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The Best Golf Training Aids In 2021 [Improve Your Swing FAST]

Looking to improve your golf game and shoot lower scores? Here are the very best training aids for beginner and improving golfers in 2021.

Golf seems like it should be a simple game right?

Whack a little white ball as hard as you can towards the flag. Walk to your ball. Repeat.

But as you’ve stumbled on this guide, I’m sure you already know there’s a lot more to it than that.

And unless you’re Tiger Woods, grooving your own golf swing is going to be tough.

Fortunately, there are some great golf training aids that can help.

Here are our top picks.

This Year’s Best Golf Training Aids

1. The Orange Whip

best golf training aids - orange whip

Our pick for: Best Golf Swing Training Aid In 2021

You might have heard the phrase ‘drive for show, putt for dough’.

It’s good advice. But there’s a problem:

Before you can putt, you have to get to the green!

And to do that (in a respectable number of shots), you’re going to need a solid, repeatable swing.

So what’s the key to a good golf swing?

Well actually, there are three:

  1. tempo
  2. sequence
  3. balance

Of course you’re going to have to learn the basics (check out our beginner’s guide to golf for some tips).

But if you can swing the golf club in good tempo, in the correct sequence, while maintaining your balance, you have the foundations of a solid swing.

And as luck would have it, there’s an awesome training aid that will help you do all three.

The orange whip is quite simple really – it’s a weighted orange ball on the end of a flexible shaft.

But here’s the beauty of it:

Get your tempo wrong… the orange ball will pull you all over the place.

Get your sequencing wrong… the orange ball will pull you all over the place.

Lose your balance… the orange ball will… OK, I’m sure you get the message.

Basically the Orange Whip forces you to swing correctly. And it gives you instant feedback if you don’t.

Here’s a demonstration video with some simple drills you can use to perfect your swing.

As a bonus, the Orange Whip provides a great core workout, which will strengthen the key muscles used in the golf swing.

And you can also use it for warming up before your round.

Quite simply, the Orange Whip is the best golf training aid in 2021.

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2. PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Our pick for: Best Putting Training Aid In 2021

Ok, so like I already said, putting is super important.

In fact, around 40% of your shots in any given round will be putts.

If you can minimise 3 putts, and sink the odd 1 putt, you’ll be onto a good score.

And fortunately, while whacking golf balls with your driver around your living room is probably not a good idea, putting is something you can definitely work on at home.

If you have a carpet in your house, there’s just one training aid (below) you need to start working on draining your putts. If you have wooden floors, you’ll also need a putting mat

best golf training aids - putt out

The PuttOut Pressure Putt trainer is designed to simulate the conditions of real, on course putting.

What’s particularly cool is that the trainer will return putts the same distance they would have gone past the hole if you had missed. This is particularly useful for developing your lag putting and getting your pace right.

And to really up your putting game, there are a number of ‘challenges’ built in. Like the ‘Killer Putting Drill’, which will increase the putt length by 2 feet each time, or the ‘Repeat Putt’ where you have to sink 25 putts in a row or start again!

This demonstration video shows the PuttOut in action.

If you’re nervous over 3 footers while out on the course, then this is the training aid for you.

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Here are some other golf training aids I would recommend for improving your game. The good news? They are all pretty cheap, and will help you build the foundations of your swing.

3. Alignment Sticks

golf alignment sticksProper alignment is key to good golf. You’re never going to shoot a low score if you are not aiming correctly.

And believe me, it’s easy to let this drift over time and get lazy while lining up your shots. The pros work on alignment most days so shouldn’t you be?

I recently had a problem with pulling my drives to the left. I “felt” I was lining up square, but guess what? When I checked my alignment it turned out I was aiming left (with club face square or closed to the path).

Take alignment sticks with you to the range and make sure you are properly lined up. Engrain good habits on the range, and they will follow you to the course.

For most players this will mean setting your alignment stick parallel to the target line. But if you are working on a fade you’ll want your stick pointing left of parallel, or for a draw, you’ll want it pointing slightly to the right.

Here are some simple drills you can work on with alignment sticks.

You’ll be able to pick up a pair of alignment sticks for between $15 and $30.

4. Impact Bag

golf impact bagUltimately golf is all about impact. You don’t hit the ball with your backswing.

You can have the prettiest looking swing on the course, but if your club is not hitting the ball square, or you are flipping the clubhead, then you’re going to struggle with consistency.

An impact bag will allow you to swing hard and check how everything looks at impact (as it will stop you). Are your hands leading the clubhead? Is everything square? How is your body lined up?

It’s also great for working on your swing in the garden without a ball. Although the only thing I would say is impact can be loud, so just don’t annoy the neighbours!

5. Grip Trainer

grip trainerGrip is another fundamental of the golf swing. A poor grip can lead to a chain reaction which causes all sorts of swing flaws.

While there are some variations (i.e. strong, or weak grips), most amateurs would benefit from keeping their grip as close to neutral as possible.

A grip trainer slides over your handle and helps you to put your hands on the club correctly. You can use it on the range or during your practice rounds to build muscle memory.

Over time you’ll be able to grip the club automatically without having to consciously think about it.

I use this one.

What’s Next?

The Orange Whip will help you groove your full swing, and the PuttOut can give you the confidence you need on the greens.

But of course, they’re not magic wands.

To get the most out of both tools, you’ll need to practice, practice, then practice some more.

For more advice on improving your golf game, check out our beginner’s guide to golf or head over to our golf section for more tips and product advice.

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