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Golf Etiquette: 4 Tips To Keep Your Playing Partners Happy

Here are 4 essential golf etiquette tips that will keep you in the good books of your playing partners during your next round.

Let me start by saying, that any view of golf as a snobby sport for the middle/upper classes is totally wrong. It’s true that there used to be quite specific rules on dress code etc, but most clubs are a lot more relaxed these days. Golf is a game for everyone.

But with that being said, it’s nice to be nice, so here is a little bit about golf etiquette.

1. Allow Faster Players To ‘Play Through’

You should never feel rushed on the golf course, particularly when you are starting out.

If you have a player, or group of players behind you that are catching you up, then you should let them play through (i.e. skip ahead of you). That way you can continue your round at your own pace.

The best thing to do is finish the hole you are on and then let them tee off before you on the next hole.

2. Don’t Walk Over Someone’s Line

Try and avoid stepping directly on someone’s putt line while on the green. Your friend will never forgive you if your spike mark causes their birdie putt to drift away from the hole!

Always walk behind their ball.

3. Shout ‘Fore!’

If you hit an errant shot and it’s rocketing its way through the sky towards another group of golfers, then give them a heads up by shouting ‘fore!’.

They will quickly duck out of the way and avoid getting smashed in the head with a golf ball!

4. Dress Appropriately

Ok, I know I said that dress code isn’t as rigid as it used to be, but it’s always worth checking if there is a dress code before playing a particular course. If there is then respect it as best you can.

If there’s not a dress code, I would still advise against wearing jeans. Not for any fashion, or etiquette reasons, but simply because they are quite restrictive and not great for a sport like golf where you are twisting and turning.

And of course, wet jeans suck!

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