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The 4 Best Golf YouTube Channels In 2020

Looking to improve your golf game this year? Here are the 4 best golf channels on YouTube in 2020.

1. Rebellion Golf (Monte Scheinblum)

If you hang out in the Golf WRX forums, you’ll be sure to have come across Monte’s “anarchic” views on the golf swing before.

One of the great things about Monte’s videos is that instead of just teaching positions, he has developed a huge number of different “feels” you can try out to get your body moving correctly. For example, to shallow the club in transition you can try:

  • Zipper away
  • Lead with the right elbow
  • Chasing the belly button
  • Right shoulder down and out

My favorite Monte video of all has got to be the “No turn, cast” drill. Goes against everyhing you think the golf swing should be… but it works.

Feel. Isn’t. Real.

Check out Rebellion Golf.

2. Wisdom In Golf (Shawn Clement)

Shawn’s been around for a long time, and has deservedly built up a reputation as one of the best golf instructors on YouTube.

He has a great way of comparing the golf swing to other sports/activities, and is an advocate of giving your brain a task (the correct one) and allowing your body to react.

I say the correct task, as Shawn teaches to swing the club to the target (or an intermediary target), not at the ball. The ball simply gets in the way.

Here’s Shawn demonstrating how to improve your golf swing by throwing clubs.

Grab an old 8 iron and try it out.

Check out Wisdom In Golf.

3. Robin Matthews-Williams

It’s fair to say Robin shook up YouTube golf instruction in 2019.

Robin claims that conventional instruction, with its focus on positions, angles etc, is screwing up our golf games. And I think he has a point.

His focus is on feeling the weight of the club, and swinging it freely, with primary body focus (if any) on the feet.

I’ve tried out Robin’s swing and did get some decent results.

It also lead me to Manuel De La Torre’s method (swing the clubhead over your right shoulder with the hands, swing the whole club to the target with your upper arms) which I’m in the early stages of implementing.

If you’re easily offended you might want to give Robin’s channel a miss. But if you enjoy a bit of colorful language (doesn’t bother me in the slightest), then you’ll get a lot out of Robin’s channel.

Check out Robin Matthews-Williams.

4. The Art of Simple Golf (Alex Fortey)

Another golf channel I first discovered in 2019, but seems to have been running for quite a few years now.

Alex Fortey is a great instructor, who delivers concepts in a clear, concise way.

Well worth checking out.


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