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Brake Pedal Sticking On? Logitech G29 Brake Fix [+ Video]

So last night in F1 2017, my Logitech G29 brake pedal kept sticking on. Nothing about it felt odd, it was operating smoothly. But, it was applying the brake at random.

It was sticking on straights, and sometimes sticking on after I’d applied it. Annoying!

Hitting it on and off freed it up, but there’s little point racing when you’re braking on a straight.

There’s two potential causes here:

  • The wiring is shot
  • Dust is covering the potentiometers

In my case, it was dust. As you press on the pedals, it drags dust into the pedal housing. Over time, that builds up and causes issues.

I found a couple of useful videos. This one’s actually the G25/G27 wheel & pedal setup, but the principle is the same.

And, if you need visuals of the actual G29 brake pedal being taken apart, this one is pretty-good.

They’re useful, but long-winded. So, if you’d rather just get straight to it…

How To Fix A G29 Brake Pedal

What You’ll Need

  • Allen keys
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • 10mm spanner (or wrench…whatever)
  • Lube (WD40, GT85 etc)

What You Need To Do

  1. Remove The Top Of The Pedals

You’ll need a small allen key to remove the TOP of the pedals. You’ll need to remove all three.

This allows you to lift the casing off easily, so you can work on fixing the brake.

  1. Remove 26 Screws From The Brake Housing

There are 26 screws in total. If you don’t have 26 in your hand, and the housing doesn’t come off, you’ve missed some.

  1. Take Apart The Brake Assembly

You’ll see a 10mm nut on the brake assembly, you’ll need to remove it to take the brake apart.

Note: As the pedal is spring loaded, you may need to put pressure on/off the pedal to free the bolt.


Clean everything, especially the little cog/potentiometer. Then, lube the potentiometer a tiny bit, this will help to stop dust sticking.

This is the fix.

  1. Put It All Back Together

Put the nut back on the pedal assembly, the 26 screws back in etc.

Make sure the cable is routed correctly BEFORE you tighten up the 26 screws.

  1. Race

Job done ?

What’s Next?

Hopefully this has helped you fix your G29 brake pedal. Still got problems?

Drop a comment below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

And, if you’ve not got yourself a decent cockpit setup, you can check out my sim racing cockpit here.

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