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The 7 Best Wakeskating Shoes For Grip, Comfort & Board Feel

Confused about wakeskating shoes? Our guide covers everything you need to know, and we’ve even included 7 recommendations for the best wakeskating shoes available online.

Here’s the thing with wakeskating, your feet are going to get wet. The key to the best wakeskating shoes is having a pair that drain well and therefore dry quickly.

But, more importantly, you want a combination of comfort, board feel, ankle support and grip. You can actually grab that from most normal pairs of skating shoes. There’s a ton of quality wakeskating shoes on offer here for stupidly low prices.

Although there are very few shoes specifically designed for wakeskating, there are some out there that might as well of been, cause’ they’re AWESOME!

And, they’re the exact shoes we’ve included in this list…

1. Emerica Provosts

Whether you’re a fan of Emerica skate shoes or not, they’re a brand that need to be on your short list. They’re renowned by many for producing the best wakeskating shoes, especially for the money. emerica provosts wakeskating shoes

Depending on size and color, you should be getting change from $50, and that makes them a steal.

They’re made in the USA, from both canvas and suede, and the construction means this is a typical low top skate shoe. What that does mean, is if you’re prone to slipping, you’ll not have optimum ankle support; mid to high tops might be a better choice.

Being designed for street skating, these are durable. Water will be the eventual killer, not the fact that you physically wear them out.

The thing that makes the Emerica Provosts perfect for wakeskating, is the fact they get a one-piece top cap. That’s designed to stop them tearing on the street, but it’s useful in the water too. Less seams, means less places that dry out, crack and fall apart; they’re going to be long lasting.

You’ll get a snug fit, and that’s not just going to mean optimum comfort, but great board feel.

A worthy side note: if you’ve ever had problems/pain in your Achilles, the Emerica Provosts are one of the best for padding and support in this area.

Finally, the Triangle Tread™ that we see on Emerica products is what gives these wakeskating shoes maximum grip.

Looking for cool on a budget? Go check out the Provosts.

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2. Adidas Lucas Premiere

Adidas wakeskating shoes come in all shapes and sizes. And, one of the best sets flying out the factory right now, are the Adidas Lucas Premiere. adidas premier adv

There are a few different types on offer here. You’ll get the standard Premiere, and the ADV Premiere.

With the ADV, you’ll get a wakeskate shoe that’s been designed with grip in mind. But, more importantly, we know this is coming for a factory that’s known for producing highly durable sneakers.

Stability is a focal point here. So, if you’re lacking ankle support with your current wakeskating shoes, these are for you. You’ll get a full-length stabiliser, sock liner and soft inner sole; that’s going to provide you with support, but great board feel at the same time.

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3. Vans Chukka Lows

If you’re looking for comfortable wakeskating shoes, the Vans Chukka Lows are the ones for you. And, I’m not just saying that. vans chukka low

Vans have a pretty-cool review feature over on their website. From around 800 reviews, over 600 say these are comfortable, with 92% recommending them to skating friends.

The design is sleek, thanks to the fact that this is a favorite (and designed by) the pro skating team at Vans.

You’ve got rubber outsoles, and that’s what’s going to provide a little extra grip on your deck. But, you’ll also get ankle and heel support. And, you’ll get UltraCush HD Footbeds; your feet are close to the board and that improves feel for tricks.

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4. Nike Mavrk Mid 3

Now, I know you’re probably focusing your search on top skate brands like DC, Vans, Etnies and Emerica. The thing is, like the Adidas Lucas, the Nike Mavrk Mid 3 simply can’t be overlooked; it’s one of those shoes that feels like it’s been designed with wakeskate junkies in mind. nike mavrk wakeskating shoes

Here’s who the Nike Maverk Mid 3 wakeskate shoes are designed for; everyone!

They’re a true all-rounder offering exceptional comfort, grip and value for money. But, there’s a feature where they’re leaps and bounds above the competition; ankle support.

There’s no question. If you want a pair of shoes that feel like they’ve been specifically designed for wakeskating (i.e. have excellent grip and board feel), there’s NO OTHER shoe offering ankle support that rivals that of the Nike Mavrk Mid 3s.

Got ankle problems, or want to avoid them? The Nike Mavrk Mid 3 wakeskate shoes are for you.

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5. DC Anvil TX

I absolutely love DCs. I’m wearing them for a range of different extreme sports, including DH biking. dc anvil tx wakeskating shoes

But, if you want a shoe that’s perfect for your next ride; the DC Anvil TX is where you need to be heading.

Let’s start by talking about online reviews. I ALWAYS look at online reviews of any product I’m buying. Go and check them out. You’ll see 100s of online reviews from people loving the DC Anvil TX shoes, and that makes them one of the most popular online.

With the DC Anvil TX , you’ll get a textile outer construction, but a grippy rubber sole. And, that sole is abrasion resistant. Regardless of the tricks you’re pulling, these shoes are going to last.

It measures up as a low top, so you won’t get the support as you would from something a little bulkier, such as the Nike Mavrk Mid 3.

If you want one of the most popular and sleek looking wakeskate shoes available, you need to be throwing your cash at the DC Anvil TXs.

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6. Etnies Jameson 2 Eco

I always find the look of Etnies to be pretty-similar to that of the DC low tops. And, that means I’m a fan of those too. The most suitable wakeskating shoe in the range, is the Etnies Jameson 2 Eco. best wakeskating shoes

The question is, why? Well, the EVA mid-sole offers toe-heel support, and that’s needed if you’re pushing the boundaries, and trying to land big tricks. And for when you do eventually land them, you’ll get unrivalled grip here; one of the grippiest soles from any of the shoes on this list.

Realistically, they’re no better or worse than the DCs mentioned above. So, which ones should you buy? Personally, I’d just head for which ever one’s on deal right now.

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7. Globe Mojo Legacy

This list is already getting long, but there’s one more recommendation we need to add before we round it up; the Globe Mojo Legacy. globe mojo legacy

I’ve always thought Globe are underrated and under-priced; no idea why. Whatever the reason, it’s good for us. It means we get the exact shoe we want, for cheap!

The Globe Mojo Legacy gets a mix of textiles and synthetics. But, that stops atthe sole; that’s rubber. But that sole isn’t just thrown together. It incorporates the all important S-Trac. Without that, it’s not going to have the grip we need.

Like most of the shoes on the list, it’s a low top. BUT, the support here is high. That comes from the New Nitro interior sole. It’s job is to absorb impacts; the shoe takes the brunt of a landing, so your foot doesn’t have to.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 10-minute guide to the best wakeskate shoes for grip, comfort and support.

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