The Best BMX Websites & YouTube Channels

We’ve picked out the very best BMX websites and YouTube channels to help you learn BMX.

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This is part 6 of our beginner’s guide to BMX.

The Best BMX Websites

Finding Places To Ride

If you’re looking for places to ride your BMX check out this list of skateparks in the UK, this one in the US and Extreme Sports Map.

Vital BMX

Looking to hook up with other BMX junkies. Or, maybe you’ve got a question you can’t find the answer to?

Head over to the Vital BMX forum. There’s a tonne of useful information on offer from its members.

The Best BMX YouTube Channels

Seth’s Bike Hacks

Seth’s Bike Hacks is a must have in your favourite channels on YouTube.

It’s more of an all-round biking channel than BMX specific, but it’s cool nevertheless.

Everything from riding tips, to real-useful bike hacks.

Go and check his channel out here.

How to Overcome Fear & Ride Scary Lines

Ryan Taylor BMX

If you’re slowly cementing yourself as a BMX junkie, this is another one for the favourites.

There are some seriously crazy videos here that are definitely worth checking out.


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