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Where To Ride BMX In The USA

So, you’ve got your gear, you know how to do basic BMX tricks, now it’s time to find somewhere to ride.

This is part 3 of our beginner’s guide to BMX.

So, you’ve got your gear, you know how to do basic BMX tricks and you know the types of BMX riding you want to get involved with.

Now what?

You need to find some places to ride.

Riding BMX At Skateparks

Looking to ride park? There are literally thousands of skateparks across the globe.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or seasoned expert, there’s a section of the park just for you.

A lot of parks are progressive. So, they are not completely designed for experts, or beginners. You can start on the small and easy obstacles and work your way up.

Check out this list of UK skateparks, and there’s another list here for you guys over in the US.

Riding Dirt On A BMX

If you plan to start dirt jumping on a BMX, it can be quite tricky to find the best trails.

Some dirt jump parks are “legal”. They are either on private land, or they’ve got the appropriate permission to be built.

Others, not so much. So, riders tend to keep their location a secret. This stops people finding and trashing their trails. But, that includes you too…

To find these trails, you’ll need to start going to the legit dirt jump spots, and hooking up with some BMX pals that will show you the oasis of the hidden dirt jump spots.

Dirt jumping spots that are openly advertised can be found on Extreme Sports Map.

Riding Street On A BMX

Finding spots for riding street on a BMX is not exactly easy.

The links above have some listed, but not many.

Realistically, you’ll need to cruise around and find your own spots.

Just bear in mind, if your spot turns out to be in a very public place, it won’t be long before you get asked to move on.

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