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The Best Ski / Snowboard Gloves & Mittens Of 2021

Looking for the best snowboard gloves, that are high-quality and cheap? If I had a budget of less than $50, here’s where I’d spend my money.

If you’ve already checked out our guide to snowboarding kit, or our beginner’s guide to skiing, gloves will be on your to-buy list.

There’s a tonne of choice, from a range of top brands.

But, which are the best gloves for snowboarding and skiing, and where do you start?

Choosing Snowboard Gloves

Snowboarding gear isn’t cheap.

And, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment, and spend $100s on kit when there’s a cheaper, more suitable option available.

You’ll find cheap snowboard and skiing gloves starting as low as $15. On the flip-side, you’ll find gloves that are heading towards the $70-80 mark.

Personally, I don’t think you need to be spending that kind of cash, especially if you are a beginner.

So, which are the best ski and snowboard gloves for the money, for warmth and beginners?

The Best Snowboarding & Skiing Gloves [Demon] 

Demon Touchscreen Ski Gloves
demon snowboard gloves

I currently own a pair of HEAD snowboarding gloves. They cost around $40.

But, if I was to buy a new set, I’d be leaning towards the Demon ski gloves with touchscreen capability.

Demon are a brand well-known for making high-quality gear, and Demon ski gloves are some of the best. Even better, Demon ski and snowboard gloves are listed at prices that are sometimes half as much as their competitors, such as Dakine and Burton.

As the name suggests, you’ll have no trouble flicking through FaceBook whilst wearing these gloves.

The material around the fingers has been specifically designed to allow smartphone use, so you won’t need to take them off.

Demon have constructed the gloves from waterproof material, and that’s important.

The heat generated from your hands will melt any snow you come into contact with. Without waterproof gloves, you’ll end up with incredibly wet and cold hands.

And, as a bonus, that means that your ski pass is going to be kept dry too, in the integrated pocket.

You’ll get a snug fit thanks to the lined cuff, and wrist strap. And, that means one thing; warmth.

With a lot of budget snowboarding gloves, you’ll find the fit is slightly too loose.

This allows air (and snow when you bail) into the glove, and doesn’t provide the level of warmth you really-need for a day out on the slopes.

Finally, when you’re not wearing the Demon Touchscreen gloves, there’s a snap fit clip that keeps them both together.

In my opinion, these are the best snowboard and skiing gloves for the money, for warmth, and perfect for beginners.

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Choosing Snowboard & Ski Mittens

Next, we’ll cover 3 of the best ski and snowboard mittens from a reputable brand; Burton.

First, a few things you’ll want to consider before buying mittens for your skiing or snowboarding trip.

Brand Pick

Burton need no introduction in the snow sports scene. Not only do they produce top quality kit, it’s also reasonably priced.

Under The Cuff vs Over The Cuff

This is one of those things that comes down to personal preference. I like over-the-cuff mittens. I’ve found that under-the-cuff mittens shift around too much.

And, when you bail, there’s a much bigger chance that snow is going to get all-up-in your jacket; you don’t want that!

The 3 Best Ski and Snowboard Mittens  [Burton]

Burton Gore-Tex Ski Mittens
best snowboard mittens

These are Burton’s flagship product; the Gore-Tex mittens.

At around $70, they are certainly not cheap. But, they are going to be the best when it comes to warmth, comfort and fit.

Burton guarantee that these mittens will keep you dry throughout your day’s skiing or snowboarding, thanks to their DryRide fabric, and Gore-Tex membrane.

They’ve incorporated specialist fabric into the fingertips, that makes using a smartphone a breeze. And, they’ve made sure that this material is durable, unlike many cheaper brands.

It’s a 2-in-1 snowboarding mitten. So, you’ll be able to use the fleece liner in warmer conditions, and just wear the shell when temperature drops.

Although, being Gore-Tex, they are extremely breathable anyway.

Got around $70 to invest in snowboarding mittens? You won’t go wrong with these.

Burton Baker 2-In-1 Snowboard Mittens
burton approach snowboard mittens

The Burton Baker skiing and snowboarding mitts are the next level down from Burton’s Gore-Tex offering.

Like the Gore-Tex mittens, you’ll get Burton’s DryRide fabric. So, you’ll get the fit, the comfort and the warmth.

What you won’t get, is the extra protection and breathability that Gore-Tex is known for offering.

The RRP is a little cheaper, but there are deals on the Baker 2-in-1 during off-peak times of the year.

If you’ve planned in advance and buy them off-peak, you could be looking at savings of around $20.

There’s a removable liner. So, if you feel they don’t offer the breathability of the more expensive Gore-Tex mittens, you’ll still be able to keep cool.

Just stash the liner in your pack, and re-fit it when conditions take a turn for the worse.

Burton Ski Approach Under Mitts
baker snowboard mittens

If you’d prefer under mitts, then the Burton Approach are a good shout.

At around, they’re the cheapest of the bunch.

But, you’ll still get important features included such as the DryRide fabric to keep you dry, and the a removable inner liner; just wear the shell on hotter days.

There’s an over-the-cuff version also available, costing around a few $ more.

Ski Gloves and Mittens FAQ

What’s The Pocket On Snowboarding & Skiing Gloves For?

As I mentioned in the snowboarding kit guide, the pocket on your gloves is a must-have feature.

This is designed to store your ski pass.

Many ski resorts will need you to swipe your ski pass every time you get onto a lift. That could be dozens of times in a day.

If you don’t have your pass handy (i.e. tucked away in your glove pocket), you’re going to spend half your day digging around for your pass in your pack; extremely annoying.

Are Mittens or Gloves Best for Snowboarding & Skiing?

First, you need to decide if you want to wear mittens or gloves for snowboarding or skiing.

Personally, I always wear gloves. Mittens are too restrictive.

So, why do people bother wearing them?

For warmth; it’s as simple as that.

Ski and snowboard mittens tend to be a lot warmer than gloves.

If you’re someone that really feels the cold, go for mittens. For everyone else, buy gloves instead.

What’s Next?

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