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The Best Knee Braces For Motocross In 2021 [Spoiler: It’s POD]

Wanna’ protect that ACL? Checkout our 2-minute guide to the best knee braces, where we’ll explain why the only recommendation comes from POD.

Motocross is a dangerous sport. So, at some point you WILL crash.

It happens to the best riders in the world.

And, when you bail, you’re going to bail hard. Knee braces are designed to keep everything in place when you hit the deck.

Look at all the top motocross and supercross riders. At some point, they’ll have smashed their knees to bits.

In any given season, they’ll be a handful of riders out with a ACL injury, which comes from hyper-extension during a big impact.

Put simply, the knee is bent in past the point it’s meant too; it hurts.

And, that’s why the most professionals go with a MX specific knee brace over a standard knee pad.

Who Needs Knee Braces?

If you’ve got the cash, then you should be wearing knee braces for motocross. They’ll offer much more protection than standard knee guards.

But, it’s much more important if you already have knee pain from a previous injury; especially if it’s related to your ACL.

The Best Motocross Knee Braces

Put simply, POD offer the best knee braces for motocross. They offer the K4 and K8, and they are both top of their class.

Asides from Asterisk, they are one of the only brands to focus their whole product range around knee support products.

evs axis

The K4 knee braces are top draw.

Nope, they are certainly not cheap, but bear in mind they will last a motocross lifetime.

The K8’s are available for cheaper, but when you’re spending this kind of money, a few extra $ is really not that big of a deal.

If you look at the K8’s you can grab a left or right brace for individually, but the best deal is the POD K4’s as a pair.

And, for that, you’ll get an inclusive 12 month warranty.

If you’re involved in other extreme sports, bear in mind the POD K4 is a multi-sport brace.

It’s incredibly lightweight at only 620g, so can be used for a ton of other adrenaline-based activities.

What Happens If They Break?

The parts on POD MX knee braces are interchangeable.

So, if any part fails, get onto the POD service team, and they’ll be able to sell you a replacement part that you can switch out.

And, that’s why they’ll last a lifetime. Once you’ve bought the POD K4’s, you’ll never need to buy another knee brace again.

What’s The Protection Like?

There’s the ability to easily add extra impact guards. But, the stand-alone impact panels are pretty-much all you need to get full knee protection; no more ACL injuries.

But, POD haven’t just focused on protection.

The fit is perfect thanks to adjustable setup and three different frame sizes, and that means it’s more comfortable than your average knee guard.

And, unlike most cheap standard knee guards/pads, there’s a specific left and right knee brace, for optimum fit.

You can even set the range of motion, it starts at 0 degrees, through to 25.

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The Best Cheap Motocross Knee Braces

Let’s assume you don’t have $600+ to spend.

There are motocross knee braces that are decent, that can be had on a much smaller budget; like these below

EVS Sports Axis Knee Brace

pod k4

You can save over $100 by going for the EVS Sports Axis knee brace.

Why EVS?

Although they are not a knee support specific brand, they are a body protection specific brand.

Other knee brace manufacturers such as Alpinestars (they specialize in boots), and Leatt (they focus on neck braces) are just not going to offer the quality and protection.

As an all-round cheap motocross knee brace, the EVS Sports Axis is a good shout.

So, where does it differ to the POD K4’s and K8’s?

Although reviews are fairly positive, they’re not as comfortable as POD knee braces.

Strap irritation is something you expect from a pair of $40 knee guards, not a set of knee braces costing 100s. So, this is bad news.

Personally, I just wouldn’t wear them. Strap irritation is ridiculously annoying.

And, the other big difference here, is the weight.

The bulk means you really can feel that your wearing these, unlike the POD knee braces.

I rarely advocate a high-end product when there’s a cheaper alternative.

But, in this case, it seems the cheaper alternative isn’t a good one; I’d go for the POD K4 or K8 braces over EVS all-day-long.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading out 2-minute guide to the best motocross knee braces.

We’ve covered a range of other products including MX helmets, goggles and boots here.

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