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The Best Snowboard Stomp Pads for Grip

Sick of bailing when one foot boarding, or exiting lifts? Our guide to the best snowboard stomp pads has you covered!

Whether you are an experienced snowboarder or a complete beginner, quality gear makes all the difference to your progression.

To make your life on the slopes easier, a stomp pad is specifically designed to provide grip when exiting ski lifts, or when you’re cruising with a foot out of your bindings (in between lifts for instance).

This Year’s Best Snowboard Stomp Pads

Dakine Spike Stomp Pad

spike stomp pad snowboarding dakine

For those that don’t want to read our full guide to the best snowboard stomp pads, we’ll start off this list, with our favorite…the Dakine Spike snowboard stomp pad.

The Dakine Spike Stomp pad can be used by beginners through to experts, thanks to its unique molded single pattern spike design. This unique shape helps to increase traction whether that’s for one foot snowboarding, or exiting ski lifts.

Want to create a custom stomp pad? It’s easy enough to cut out different shapes without losing any adhesive qualities.

Not happy with your snowboard stomp pad? Don’t worry – Dakine offers a two-year warranty.


·     High levels of grip

·     Two-year warranty


·     Adhesive could be stronger

·     Wears down quicker than some of the other best stomp pads on the market

Model Specs

·     Weight: 2.2 oz [62 g]

·     Dimension: 4.7 x 4.7in [120 x 120mm]

·     Material: Molded

·     Color: Black

Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad

Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad for snowboarding

Made from an extremely durable material called Urethane, the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad is worth looking at.

With a raised scraper bar in the middle, you can use this pad for grip, as well as scraping snow off your boots.

It’s easy to custom fit and configure in any way you like, coming in three separate sections.

Like the Spike stomp mentioned above you’ll get a two-year warranty with the Modular Mat Dakine stomp pad.


·     Snow scraper bar to clear powder off your snowboarding boots

·     Three-piece format means it’s customizable

·     Durable due to the double injection molded urethane material being used by Dakine


·     Smaller than other snowboard stomp pads on this list

Model Specs

·     Weight: 0.9 oz [25 g]

·     Dimension: 4.8 x 4.3in [123 x 110mm]

·     Material: Injection-molded Polyurethane

·     Color: Black, Clear

Dakine Pyramid Studs Stomp Pad

dakine studs stomp grip pad for snowboards

Looking for the smallest snowboard stomp pads available? The Dakine Pyramid Studs are where you should be putting your money, at just 16mm x 16mm in size.

You’ll get a pack of nine studs that you can spread across the board, ensuring your whole boot gets grip when riding one foot out of your bindings, and scooting between ski lifts.

Like the two Dakine stomp pads mentioned above, you’ll get a two-year warranty on the Pyramid Studs stomp pad from Dakine. 


·     The sturdy aluminum plate provides excellent grip

·     Available in different colors

·     Compact design; one of the smallest snowboard stomp pads on the market


·     They do offer more grip than your board, but aluminium isn’t exactly known for it’s traction qualities

·     Some reviews mention after just a few days on the slopes, multiple studs coming off their board.

Model Specs

·     Weight: 0.7 oz. [ 23g ]

·     Dimension: 0.6″ x 0.6″ [ 16mm x 16mm ]

·     Material: Plated Aluminum

·     Color: Alloy, Black, Brass, Chrome

Neff Peace Stomp Pad

Neff Peace Stomp Pad snowbaording

If you want one of the most durable snowboard stomp pads on the market, the Nerf Peace is where you should be at, as it’s made from tough Thermoplastic Polyurethane. 


·     Made of 100 % thermoplastic Urethane so it’s tough as nails!

·     Suitable for all level of snowboarders


·     Durability does come at the cost of grip

Model Specs

·     Dimension: 4.5in x 3.5 inches

·     Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

·     Color: Blue

Crab Grab Mini Claws Stomp Pad

mini claw stomp pad for snowboarding

Crab Grab Mini Claws work just like their name suggests. Specialized in C-foam technology, these pads add traction to your board board and help snowboarders for one foot or riding off a chairlift. With the help of 4EVA glue, they won’t be falling off your board any time soon.    

With a unique rubbery foam blend that is lightweight and heavy-duty, these mini claws grab your board with super strength and protect you from disturbing splitters or awful chairlift departures. Their cute looks don’t hurt, either. 


·     C foam that provides superb grip

·     4EVA glue makes it super adhesive

·     Textured and beveled 3d design


·     A bit bigger than what’s needed in a stomp pad. 

Model Specs

·     Dimension: 3 x 1 inches

·     Material: C foam

·     Color: Red, White, Black, Camo Swirl

 Burton Mini Scraper Mats Stomp Pad

Burton Mini Scraper Mats Stomp Pad snowboarding

Sick of bailing off ski lifts? We’ve all been there? For maximum traction at a low price, check out the Burton Mini Scrap stomp pad, which comes complete with a scraper ridge to remove ice from your boots before one foot riding.

Available in Translucent Black and Teal Deal.


·     Small 2 inch disc doesn’t take up too much space

·     Supports back-foot traction


·     Color is known to fade away reasonably quickly

Model Specs

·     Weight: 30 g

·     Dimension: 2 inches

·     Material: Polyester

·     Color: Translucent Black and Teal Deal

Burton Process Foam Mats Stomp Pad

Burton Process Foam Mats Stomp Pad snowboarding

Inspired by the Burton archives, Burton Process Foam is available in a couple of different designs; namely the Mountain logo, Brushie’s fish, Terje’s sword, and Kilroy’s tag. Made for riders who want to get that traction whilst snowboarding, Burton delivers a solid grip when you need it.

Fitting the Burton snowboard stomp pad yourself? Burton recommend leaving both your board and stomp pad at room temperature for a few hours before fitting.

Got problems? Make the most out of your two-year warranty. In terms of all out grip, this is one of the best snowboard stomp pads on the market.


·   Extra grippy and sticky

·   Cool design options

·    You can apply where you need the traction


·     We couldn’t find any!

Model Specs

·     Material: Algae Biomass Foam

·     Color: Trout, Sword, Mountain Logo, or Kilroy 

Crab Grab Squiggle Stick Stomp Pad

Crab Grab Squiggle Stick Stomp Pad snowboarding

Looking for a progressive grip that offers an aggressive grab? Well, you’ve found Crab Grab! This squiggle stick stomp is all you need in order to enjoy the slopes this winter. Like the Burton mentioned above, this is one of the best snowboard stomp pads for all out grip when one foot riding.

This snowboard stomp pad is designed with the latest C foam technology. Thinking of their loyal customers, a screw glue is included with the purchase and the Crab Grab stomp pad comes as a set of two.


·     Made from lightweight C foam

·     Creates a solid bond


·     Crab Grab isn’t as well known a brand as many stomp pad brands on this list.

Model Specs

·     Dimension: 6.5 inches

·     Material: C Foam

·     Color: Black/White, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Bubble Gum, Black Red Swirl, Camo Swirl

Crab Grab Holey Sheet Stomp Pad

Crab Grab Holey Sheet Stomp Pad for snowboarding

Our list of the best snowboard stomp pads ends with another top-rated product from Crab Grab. This one is the perfect option for riders who love customizing their boards. All you need to do is to cut it down to any size, then stick it to your board.

There are twenty grippy little foam glory holes built-in and the added thickness to the pad is enough to cater to all your needs. The C foam used is made of a unique rubbery blend, which is exceptionally lightweight and heavy-duty.


·     Adhesive screw glue provides attachment to the board and pad together

·     C foam offers superb grip


·     One of the biggest snowboard stomp pads in terms of weight (250g), which can affect board feel at high speed 

Model Specs

Weight: 249 g

Dimension: 7.25 inches

Material: C Foam

Color: Black/Red, Black/White

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