacturers, producing top quality kit at reasonable prices.

All of the best dirt bike gear brands can be found (discounted) over at this MX store.

The 22 Best Dirt Bike Gear Brands For 2020

  1. Acerbis
  2. Alias MX
  3. Alpinestars
  4. Answer Racing
  5. AXO
  6. Fly Racing
  7. Fox Racing
  8. JT Racing
  9. KTM Powerwear
  10. KW Racing
  11. Leatt
  12. Moose Racing
  13. MSR
  14. One Industries
  15. Oneal MX
  16. Scott
  17. Seven MX
  18. Shift MX
  19. Shot
  20. Thor
  21. Troy Lee Designs
  22. UFO

Why Buy MX Gear From Our Top Brands List?

I’ve been involved in motocross and enduro for over 17 years. At one point I even owned an online dirt bike store selling gear and parts.

Over those years, there have been motocross gear brands that have shown up, then disappeared; usually for good reason.

The list above covers brands that either I’ve used, or friends that I ride MX with have used.

Instead of buying the cheapest MX gear I can find, I try to invest a little bit of cash.

Not only do these brands offer some cool designs, they also last.

I’ve used kit from these manufacturers for everything from MX racing through to enduro events (and even on my DH mountain bike); they’re built to last.

When I buy new kit, I always aim for one of the brands mentioned above.

How To Find Cheap Dirt Bike Gear From The Best Brands

Before you use the list as a reference to pick your gear, there’s a quick tip worth noting. sayak red

Sure, a lot of people like to get the newest gear (the 2021 apparel lines are out now), but if you’re on a budget and looking for cheap motocross gear, you’ve got an option…

As soon as the new gear comes out, the old kit gets discounted; heavily!

So, if you’re not set on 2021 motocross gear, you can grab the 2020 kit for cheaper than the new 2021 lines here.

When you’re talking about full price kit that can cost $200 or more, there are big savings to be had.

That’s $$$ in your back pocket.

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