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Rugby’s Six Nations – All Time Table [Live Graphic]

We crunched the numbers to find out which nation has accumulated the most points in Rugby’s Six Nations (1883-2019)

After last year’s incredible Grand Slam, Wales go into this year’s Six Nations as reigning champions. But which nation hold the bragging rights as all-time champs? We crunched the numbers, and totted up total points accumulated for each team between 1883 and 2019 to find out!

Check out our live-graphic below…



Note: since the new bonus points system was first introduced in 2017 and has only been running for 3 years, we decided to convert 2017-2019 back into the old format (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw).

england rugby team
England are the current all-time Rugby Six Nations Champions

England are the current all-time Six Nations champions, racking up a total of 562 points between 1883 and 2019.

Here’s the full rundown:

    1. England: 562 points
    2. Wales: 536 points
    3. Ireland: 443 points
    4. Scotland: 416 points
    5. France: 407 points
    6. Italy: 25 points

What if all 6 nations had competed in every tournament?

France vs Wales, 1922
France vs Wales, 1922

While Scotland, Wales, and Ireland have competed in each of 125 tournaments to date, England have only competed in 123, France in 90, and Italy in 20.

So we also worked out each nation’s average number of points per tournament. Here’s how the alternative table would look:

  1. England: 571 points (average of 4.57 points)
  2. France: 565 points (average of 4.52 points)
  3. Wales: 536 points (average of 4.23 points)
  4. Ireland: 443 points (average of 3.54 points)
  5. Scotland: 416 points (average of 3.33 points)
  6. Italy: 156 points (average of 1.25 points)

In the alternative table, England retain top-spot, but France leapfrog Scotland, Ireland, and Wales into 2nd place.

The 2020 Rugby Six Nations kicks-off this Saturday with Wales vs Italy at 2.15pm, followed by Ireland vs Scotland at 4.45pm.

France and England complete the first round of fixtures at 3pm on Sunday.

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