The Best PS4 Steering Wheel And Pedals In 2019 [Logitech G29 Review]

Looking for the best PS4 steering wheel and pedals? I’ve owned the G29 setup for over 6 months and put in some serious hours racing, here’s what I think.

Welcome to our 3-minute guide to the best PS4 steering wheel and pedals.

Well technically, this review stands for the PC & XBOX One too. If you use either of those, the variation of the G29 is the G920 and that works on both of those consoles…

The Logitech G29 is the first steering wheel I’ve used with my PS4.

That said, I have used a Thrustmaster (with F1 wheel add-on) before, so there’s a slight comparison to be made.

I’ve put in 200+ hours over the last 6 months on my G29 wheel/pedal setup. So, this quick review is why I think it’s the best PS4 wheel & pedal setup for the money.

It’s not all positive. I’ll explain the problem with the G29 pedals (the brake, specifically), and what you can do to fix the problem, rather than spending 2x the price on setups from other brands.

Logitech G29 PS4 Steering Wheel & Pedals Review


First up, we’ve got price. If you’ve just started browsing sim racing setups (checkout my write up on the best sim racing chair here) you’ll have realised one thing; it’s gets real-expensive, real-fast.

Wheel and pedal combos start around the $250+ mark. A decent racing chair for your PS4 is going to cost another $350-400+.

And, that’s why most people (me included) head straight for the Logitech G29. For what’s on offer, it’s an incredibly cheap steering wheel.

Well, I say cheap. That makes it sound like it’s poor-quality. It’s not. But, there are certainly better wheels out there, just not for the money.

There are thousands of online reviews, and the majority of those are positive – for good reason. Go check them out.

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Wheel Size

A lot of other steering wheels for PS4s out there are bigger than the Logitech G29 I’ve got. One reason I chose the G29 is the size. It’s just over 10 inches.

That’s about the same size as an F1 wheel, and F1 is the main game I play on my PS4.

Wheel Controls

If there’s a place the Logitech G29 wheel and pedals fail, it’s the steering wheel controls; the buttons specifically.

They look cheap, they feel flimsy. But, I guess they do work.

On F1 for instance, the big dial can be used to change brake balance on the fly.

I’ve put some serious racing hours in on this wheel, and none of the buttons are showing signs of wear. But, I feel they make the wheel look cheaper than it is, especially in comparison to the rest of the setup.

More importantly, especially in comparison to how the wheel actually feels when racing.

Force Feedback

Big question. Is the force feedback on the G29 strong enough?

I didn’t realise how strong the FFB on PS4 steering wheels would be. For games like F1, there’s the option to turn it up.

I’ve actually turned down the wheel weight (how heavy the wheel is to turn) and the force feedback.

So yeah, it’s strong enough!

Pedal Feel

The brake and throttle have the perfect feel too them. I don’t use any assists when racing (i.e. ABS, traction control etc), so the pedal feel is really important.

Depending on the game your playing (I mainly play F1 2017, and that will be the same in 2019), you can change settings.

I tried adjusting saturation for the throttle, and linearity. Eventually, I stuck with the standard advanced wheel settings that come with the G29, so I’d say they’ve got the setup spot on.


Brake Mod

There’s a massive flaw with the G29 pedals; the brake pedal.

Most people moan about two things:

  • The brake is too stiff
  • They don’t reach 100% braking power unless they stand on the brake pedal

Stiff Brake Pedal (The Fix)

I’ve not found this a problem. In fact, I quite like it.

The G29 brake pedals for the PS4 have a large spring, with a rubber stop-block inside them. As you get towards the end of braking capacity, you’re going against the rubber (which flexes to give that last bit of braking).

And, that’s kind of what happens in a real car. You’re pushing harder and harder against the resistance of the car.

Don’t like it? Find it too stiff? You can take the G29 pedals apart and remove the rubber block.

Alternatively, there are some gamers that have created a modded brake pedal rubber specifically for the G29 pedals, and sell them online.

Still don’t like it? The G27 pedals are a little softer (apparently). Try those.

Brake Doesn’t Offer 100% Travel (The Fix)

I’ve only had my PS4 about 6 months, and I’ve never used a controller. I bought the G29 pedals and steering wheel the same day, and used them on racing games like Project Cars and F1.

It’s only when I followed ghost laps of other drivers, I realised I was braking about 50 yards earlier.

“Damn. I suck” – Well, I still do. But, not as bad as I thought.

Standard “brake saturation” is set at 0. For my pedals, that meant at full power, my brakes were producing only 82% of their braking ability.

My brother has the same PS4 wheel and pedals, we could get 85% with his pedals (maybe because they are older and the rubber is slightly worn).

For F1 2017, you can fix this by getting into “advanced wheel settings”:

  • Hold the brake pedal where you feel it should be fully on
  • Increase brake saturation until braking power hits 100 (it’s probably currently around 80-90)
  • Knock the brake on and off a few times to check you’re still hitting 100%
  • Problem solved – go racing

Project Cars, DIRT and Assetto Corsa all have similar brake saturation settings. It’s definitely worth checking you’re hitting 100%.

Suitable Games

So, this PS4 steering wheel setup comes with:

  • Wheel with a flappy paddle gearbox
  • Pedals (throttle, clutch and brake)

So, that makes it suitable for any game your happy with a flappy paddle setup.

BUT. There is a manual gear stick (i.e. with a shifter) setup available. This shifter won’t come as part of a standard package.

Also, when you’re buying your racing chair, make sure there’s the ability to mount the gear stick onto it. There is on the Openwheeler chair that I have.

It’s a great all-rounder. You’ll be able to use it on F1, Project Cars, DIRT and Assetto Corsa.

Wheel Mounts

I’ll be honest. The wheel mounts look ridiculously flimsy. But, they’re not.

I locked my wheel in place 6 months ago, and haven’t touched it since.

So, I guess that’s all there is to say on that front…they work, and they last!


OK, so you’ve jumped onto Amazon to buy your setup (or wherever), and your PS4 wheel has arrived.

Great. Now what?

The setup is self explanatory (sort of). Plug it in, install Logitech’s software and you’re good to go.


If you look just above the LED indicators on the wheel, you’ll see a button. It’s one I didn’t realise was there.

That button flicks the Logitech G29 between PS3 and PS4 compatibility.

So, if you don’t want to sit there getting frustrated, wondering why your wheel and pedals don’t work (like me), you’ll want to make sure this is set to the right console!

Logitech G29 Steering Wheel & Pedal Review Verdict

Value For Money

In my opinion, the G29 is a true bargain.

It’s been a great first PS4 wheel & pedal setup for me, suitable for a tonne of different games. More importantly; it’s cheap.

Would I Buy It Again?

I’ve spent more and more time on F1 2017, and can’t wait for F1 2019 to be released.

So if I do upgrade, I’d probably go with a Thrustmaster.

And there’s one simple reason for that. Thrustmaster do an replica F1 steering wheel add-on, and they have a 2-pedal setup, not 3.

But, I doubt I’ll update it any time soon, given the cost of the Thrustmaster setup is around double the cost of the G29 setup I have right now.

So, if I was setting up my sim racing cockpit on a budget again, I’d buy the Logitech G29 all day long.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading my 3-minute guide to the best PS4 steering wheel and pedal setup. And remember, if you want the XBOX One or PC equivalent, head for the Logitech G920.

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Or, bookmark the gaming page and drop back soon to see what’s up.

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