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The 6 Best Surf Wax Brands In 2020 [+ How To Apply Them]

Need surf wax, but don’t know where to start? Check out our temperature guide, and recommendations on the 6 best brands.

Surfboards are notoriously slippery when wet. Without regular application, you’re going to be slipping and sliding when paddling, and popping up.

You could ride without waxing up your board, but what’s the point? It only costs a few dollars.

This 2-minute guide includes:

  • The 6 Best Surf Wax Brands
  • A Temperature Guide To Surf Wax
  • Products You Need To Remove And Apply Surf Wax

The 6 Best Surf Wax Brands

sticky bumps

Do people have a personal preference when it comes to the brand they use? Sure.

But it’s more important that you clean and re-apply the right type regularly, rather than the actual brand you use.

As long as you grab it from one of these 6 top brands, you’ll be good to go.

That said, if you really want a recommendation; I’d head for Sticky Bumps.

  1. Sticky Bumps
  2. Famous
  3. Mr.Zogs Sex Wax
  4. Double Barrell
  5. Bubble Gum
  6. Mrs Palmer’s
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A Temperature Guide To Surf Wax

The type of surf wax is more important than the actual brand itself.

And here’s why; wax won’t stick, or at least, it won’t stay on your board and offer grip, if it’s too far outside of its suitable working temperature.

Surf Wax Temperature Chart

The temperature chart below gives an indication of the type of wax you need. But, always check the product description before a purchase.

Some waxes are not grouped so generically, and are designed for more specific sea temperatures.

Remember, we really do mean “sea” temperature. Air temperature is rarely representative of sea temperature, and will fluctuate throughout the year.

And, that might mean you need 2 types of wax if you surf all year round.

If you don’t know the sea temperature of your local surf spot, you can find that out here.

Wax Type

Sea Temperature

Cold 12°C+
Warm 16°C+
Hot/Tropical 22°C+

Products You Need To Remove And Apply Wax

Besides the wax itself, you’ll only need one thing…

Scraper & Surf Wax Comb

surf wax comb

With a little heat, and a citrus based wax remover, you’ll have no trouble getting it off your board.

But, if you’re lazy like me, you’ll benefit from investing in a surf wax scraper and comb.

You’ll use the scraper section for removal.

Once you’ve applied wax, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got as much grip as possible.

A surf comb helps you distribute the wax across the board for maximum traction.

And, as it will smooth out after every surf, you can rough it up with the comb, rather than having to completely remove it and re-apply it again.

It’s a 2-in-1 product 🙂

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How Should You Apply Wax?

There’s a consensus here; it doesn’t matter.

First, start with a base coat. The base coat gives something for the top coat to latch onto.

Rub the wax left-to-right, up-and-down, and in circular motions.

If you have a good coating, and you rough it up with a surf comb, you’re good to go.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best surf wax.

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