The Best BMX Bike Brands In 2019

Looking for a list of the best BMX bike brands? Our 2-minute guide has you covered. Buy a top bike using brands from our list.

If you’ve already checked out our beginner’s guide to BMX, you’ll be on the hunt for a bike.

And, that poses a big problem; there’s too much choice.

The 5 Best BMX Bike Brands

So, here’s our list of the best BMX bike brands on offer in 2019.

If you purchase a bike from any of these brands as a beginner, it’s going to give you a good base to learn with.

Your choice is really going to come down to two things:

  • Price
  • Design

1. Eastern

Eastern are a household name when it comes to BMX. They’re located in North Carolina and have been busting out quality BMXs for over 20 years.

Looking for specific recommendations?

We like the Eastern Natural, or the cheaper Eastern Cobra.

2. Haro

When you think BMX, you think Haro. It’s one of the most iconic BMX bike brands in the world.

Founded by Bob Haro, the company started by making numberplates for BMX racers. His passion for selling BMX gear grew, until he started making bikes.

One of the cheapest and best BMX bikes they offer is the Haro Mongoose.

3. Kink

A relative newcomer to the best BMX brands list, but a good one. 

Being a smaller company in comparison to its competitors, Kink tends to offer top notch BMXs below the price of equivalents from other brands.

Their bikes are strong, lightweight, and absolutely stunning to look at.

You’ll be able to buy a Kink BMX for well below $300. A typical example would be their Kink Curb, which is fresh for 2019.

4. Mongoose

Mongoose are just bikes, bikes, bikes. 

Their history in California dates to 1974. Since then, the company has changed hands a few times.

What Mongoose BMXs are known for are being an all-round excellent product for beginners. They’re not the lightest, but they are durable and cheap in comparison to their competitors.

A notable example is the Mongoose Legion that retails from $200-300 depending on size.

5. Sunday

OK, so they haven’t been around since 1974 like Mongoose, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good. 

In fact, they’re much better than good. Sunday have been making some of the best BMX bikes on the scene since 2005.

The problem? Their bikes are known for being expensive.

A Sunday BMX could set you back $500 and beyond, so it’s not exactly the ideal choice for beginners.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap BMX Bike Brands

Whether it’s motocross, mountain biking or camping, there’s one thing that’s consistent; cheap kit doesn’t last.

I’m not saying I’m a brand junkie for the sake of it. But, in my experience, branded products have outlasted (in both time, and value for money) non-branded or cheap equivalents.

Something like a basic camping mat? I’ll buy the cheapest I can find.

But, something like a BMX that takes loads of abuse? You’ll need something better.

What’s Next?

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