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Which State’s Athletes Banked The Most On Forbes’ Rich List?

We crunched the numbers from Forbes’ latest list of the 100 highest paid athletes. And we worked out the combined earnings of all athletes born in each U.S. state.

Spoiler alert: if you want to make the big bucks, being born in California seems to be an advantage…

Here’s the full list of athletes born in each state…

1. California

Athletes born in California

Tiger Woods ($62.3M), Russell Westbrook ($56M), Jared Goff ($49M), James Harden ($47.8M), Tom Brady ($45M), Phil Mickelson ($40.8M),  Klay Thompson ($38.8M), Damian Lillard ($37M), Paul George ($32.8M), Michael Thomas ($32.4M), Kawhi Leonard ($30.5M), Aaron Rodgers ($30.1M), Arik Armstead ($26.8M), Kevin Love ($25.7M), Bobby Wagner ($25M), DeMar DeRozan ($24.8M), Shaq Thompson ($23.7M), Derek Carr ($22M)

Combined earnings: $650.5M

2. Ohio

Athletes born in Ohio

LeBron James ($88.2M), Stephen Curry ($74.4M), C.J. McCollum ($23.8M), Ben Roethlinberger ($23M)

Combined earnings: $209.4M

3. North Carolina

Athletes born in North Carolina

Carson Wentz ($59.1M), Chris Paul ($35M), John Wall ($31.2M), Zion Williamson ($27.3M), D.J. Reader ($22.4M)

Combined earnings: $175M

4. Texas

Athletes born in Texas

Drew Brees ($44.8M), Jimmy Butler ($27.6M), Jordan Spieth (27.6M), Clayton Kershaw ($27.3M), Ryan Tannehill ($25.5M)

Combined earnings: $152.8M

5. Alabama

Athletes born in Alabama

Deontay Wilder ($46.5M), Julio Jones ($40.5M), Philip Rivers ($23.4M), Quinnen Williams ($22.4M)

Combined earnings: $132.8M

6. Illinois

Athletes born in Illinois

Kirk Cousins ($60.5M), Anthony Davis ($30.4M), Ezekiel Elliott ($23.3M)

Combined earnings: $114.2M

7. Georgia

Athletes born in Georgia

Grady Jarrett ($33.1M), Darius Slay ($26.1M), Cam Newton ($22.2M)

Combined earnings: $81.4M

8. New York

Athletes born in New York

Kemba Walker ($27.6M), Tobias Harris ($25.4M), Andre Drummond ($22.6M)

Combined earnings: $75.6M

9. Florida

Athletes born in Florida

Amari Cooper ($24.9M), Dante Fowler Jr. ($24.2M), Nick Bosa ($23.7M)

Combined earnings: $72.8M

10. Maryland

Athletes born in Maryland

Kevin Durrant ($63.9M)

11. Michigan

Athletes born in Michigan

Serena Williams ($36M), Devin Booker ($26.6M)

Combined earnings: $62.6M

12. Pennsylvania

Athletes born in Pennsylvania

Matt Ryan ($29.5M), Kyle Lowry ($28.5M)

Combined earnings: $58M

13. South Carolina

Athletes born in South Carolina

Robert Quinn ($24.7M), Khris Middleton ($24.1M)

Combined earnings: $48.8M

14. Colorado

Athletes born in Colorado

Christian McCaffrey ($26.5M), Calais Campbell ($22.1M)

Combined earnings: $48.6M

15. Arizona

Athletes born in Arizona

Mike Conley Jr. ($25.4M), Andrus Peat ($22.7M)

Combined earnings: $48.1M

16. Oklahoma

Athletes born in Oklahoma

Blake Griffin ($31.9M)

17. Indiana

Athletes born in Indiana

Gordon Hayward ($27.6M)

18. Kentucky

Athletes born in Kentucky

D’Angelo Russell ($26.5M)

19. Wisconsin

Athletes born in Wisconsin

Trae Waynes ($24.3M)

20. New Jersey

Athletes born in New Jersey

Karl-Anthony Towns ($23.5M)

21. Louisiana

Athletes born in Louisiana

Paul Millsap ($23.3M)

22. Missouri

Athletes born in Missouri

Bradley Beal ($22.3M)

No Athletes In Top 100

Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

Want More Stats?

With earnings of $88.2M, Ohio born LeBron James was the biggest banking American on Forbes’ latest list. But that still wasn’t enough to top the list globally. Check out our live graphic, which shows Forbes top earners from 1990-2020 below.

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