The 4 Best (Official) GoPro Mounts For Skiing & Snowboarding

So, you’ve read our post on how to start snowboarding, or our beginner’s guide to skiiing and you’re ready to hit the slopes.

In this 2-minute guide we’ll cover the best GoPro mounts for skiing and snowboarding,  including how much they cost, and why they are so popular.

The quick-fire guide covers the best mounts for snowboards, helmets, your chest and even selfie sticks.

Once you’ve decided on a GoPro mount for skiing or snowboarding, you can start capturing footage like this : )

1. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

The Best GoPro Snowboard Mount

gopro suction cup mount

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The official GoPro suction cup mount for snowboarding got some really-bad feedback when it was first launched.

Why? It didn’t work.

There were horror stories of riders going off piste, only to realise (too late), they’d lost their GoPro; the suction cup had failed!

GoPro have worked hard to improve the suction cup mount, and it’s stronger than ever.

The new suction cup mount is suitable for everything from snowboards, too surfboards, and gives a different angle in comparison to the overdone POV footage we see daily.

A few things worth thinking about after buying this mount for your snowboard:

  1. You’ll want to install the GoPro snowboard mount high enough, so it’s not covered by powder spray when you’re riding.
  2. If you bail, check the suction cup mount hasn’t moved, and your GoPro is still there.

With 1000s of online reviews, this is the best GoPro snowboard mount for the money.

2. GoPro Helmet Front-Mount

The Best GoPro Helmet Mount For Skiing And Snowboarding

gopro helmet front mount

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Aiming for that perfect POV footage, and looking to mount your GoPro on your helmet?

We’re choosing the official GoPro helmet accessory, as the best helmet mount for skiers and snowboarders.

It might only be weighing in at around $20, but it’s built to last. And, there’s the ability to adjust marginally, to get that perfect shot.

It’s fixed to your helmet with a small adhesive.

Once there, you’ll be able to adjust the camera to take self-portrait shots; if that’s your thing.

3. GoPro 3-Way Selfie Stick

The Best GoPro Selfie Stick For Skiing And Snowboarding

gopro selfie stick

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At around $70, the GoPro 3-Way will be testing boundaries if you’re on a tight budget.

It’s not your average selfie stick. Unlike normal selfie sticks, there’s a 3-way (as the name suggests) adjustment on offer.

And, that means you can line up the perfect selfie before setting off onto the piste.

Naturally, GoPro have tested their 3-way selfie stick rigorously. And, that’s lead to the introduction of a small attachment that allows snowboarders to get more stable shots.

Looking for the best GoPro selfie stick for skiing or snowboarding? You’ve found it.

4. GoPro Chesty

The Best GoPro Chest Mount For Skiing And Snowboarding

gopro chesty

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The GoPro Chesty gives a different POV angle in comparison to the helmet mount.

The straps allow the Chesty to move slightly, so sudden movements in your torso are not passed on to the camera, and therefore your footage.

And, that’s where it beats the GoPro helmet mount. The helmet mount (being fixed, rather than attached) is sensitive to every single movement you make.

There’s a tonne of positive reviews online for the Chesty!

One more positive; unlike a rear board mount, or helmet mount, if the camera does fall off the Chesty, you’ll notice straight away!

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best GoPro mounts for skiing and snowboarding.

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