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The 3 Best Gaming Recliners (For PC & Console) In 2020

Confused about gaming chairs? I’m a gaming geek. So, I wrote this guide to the best gaming recliners for PC & console, including those with speakers and footrests, that money can buy.

Welcome to our 5-minute review of the best gaming recliners for PC & console players.

There’s a tonne of gamers out there missing out; big time.

I typically play racing games, and for those, the chair you’re sitting in adds to the realism of game play considerably.

But, even for those only racing on occasion, or even playing FPS games, a reclining gaming chair is going to be a welcome addition to your man (or woman) cave.

Below we’ve got a list of the best brands (assuming you’re not aiming for the cheap and lower quality chairs, which I’d avoid!).

Then we’ll jump into what we consider to be the 3 best reclining gaming chairs for 2020.

We’ll cover chairs that are suitable for both adults and kids, and we’ll detail the best:

  • Typical PC chairs with lower back and shoulder supports
  • Reclining chairs with footrests
  • Lazy Boy style gaming chairs with integrated speakers

Quick Answer: The 3 Best Gaming Recliners In 2020

  1. GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Recliner
  2. Ficmax Gaming Recliner
  3. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 With Speakers

Now let’s move on to the full reviews of this year’s best gaming recliners.

Gaming Recliner Reviews

So first up, we’ve got the typical office chair. No footrests, and no speakers.

If you’re wanting to combine an office and gaming recliner into one (i.e. you don’t want two separate chairs) – this is what you’re going to need.

1. GTracing Ergonomic Gaming Recliner

gt racing ergonomic gaming reclinerThere’s a tonne of different chairs in this category.

The two biggest competitors to the GTracing ergonomic gaming recliner come from:

  • Merax
  • Ficmax

We’ve checked out the features in detail.

The difference between the Merax, Ficmax and the GTracing ergonomic chair are marginal.

If you walked into a retail store, and chose one before asking for the price, you’d really be focusing on the aesthetics of the chair, rather than what it does and how it feels – there’s nothing between them.

The problem?

The GTracing chair is cheap. The Merax and Ficmax equivalents aren’t.

So, in the spirit of getting the best chair for the money; GTracing gets our vote.

Weight Capacity

There’s a big problem with a lot of other reclining gaming chairs; they’re designed for teens.

So? They don’t have the weight capacity that most adults need.

The GTracing lazy-boy has more than you’ll need; with a 330lbs weight limit.

Design / Office Use

The design isn’t exactly subtle, but I love it.

Who wants a boring black office or gaming chair?

Not me.

GTracing have designed this chair with first, ergonomics in mind.

For those that don’t know, ergonomic specific products are those designed with comfort and support in mind.

They help to support your body, so you don’t get things like:

  • Neck cramp
  • Back ache
  • Muscle pain

And, they’ve done an excellent job. Not only can this be reclined for long gaming sessions, it’s about 2x more comfortable than the average office chair; so, you can use it all day while pushing papers too.


gt racing reclining

What I love about this chair, is the attention to detail.

You’ll get a rocker both forward and backwards. And the backrest can be adjusted by 90°-170° (that’s at the limit of safety, apparently).

That’s basically all you’ll get from a cheap gaming recliner.

With the GTracing chair? You’ll get a tonne of other features including:

  • Arm rest adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Swivel adjustment (360°)
  • A sturdy base with 5-points of contact for stability throughout your gaming session.


gt racing comfort

The reclining functions help you get comfortable. But, how do you stay comfortable?

You’ll use a combination of the removable headrest and lumbar cushion. That’s going to give your shoulders and lower back the support they need throughout a long gaming session; even if you’re reclined.

Online Reviews

The GTracing chair has hundreds of reviews, and the majority are positive.

And rightly so. It’s an impressively designed ergonomic chair that’s a premium product, but only a little more expensive than the cheap equivalents.

Who Should Buy The GTracing Gaming Recliner?

If you need a chair that’s easy to move around, can be used at a desk for your PC, but also reclined to be used on your PS4/XBOX console; this is the chair for you.

It weighs in cheaper than equivalent products from competitors. Yet, it’s only slightly more expensive than cheap brands offering low quality gaming recliners.

Need an office style gaming chair, but don’t want to pay extra for footrests?

This is where we’d be putting our cash.

2. Ficmax Gaming Recliner

ficmax gaming chair

Our Pick For: The Best Gaming Reclining Chair With Footrests

Next up we’ve got a cool chair, for you guys (and gals) that want something similar to the GTracing office chair, but with footrests.

The decision-making process here is a little more difficult.

There’s actually a version of the GTracing chair (mentioned above) that has been adapted to take footrests. And, it’s not that much more expensive than the standard chair.

But, we’re choosing the Ficmax Ergonomic gaming recliner (with footrests) instead.

The difference between the standard GTR chair and the Ficmax, are minimal, and the price difference is large.

But, when you add footrests into the equation, the price gap shrinks. And that means you’re getting much better bang for your buck from the Ficmax.

Weight Capacity

The Ficmax reclining gaming chair has a more than reasonable 300lbs weight limit.

However, if you’re hitting the top end of that limit, that’s when the GTracing chair becomes an option again.

It’s got an additional capacity of 30lbs (for 330lbs in total).

Design / Office Use

The designs coming out of the Ficmax factory are certainly a little-less “racy” than the GTracing chairs.

And, that’s potentially a good thing if you plan to use this as your gaming recliner, but your PC/office chair too.


Like the GTracing chair, you get the likes of 360° swivel.

But the rocker adjustment is slightly larger here; 90°-180°. A small jump up from the 90°-170° that the GTracing chair offers.


ficmax comfort

It’s comfort where the Ficmax really beats GTR as the best gaming recliner with footrests.


You get a tonne of features including:

  • USB powered massager in the headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Ergonomic design for the head, back, lumbar and foot rests
  • Adjustable arm rests

Online Reviews

And, all this converts to hundreds of online reviews for the Ficmax gaming recliner.

It’s comfortable, made from high quality leather, and stands the test of time.

Who Should Buy The GTracing Gaming Recliner?

Need a chair without footrests? Go for the GTracing recliner and save yourself some cash.

Need a gaming chair with footrests? The Ficmax is where we’d be splashing our cash.

3. X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 With Speakers

x rocker best gaming recliner

Our Pick For: The Best (Fixed Position) Gaming Recliner, With Speakers

If you’re lucky enough to have a designated space for your gaming escapades, I’d be going straight for a fixed position chair.

You get more stability – more comfort. And, no wheels, means less things to break!

The question is, what’s the best gaming recliner with speakers, that’s a fixed position chair.

I’ve got the answer…

If you want the best-of-the-best in reclining gaming chairs; X Rocker has got you covered.

They’re my personal favourite and in their range, they’ve got the Pro 2.1.

That’s got all the audio capabilities your going to need, to take your gaming to the next level.

Now, this isn’t like a traditional gaming recliner. The reclining capabilities you’ll get come from the rocker, and that’s it.

But, if you want a stable chair and aren’t planning on taking a bunch of naps on it (I assume you have a bed for that) – this is definitely a chair worth considering.

Speakers & Sound Quality

x rocker soundFirst let’s talk about sound quality, as that’s really what the X Rocker 2.1 is all about.

The chair has audio good enough to listen to music, or watch a movie. And if it’s good enough for that, it’s more than good enough to go ahead and hit up a 6+ hour gaming session.

The sound you get is going to come from 2 speakers; they’re integrated into the headrest.

Most reclining gaming chairs with speakers sound boxy, so the sound is a heartless.

That’s why the X Rocker uses an internal subwoofer, which gives a bit of base line to that sound.

The sub uses Ace Bayou’s innovative Audio Force Modulation Technology, and it sounds awesome.


I’m a huge fan of fixed position chairs, rather than office type recliners on wheels.

The stability is there.

Now, if you play the likes of COD, that’s probably not much of an issue. But, if you play racing games like me and use a wheel/pedals setup, you just can’t race on a chair with wheels.

The fixed base and firm rocker is going to give you the stability and comfort you need for long racing sessions.

Seat Adjustment

So, unlike traditional gaming recliners, the idea behind the X Rocker is stability.

That means you’ll only get adjustment via the swivel and rocker, but that’s more than enough.


x rocker supportYou only need to look at the X Rocker recliner to realise that it’s comfortable; it pretty-much moulds to your body.

And, so you’re not straining your arms, shoulders or wrists, there’s some sharp looking arm rests that offer plenty of support.

Who Should Buy The X Rocker 2.1?

If you like Lazy Boy style gaming recliners, the X Rocker is for you. It’s comfortable, and incredibly stable.

And, that also makes it perfect for people that switch between the likes of FIFA & COD, over to racing games like F1, Gran Turismo and DIRT.

It’s got the stability that when you use a wheel or pedals, you’re not moving around as you would on a recliner with wheels.

The Best Reclining Gaming Chair Brands

There are plenty of cheap reclining gaming chairs out there. Search hard, and you’ll find a tonne on offer under $50 and $100.

But, do we want cheap?

The whole point of a gaming chair is comfort. That comes via extensive research and design that helps support your body when your gaming, whether that’s on your PC, PS4 or XBOX. And junk products at $50 aren’t going to offer you that.

Our advice?

Think twice for going for the cheapest gaming recliners. Typically, we want to be looking at only the best brands on the market.

  1. AKRacing
  2. Aminiture
  3. Andaseat
  4. Ficmax
  5. DXracer
  6. GTracing
  7. Homycasa
  9. Merax
  10. X Rocker

What’s Next?

I’m a gaming geek.

Want to get hold of my future product recommendations?

Bookmark our gaming page, and pop back soon.

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