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Recommended: The 5 Best Dirt Bike & MX Goggles

Confused about goggles? Don’t be. I’ve been buying them for nearly 20 years, so here are my recommendations for the best motocross goggles for dirt bike junkies like you.

Welcome to my 5-minute guide to the best dirt bike goggles available in 2022.

If you’re anything like me, your gear bag is stacked full. Over my 19 (ish) years riding, I’ve used basically every single motocross goggle brand you can think of.

But, I’ve not just tried out all the best motocross goggle brands. I’ve used:

  • Lenses that adapt to light (good for woods riding, and sunny motos)
  • Anti-fog lenses (perfect for enduro, adventure and trail riding)
  • Even goggles with dust guards to protect you from getting gunked up!

So, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve got a rounded knowledge when it comes to which the best goggles for dirt bike riders really are.

Not just that, but I now know which brands to avoid. And if you’re new to riding, I’ve even got a few tricks to help you stop your goggles from fogging up.

Quick Answer: The Best MX Goggles In 2022

  1. 100%’s Strata MX
  2. Oakley O-Frames
  3. Smith Optics’ Fuel With Roll Off Kit
  4. Oakley’s Enduro Goggles
  5. 100% Accuri OTG

MX Goggle Reviews

So, let’s get to it. Below I’ve got 5 great recommendations. There’s a few different types of goggles, brands, and multiple price brackets to choose from.


All mx goggles on this list can be found over at this online dirt bike store.

1. 100%’s Strata MX

Our Pick For: The Best Motocross Goggles With A Tinted Lens

100% strataWhen you compare 100% to the likes of Smith Optics and Oakley, they’re a relative newcomer to the industry.

But, watch any pro race or go down to your local track – you’ll see a tonne of people wearing them.

I guess the reason for this is they offer similar quality, comfort and ventilation to top brands.

But they do tend to trump many goggles (like the Oakley O Frame Enduro mentioned above) on one thing – design.

They’re a company that has a heavy focus on design, so if you want to look cool, you probably want a pair of Goggles that was designed in this decade, not the last.

The 100% Strata is the baby in the range, and that means they’re cheap. The tinted lens isn’t necessarily light sensitive, so you’ll need to be wearing them on a clear day.

One thing I will say, is the design of the 100% goggles definitely leans towards fending off dust more than other brands.

If dust is an issue at your local track or races, they have higher end goggles like the Racecrafts – they’ve got a dusk mask that clips onto the goggle frame for extra dust protection.

Get 100% MX Goggles  

2. Oakley O-Frames

Our Pick For: The Cheapest Motocross Goggles From A Top Brand

oakley o frameIf you’ve already read our section on the Oakley Enduro goggles, you’ll know that they’re basically the O Frame, with a tinted lens and better ventilation in the foam.

If you’re on a budget, want motocross goggles from a leading brand, and want tear off pins on your goggles – look no further than here.

Over the years, I’ve had a few sets and still continue to buy them.

However, living in the UK, I always prefer to go with an anti-fog lens so usually pick up the Enduro O Frames over the standard O Frames. If you’re tempted by an anti-fog lens, get the enduro goggles here. Buying the lens separately at a later date is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

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3. Smith Optics’ Fuel With Roll Off Kit

Our Pick For: The Best Motocross Goggles With Roll Offs
smith optics fuel
The roll-offs from Smith Optics are the goggles I’ve had the most of, over the years.

Maybe I’ve got a funny-shaped head, but Smith roll-offs have always sat better on my helmet than any other set I’ve tried.

And one thing I can say about Smith goggles, is they last.

I’ve still got a pair of the original Smith Evo roll-off goggles; there’s a ton on offer here.

They’re soo old that they don’t even make them anymore.

So, that’s why I’m suggesting the Fuel – the upgraded version of the Evo.

At the time I bought the Evos, the Fuel’s were available, but were more expensive.

As they’ve dropped the Evo line, the Fuel’s are the best motocross goggles you’ll get with a roll off kit on a budget.

It’s worth noting (you might have noticed in the picture), the roll off kit is going to be a separate purchase. They take like 2-minutes to install.

In comparison to other brands offering roll-offs, the price difference is going to be huge – these are cheap! I’ve now got a set of 100%, and Rip n Roll roll offs.

Buy Roll Off Goggles  

4. Oakley’s Enduro Goggles

Our Pick For: The Best Motocross Goggles With An Anti-Fog Lens

oakley enduroI’m going to bet one thing – Oakley O Frame MX goggles are the goggle brand and model that worldwide, have sold more than any other.

They’ve been around for at least 18 years.

I remember back in the day when they released the Ricky Carmichael Special Edition…when he was on a Honda!

And even the James Bubba Stewart Camo Special Edition, when he first started racing AMA Supercross/Motocross (2002 I think?).

I had two pairs of these, but chucked one set at a pitstop after they got covered in mud, and they went walkies!

Either way, the fact I’ve owned a set and bought another is a testament to what I think of them.

The Oakley Enduro Goggles are basically the O Frames, with a simple anti-fog lens.

As you can see, you also get tear-off pins. So, unless you expect an absolute mud-bath, you can stack up tear offs, and you won’t need roll offs like I usually use.

The lens makes these (in my opinion), the best motocross goggles that use a quality anti fog lens.

If you’re having trouble with your goggles steaming up on the Oakley Enduro’s (doubt it), jump to the end of the article and I’ll explain a few tricks for keeping fog at bay.

Get Oakley Goggles  

5. 100% Accuri OTG

Our Pick For: The Best Motocross Goggles If You Wear Glasses (OTG)

100% accuri otg goggles

I’ll state now, I don’t wear glasses, but a friend does – so he helped me out with this section.

If you didn’t know already, most top motocross goggle brands will have a range that’s called OTG – there’s some cool examples here.

The OTG stands for over the glasses – designed for you!

The frames (and therefore lenses) are usually a little wider to accommodate glasses.

My buddy swears by the 100% Accuri OTG. I can’t swear by them, as I don’t wear glasses. But I do use 100% roll offs (Strata Forecast), so I’m certainly a fan of the brand. There are some great examples here from brands offering OTG goggles.

He reckons they’re great for protecting his nose and eyes from dust, they don’t fog up, and the comfort is on par with anything he’s tried before.

In fact. Writing this has made me think the ventilation and vision must be much better than normal motocross goggles – I need to try them!

Go and check them out here…

Get OTG MX Goggles  

Why I Avoid Cheap Motocross Goggles

Let’s talk about cheap motocross goggles.

If you’ve been riding a while, you’ll have good idea of what the top brands in the industry are.

But what if you’re new to motocross. Is there really a difference between the cheap motocross goggles, and the more expensive ones?

I can tell you straight-up, I never advocate higher-priced products for the sake of it. I’m tight!

But, after spending thousands of dollars on a bike and kit, even the high-end goggle, from a high-end brand, really isn’t much of a stretch.

My experience of cheap unbranded motocross goggles is:

  • The lenses suck. They scratch easily. And lenses are not cheap to replace.
  • The ventilation is awful (usually down to low quality foam), and that leads to sweating…sweating leads to goggles fogging up (that’s bad news by the way)

Buy good ones. They don’t cost the world. This store has a good selection on offer.

On a more serious note…

Warning: UV Ray Protection

When it gets dark, your pupils dilate. This is what happens when you’re using a light sensitive lens (as I said, great for tracks with shadows, woods, or sunny days).

There’s a good chance that cheap “no-name” brands don’t have UV protection. That means your eyes are exposed, and you risk damaging them.

You’ve been warned!

Review Verdict And Top Pick: 100% Strata Dirt Bike Goggles

100% strataSo, if you want the best dirt bike goggles for the money, durability, lens quality and style, which ones should you choose? We think there’s one clear winner; the 100% Strata MX goggles.

They’re cheap, comfortable and ridiculously durable.

Better still, there are a ton of colors to choose from – their design is second to none.

Who Rides 100%?

It’s not just us that like the 100% Strata goggles. You’ll see plenty of professional riders using their kit.

If you’re a fan of the AMA Motocross series like us, you’ll see the following riders wearing 100% goggles:

  • Cooper Webb
  • Christian Craig
  • Marvin Musquin
  • Aaron Plessinger
  • Jeremy Martin
  • The list goes on…!

And, over on the MXGP scene, you’ll see riders wearing 100% goggles too:

  • Gautier Paulin
  • Jeremy Seewer
  • Glen Coldenhoff
  • Thomas Kjer Olson
  • Thomas Covington

If they’re good enough for those guys, well…

Frame Flex

Ever bought a pair of stiff MX goggles? Me too.

Stiff goggles don’t flex. That means when your goggles are on your lid, the frame won’t fit snuggly into the open face section of your helmet.

That’s why the 100% Strata MX goggles use a urethane frame – see it here. That gives flex, but it’s got the robust features us dirt bike riders need for roost protection too.

As these goggles do flex, they’d move without a high-quality strap.

You’ll notice silicone beads on the inside of the 40mm adjustable goggle strap. That’s going to keep your Stratas locked in position throughout your moto.

Lens Durability

The flex from the urethane frame passes right through to the curved anti-scratch and anti-fog Lexan lens.

Again, that compliments fit. More importantly, it will mold into the open-face section of your helmet, giving you the widest field of vision possible.

Each comes with two tear off pins, so you’ll be able to stack up 21-28 tear offs ready for when the gate drops.

100% Strata Lens Types

If you want it, you’ve got different lens options too.

You’ll get the option of a basic clear lens. But, if you ride sunny motos, you’ll want to go with one of the tinted lenses that 100% offer, such as the black framed goggles with a red tinted lens.

Foam Sweatproofing

The Strata MX goggles come complete with a double-layered foam around the face.

Important for comfort? Sure.

But the real reason the layered foam is used, is for maximum ventilation.

This foam is designed to catch and wick away moisture as quickly as possible.

Maximum ventilation means minimal sweat, and that leads to a set of goggles that aren’t going to steam up during a moto.

Who Are The 100% MX Goggles Suitable For?

Over the years, it’s not just MX riders that have spotted that the 100% Strata goggles offer excellent value for money.

You’ll see tons of riders wearing the 100% Stratas on ATVs and even mountain bikes. These goggles are straight up awesome – as I mentioned – I own a pair of the Strata Forecast roll offs now.

If you don’t have a budget of $100 plus to buy top-end goggles like the Air Brake, but you still want a set from a leading brand, the 100% motocross goggles are for you. You’ll get a quality pair of dirt bike goggles, but have a chunk of change to spend on your bike, too.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Incorporate excellent features including a scratch resistant lens and moisture wicking foam

And, that makes them the best dirt bike goggles for every type of offroad rider.

Get 100% MX Goggles  

The 3 Best MX Goggle Brands 

So…you can choose to ignore my recommendations  if you want– I won’t be offended.

However, whether you’re choosing other motocross goggles due to style, price – whatever – sticking to these brands is going to be a good idea. We’ve also included a link to each company’s dirt bike goggle page:

  1. 100% –   
  2. Oakley –
  3. Smith Optics –

I’ve missed out brands like Fox Racing, Thor, Shift etc.

There’s nothing wrong with them, but the above brands have more of a focus on the optics department of their company, where as companies like Fox, Shift and Thor are motocross gear brands.

That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact 🙂 – you can find them all here.

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