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The Best BMX Shoes in 2021 + Brand Guide

Trying to find the best BMX shoes? No problem. Our 5-minute guide lists all the best shoe brands, and two BMX shoe recommendations.

If you’ve already read through our guide to BMX for beginners, you’ll know BMX shoes are pretty much all you need in terms of clothing to start riding.

Finding the best BMX shoes isn’t easy, and for good reason. There are pretty-much zero brands making BMX specific shoes.

Why? Who knows.

MTB and skateboarders have their own range, but brands obviously don’t think there’s a big enough market for BMX.

But, all is not lost. Both MTB and skateboarding shoes are suitable for BMX.

This Year’s Best BMX Shoes

Here are our picks for the best shoes for BMX in 2021.

1. DC Shoes Pure Action

dc bmx shoes

The DC Pure Action is a good example of a perfect shoe for BMX.

The profile of the Pure Action shoe is perfectly suited to riding BMX.

Check out the thickness of the padding (for when you bail) and the size of the sole (to absorb impacts).

And still, they’re a low-profile design and look cool (I like the grey/gum).

The price varies.

Smaller sizes and unpopular colours can be as cheap as $30.

If you move to more popular sizes and colours, you’re looking at around $65; not a bad price.

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2. Osiris Protcol

osiris bmx shoes

If you’re not a fan of the DC Pure Action, you’ll probably prefer the Osiris Protocol.

As you can see, the sole profile looks a little slimmer. And, you’re going to notice that when landing big tricks…especially when those tricks don’t go to plan.

Pricing is similar, with the most popular sizes and colours weighing in at around $60.

Personally, I’d still be heading straight for the DC Pure Action.

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3. DC Shoes Spartan

dc spartan bmx shoes

OK, so those recommendations are all good and well if you want a basic skate shoe to ride BMX?

But what if you want something with more bulk, possibly for riding brakeless or dirt jumping?

Well, I’d recommend the DC Shoes Spartan High.

Suitable For

I’ve used these on park, street and even use them on downhill mountain biking trails – they’re a great all-rounder.

What you’ll get is a tonne of comfort thanks to the padding which is, well, pretty much everywhere.

That doesn’t just make them comfortable, it means all impacts are getting absorbed by the shoe, not your feet and ankles.

I’ll go ahead and say if you skate, ride DH/MTB or need a shoe for any other action sport (as well as BMX) where there’s a need for cushioning and ankle protection, the DC Spartans are the right shoes for you.


It’s important to me that they’re high-tops. That offers a bit of ankle stability, but also protection when you bail.

As the DC Spartans have been out for a few years now, you can usually grab last year’s model for a fraction of the MSRP and that makes them one of the best BMX shoes for the money.


dc spartan bmx shoes sole

I’ve owned my DC Spartans for a few years now, so it’s hard to put a figure on how many times I’ve used them for riding. It’s got to be somewhere in the 100+ ballpark.

Admittedly, they’re starting to break away now. But you’ve got to bear in mind, I’ve not just rode park.

I’ve literally trashed these on downhill mountain bike trails too, which is going to make any shoe wear out quickly!

Overall, I’m happy with how long they’ve lasted.


I’m not sure what DC say in terms of waterproofing. I found they’re “water resistant”. So, if the rain’s just a light mist, you should be OK. But, if it starts to rain heavily, your feet are going to get wet – end of story.

And, that’s the only downfall. Not the fact that these shoes aren’t waterproof (as most BMX shoes aren’t) – it’s how long they take to dry.

I’d guess the DC Spartans have twice the fabric/padding of a shoe like the Etnies Vulc. That’s perfect for any type of riding, especially dirt jumping.

But, it also means they take about twice as long to dry out.

My opinion? Deal with it, as the comfort and protection makes them worth it. And as we’ve already said, most BMX shoes aren’t waterproof anyway.

Online Reviews

I can’t remember what made me buy the DCs in the first place. They were probably just on deal at Amazon or wherever.

But when I buy something new, I check out online reviews. There’s over 100 online reviews of the DC Spartan, and the majority are positive – definitely worth reading a few.

Which BMX Shoes Would I Choose?

I’m a big fan of DCs, so when I upgrade, that’s where I’ll be putting my money.

If I rode park only, I’d head for the Pure Action.

If I need (which I do) a shoe that’s suitable for park, street, dirt jumping (and even mountain biking!), then I’d head for the DC Spartans.

I’ve been impressed with them and I’d say they’re the best BMX shoes for the money.

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BMX Shoe Buying Guide

So, what do you need to be looking for in a BMX shoe?


The most important part of the shoe is the sole. You’ll want a thick and shock absorbant sole for when you land of ramps and do tricks.

Even more important if you ride brakeless.

And, that’s why MTB and skate shoes are suitable. Those riders are trying to get the same thing out of their shoes that we are.


Finding the best shoes for BMX isn’t like it used to be. A quick check on shopping websites brings up a whole host of reviews. The reviews are definitely worth flicking through.

They bring up any issues such as poor quality, when shoes aren’t suitable for those with wide or flat feet, and how they compare to the buyer’s old shoes.

Whatever BMX shoe you plan on buying, I’d definitely suggest having a look through these reviews before making a purchase.

This Year’s Best BMX Shoe Brands

So, besides a thick sole and a product with reviews online, there’s one other thing to consider; choosing the right brand.

I’ve created a quick list of the best BMX shoe brands below.

Any skate or MTB shoe from these brands is going to be perfect:

The Top 8 BMX Shoe Brands

  1. Adidas
  2. DC Shoes
  3. Emerica
  4. Etnies
  5. Five Ten
  6. Nike
  7. Osiris
  8. Vans

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