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Guide: The 3 Best Motocross Chest Protectors

Struggling to decide which is the best body armour for motocross is? I’ve been riding for 17 years, so this guide is all you’re going to need.

If you’ve already read our MX gear guide, you’ll know how important body protection is.

These products are suitable for MX, ATV and downhill mountain biking.

We’ve offered 3 recommendations, one for each of the types of motocross body armor mentioned below, with motocross chest protectors being the focal point.

Which Type Of Motocross Body Armor Do You Need?

Roost Deflector

A roost deflector is a soft padded piece of protection. In the event of a big crash that involves handlebars to the ribs, it’s not going to do much.

It’s designed to absorb the impact of rocks and dirt being flicked up by bikes in front of you – that’s it.

Chest Protector

I use a dirt bike chest protector for MX riding and racing. It’s like a roost deflector, but instead of just thin padding, it has a plastic outer shell.

That’s going to protect you from hard roost, and in the likely event that you crash 🙂

Body Armor

If you want to go super-hardcore, get full body armor for motocross riding.

Depending on the type of armor you choose it can have a tonne of protection built in including: chest, shoulders, elbows, spine, kidney and even side protection.

Sure, you’ll be fully protected…

But, bear in mind this is going to come at the cost of breathability, maneuverability and comfort.

The Best Motocross Roost Guard


If you jump onto Amazon, you’ll see the EVS Sports REVO roost guard actually has pretty-low reviews.  evs revo mx body armor

That’s off-putting.

But, most people will expect this to be full on body armor. And, that means it’s not going to offer full body protection.

Well, it’s a MX roost deflector, designed to reflect roost!

In terms of comfort, fit and roost protection, you won’t get any better than EVS.

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The Best Motocross Chest Protector

Fox Racing R3

If you’re like me, you prefer a little bit more protection than what a MX roost deflector gives.  fox r3 body armour

Enter the Fox Racing R3. It’s a back and chest protector for motocross in one.

Body armor like this is lightweight, and snug fitting.

That means you’ll be able to fit it under your jersey when you’re riding or racing.

At well under $100, it’s reasonably priced too.

And, if you’ve read my recent guide on the best knee guards for motocross, you’ll know I’m a sucker for reviews.

The Fox Racing R3 chest protector has reviews in the bucket load. There’s over 100 product reviews online, making this a top pick.

Alongside basic roost deflecting capabilities, you’ll also get some shoulder and arm coverage too. So, you’re much more protected than when just wearing a minimalist MX roost guard.

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The Best Motocross Body Armor

Fox Racing Titan

If you’re taking no risks out on the track, you’ll want to be wearing the best motocross body armor possible; the full-works.  fox armor

You’ve got two options here; cheap and premium.

If you’re just looking for the best cheap motocross body armor, the TMS full MX body armor is less than $50.

But, I have seen their products before. They are not exactly known for their high build quality, or breathability properties.

At the end of the day, the best motocross body armor on the market will last your whole riding career. So, it’s worth investing in.

And, that’s coupled with the fact it will be more comfortable, breathable and offer more protection.

If you have the cash to splash around $150, then the Fox Racing Titan is where I’d be putting my money.

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