The Best Impact Shorts For Snowboarding & Skiing In 2018

Looking to stay protected on your next ski/snowboard trip? Check out our 2-minute guide to the best impact shorts for skiing & snowboarding.

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Welcome to our 2018 buyer’s guide to the best impact shorts for snowboarding and skiing.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or seasoned veteran – all levels of skiers and snowboarders have one thing in common; we bail hard.

Snow pants will protect us to a certain extent, but when you bail, you’re going to be left with bangs and bruises.

Don’t want to spend most of your ski trip limping around with a bruised back-side?

Then you need to grab yourself some impact shorts.

In fact, these protective shorts don’t just prevent injuries, but offer an additional base layer. So, they keep you warmer on the slopes too.

Below we’ve recommended two sets of impact shorts.

What we consider the best (from Demon United), and a cheaper alternative for those on a budget.

What Are The Best Impact Shorts For Snowboarding & Skiing In 2018?

ImageProductProtection ForCategoryPrice
Demon United Flex Force ShortsDemon United Flex Force Shortships, thighs, lower back, tailbonebest overall shortscheck  
Docooler Impact ShortsDoCooler Impact Shortships, thighs, lower back, tailbonebest cheap shortscheck  

The Best Impact Shorts For Snowboarding & Skiing

Demon United Flex Force Shorts

Demon United are a snow sports brand that’s been producing top notch snowboard and ski gear for years. Demon United Flex Force Shorts

In their product line-up, they’ve got the Flex Force Snowsports Impact Shorts, and that’s where we’d be investing our cash.


The most important part of the Flex Force shorts is the padding and protection. And, there’s plenty of it!

You’ll get a combination of:

  • Padded hips, thighs and lower back
  • A protective panel that covers your tail bone

It’s not just the extent of the padding on offer that’s impressive, but it’s quality too. You’ll be covered on any low-mid impact falls.

Weight & Comfort

You’re probably feeling pretty-bulky already kitted out in all your other gear.

So, the last thing you probably want to do, is put on more.

That’s why Demon have made sure the Flex Force impact shorts are lightweight and ridiculously comfortable.

They’re constructed from an ultralight Lycra/Spandex, and are easily adjusted thanks to the elastic draw cord around the waist.

Who Are The Demon Flex Force Impact Shorts Suitable For?

Demon United protective snowsports gear is up there with the best-of-the-best. But, their prices rarely reflect that.

Checkout the online reviews, and you’ll soon see their line-up competes with brands that are nearing on 1.5x the price.

If you want the best impact shorts available, ski/snowboard on a regular basis and have the budget – the Demon Flex Forces are for you.

Slightly out of range in terms of budget?

Keep reading below for our cheaper alternative.

Demon United Flex-Force X D30 Short Body Armor - Men's Black, XS
  • Material: Lycra, mesh
  • Protection Area: hips, thighs, backside
  • Closure System: elastic waist

Last update on 2018-09-22

The Best Cheap Impact Shorts For Snowboarding & Skiing

DoCooler Impact Shorts


Like the Demon Flex Force, the DoCooler shorts have protection in the following areas: DoCooler Impact Shorts

  • Hip
  • Thigh
  • Tail-bone

The tail bone protection is slightly less protective than what’s on offer from Demon.

But, the hip and thigh padding offer more than enough protection for the average impact, thanks to their 1.5cm EVA construction.

Weight & Comfort

One thing you’ll notice straight away with the DoCooler impact shorts, is they’re comfortable.

In fact, most of the positive reviews online focus on this as the major selling point.

And, that comfort comes mainly from their glove-like fit, but also the soft cotton lining.

Who Are The DoCooler Impact Shorts Suitable For?

The DoCooler impact shorts are perfect for any skier/snowboarder that:

  • Only rides recreationally on occasion, and isn’t expecting high impact falls
  • Is looking for quality protective gear on a tight budget
  • Wants a pair of shorts that’s easy to move around in, and comfortable.
docooler 3D Padded Short Protective Hip Butt Pad Ski Skate Snowboard Skating Skiing Protection Drop Resistance Roller Compression Shorts Pants Size: Large Model:
  • Protects the vulnerable hip, thigh and tailbone with ample padding.
  • 1.5cm thick EVA protective padding.Cotton lining, makes you feel comfortable.
  • Strong elastic band.Washable, can be washed by hand.

Last update on 2018-09-22

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Our Pick: 2018's Best Impact Shorts For Skiing And Snowboarding

Product Name: Demon United Flex Force Shorts

  • Protection
  • Weight & Comfort
  • Style
  • Value for money


If you want the best impact shorts available, ski/snowboard on a regular basis and have the budget – the Demon Flex Forces are for you.

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