Scott OTG MX Goggles – Are They Worth The Cash?

Confused as to which OTG dirt bike goggles are the best? Today, we’re going to quickly review the Scott OTG goggles, and highlight EXACTLY who they’re suitable for.

Looking for MX goggles to wear over your glasses?

Look no further than the Scott Split OTG goggles; one of the best over the glasses products that money can buy.

Why Scott Sports?

Scott is a brand that needs no introduction in the dirt bike & ATV world.

They’ve been producing top quality gear for motorsport and ski junkies for over 60 years.

Scott Split OTG Goggles Review

First up, it goes without saying that the Scott OTG goggles are going to be suitable for anyone that needs to wear goggles over their prescription glasses. best OTG motorcycle goggles

But, what else can you expect?

UV Ray Protection

Here’s what most people don’t understand about cheap MX goggles; they offer little or no UV ray protection.

That’s really-bad news.

Luckily, that’s not the case with the Split OTGs. They give you 100% UV ray protection throughout your ride!

Roll Off/Tear Off Option

Scott are one of the only off-road goggle brands to produce an OTG specific roll off goggle.

The standard Scott Split OTG goggles come with the usual 2-pin tear off lens. And that means you’ll be able to stack around 28 tear offs up for your moto.

However, if you’re a real mud plugger, enduro/trail/adventure rider – you might need something a little extra.

No problem. Go for the Scott Split OTG Roll Off kit instead!

Regardless of whether you go for the roll off or tear offs, the lenses used in each meet Scott’s rigorous impact testing; they’ll protect your eyes from roost.


You can spend all the money in the world on goggles, fog spray and anti-fog lenses. But if goggles don’t vent, they’re going to steam up.

Scott have worked hard to make sure the Split OTG goggle is well vented.

That’s thanks to their Revolutionary Air Management (RAM) system. The goggle vents from top to bottom. That means no muggy air clogging up your vision or inducing steam.

Got problems with goggles steaming up?

Scott’s RAM system is the answer.

Sweat Proofing

If you’ve got ventilation, you’re minimizing sweat, and that’s going to reduce the chance of fog build up too.

Whilst the 3-layered foam is designed for comfort and face fit, it’s also an important part of the venting system incorporated into the Scott OTG goggles.

It retains as much sweat as possible. And thanks to the airflow provided by the RAM system, that sweat dries quickly.

Anti-Fog Treatment

Speaking of fog.

Every lens fitted to Scott OTG goggles is subject to anti-fog treatment. So, if the RAM and foam ventilation system doesn’t keep fog at bay – the anti-fog lens will.

Frame Quality

Similar to other top brand’s fit, Scott’s is nearing on perfect.

The majority of that comes down to their SCOTT Fit System.

That’s a manufacturing technology unique to their products. It gives the frame flex enabling the perfect fit.

Grippy Strap

Ever had goggles slipping down your helmet? Frustrating, right?

That’s not going to happen with the Scott OTG goggles.

It’s got a silicone bead on the inside edge of the strap, making sure it grips your helmet and they stay put throughout your ride/race.

Who Are Scott OTG Goggles Suitable For?

Whether you’re looking for tear off or roll off OTG goggles, Scott are certainly a contender for your cash.

The Scott OTG goggles are perfect for those that want maximum sweat proofing and anti-fog functions from their goggles.

Scott’s RAM ventilation system is one of the best in the business…

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our quick review, covering the Scott OTG dirt bike goggles.

Still not sure if the Scott OTG range is for you? Head over to our buyer’s guide to the top dirt bike goggles currently available here.

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