The #1 Best Snowboard Wax Kit For Winter 2020

Why Use Snowboard Wax?

That’s always the first question.

Do you even need wax for your snowboard?

Wax helps to reduce friction. That friction comes from:

  • Dirt
  • Snow

And, by reducing friction on your board you’ll benefit from:

  • Riding smoother on the slopes
  • A board that lasts longer.

But, that’s not all. The best snowboard wax brands will actually protect your board from oxidation, meaning it lasts – again – even longer.

So yeah, you need it ?

The #1 Best Snowboard Wax Kit

Demon 13-Piece Snowboard & Ski Wax Kit

best snowboard wax kit

The Demon 13-Piece Snowboard & Ski Wax Kit is the best snowboard wax kit in 2020.

You don’t need to take your board to a shop to get it waxed up. That’s not just time consuming, it’s expensive.

The Demon 13-piece kit allows you to tune your board from the comfort of your hotel room, ready for your day on the slopes.

Wax Iron

The most valuable tool you’ll be getting in your tune-up kit, is the iron, with temperature adjustment.

And, this isn’t some low-quality iron. In fact, Demon are so confident in it, they’ll offer a lifetime warranty.

It’s easy too use, and fits nicely in the wax kit’s case. You’ll be able to adjust the temperature on the iron from 65 C / 149 F right up to 230 C / 445F.

Wax Kit Contents

Asides from the iron, you’ll get a handy carry case. That allows you to lug round all the essentials.

You’ll get a long-lasting tuning stone, a wire brush, a brush for shavers, metal scrapper and a board tuning guide.

You’ll also get a 7.5” scrapper for the wax itself, Ptex, a pad for polishing and a file for those finishing touches.

More importantly, you’ll get something that most basic snowboard and ski wax kits don’t have; a 90/88 degree tuner for your board’s edges.

There’s a pretty-good video on tuning edges using the Demon snowboard wax kit here:

Online Reviews

If you’ve already been checking out other wax kits, I’m sure you’ll have flicked through some of the online reviews.

That’s where the Demon 13-piece wax kit really shines.

Who’s The Demon Wax Kit For?

If you’re not just looking for the best wax kit, but also a way to tune your board; the Demon 13-piece is for you.

Buying all the items individually from other brands, will mean spending 30-40% more to build your full kit.

Of course, if you’re just looking for wax, then this kit isn’t for you.


The Best Cheap Snowboard Wax Kit

XC Man Snowboard Wax Kit

cheap snowboard wax kit

The XC Man Snowboard Wax Kit is the best cheap snowboard wax kit in 2020.

If you’re looking for a alternative to the Demon kit, mainly due to price, there is another option.

The XC Man pack is considered the best cheap snowboard wax kit, and here’s why.


Firstly, you’re going to be saving 20-30% on the price of a Demon kit (depending on the exact Demon kit you pick).

But, it’s important to be aware that the XC Man snowboard wax kit doesn’t come with an iron. And, that’s the main reason for the big price differential.

Pack Contents

OK, so the iron aside, this is still a good kit for the money.

You’ll get a waterproof carry case to carry all your essentials which include:

  • White and black Ptex
  • A 10mm nylon and brass brush
  • 8mm horsehair brush
  • A 6” file
  • 130mm metal scraper

Online Reviews

Due to the popularity of Demon, it’s natural that they have a lots more reviews than XC Man.

However, the only reviews we could find, only praise this snow and ski wax kit.

Who’s The XC Man Wax Kit For?

If you’re looking for the best cheap snowboard wax kit because you’re on a budget; this is the one for you.

Sure, you don’t get an iron, and the tuning abilities are slightly limited.

But, the XC Man kit offers more than you’d expect for the price.

Let’s face it, it’s cheaper and more convenient to DIY wax up your board using this kit, rather than heading to a snow hire shop.


The Best Snowboard Wax

If you’re not convinced with either the full Demon snowboard wax kit or the XC Man pack, there’s another cheaper option; just buy wax.

Even a light wax is going to make your board ride smoother, and last longer. Applying some wax, is better than applying none.

So, which is the best snowboard wax?

ZUMWax For Snowboards & Skis

snowboard wax kit - zum

Zumwax is the best wax for snowboards and skis in 2020.

If you’re happy with using wax alone, without a wax kit (or maybe, you already have the rest of the kit); ZUMWax is a top pick.


Some waxes need to be melted, or at least prepped. And, that’s annoying in a hotel room or lodge!

But, this is a rub on wax. Applying it is simple:

  • Rub the wax on your board
  • Buff the wax to create an even layer

Really. It’s that simple.

And, ZUMWax have even created a push up container.

That means if you’re going for long days off-piste, or the powder’s compact and creating friction, you can apply on the slope easily; and in a matter of minutes.

Temperature Rating

If you ride in different conditions throughout the season, you’ll usually need multiple waxes. That’s not the case with ZUMwax; it’s designed for all temperatures.

It has a air temperature range of 10°C to -30°C or 50°F to -22°F. And, that relates to a snow temperature range of 0°C to -30°C or 32°F to -22°F.

Online Reviews

At time of writing (just before the 2019/2020 season), ZUM is getting a tonne of coverage. We’ve found over 100 positive reviews online.


Who’s It For?

If you’ve got other parts of a wax kit already, or you just don’t have the budget for a full wax kit, ZUM is for you.

ZUMWax is known as one of the best snowboard waxes due to it’s price, 70g tub (so, multiple applications) and the fact it’s all-temperature.

That removes the need to buy different waxes for different slopes throughout the season.

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