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The Best Bodyboards In 2021 [With Brand & Size Guide]

Looking for the best bodyboards, but confused? Check out our 5-minute buyer’s guide that covers everything you need to know, including our top product recommendations.

If you’re wanting to get out into the surf, don’t have $500+ for surf gear, nor the time to learn; bodyboarding is for you!

I surf and boogie board. Whilst they’re completely different, they are both just as fun as each other.

But, there are a few reasons that for most people, bodyboarding wins hands-down:

  • There’s no learning curve before having fun, jump straight in and get started
  • You’re not reliant on large surf, you can boogie board on tiny waves
  • The cost of getting started with bodyboarding is a fraction of what it will cost to start surfing.

Below, we’ve split our guide into sections including:

The Best Bodyboards Right Now

So, let’s get to it. For bigger guys and adults in general, we’ve got two options:

  • The #1 best bodyboard
  • The best bodyboard under $100

And, we’ve also recommended the best bodyboard for kids, which has a tonne of positive online reviews.

1. Custom-X Titan Bodyboard

custom-x bodyboardOur pick for: The #1 Best Bodyboard

If you’ve got a budget of over $100, you’re going to get a high-quality board.

But, there’s a few options here. And to add to confusion, they’re all roughly the same price!

I’d be weighing up the:

  • Morey Mach from BZ Boards
  • Custom-X Titan
  • Lightweight Thurso Surf

Here’s why we picked the Custom-X Titan as the best bodyboard in 2021.

Custom-X Titan Bodyboard Review

If I was buying a new bodyboard today, this is where I’d be putting my money.


The Custom-X Titan isn’t a cheap board.

On the flip-side, it’s over half the price of the high-end products such as the Science boards and offers similar features.

Body & Dropped-Knee Riding

Get a hold of most bodyboards, and you’ll notice they’re flexible.

That’s not a bad thing.

However, if you’re looking to ride on your knees on occasion, your board won’t have the stiffness in the shell to support your weight. And that converts to lack of buoyancy, and manoeuvrability.

The Custom-X Titan is flexible where it needs to be but has been constructed with dropped-knee riders in mind – there’s stiffness there if you need it.


Besides the actual ride, the difference between high-end and low-end boards is the construction. custom-x leash

With the Custom-X Titan, you’ll get solid Surlyn slick bottom and channels. This is the #1 material to use if you want a long-lasting board.

Combine that with a Wave-Plank Polyethylene Core, and you’ve got a board that’s going to outlast you!

Board Layout

You’ll get a crescent tail on the Custom-X Titan. That’s going to give you initial bite on waves (perfect for beginners), but plenty of control (ready for learning tricks when you progress to intermediate and beyond).

Stringer wise, you’ll get a single on the 41-43” boards. And that’s going to be a double on the 44-45” boards that are suitable for bigger guys and gals.

Online Reviews

The Custom-X Titan isn’t the type of product that’s dirt-cheap, sold in the thousands, and low quality.

Instead, it’s high-end and therefore, doesn’t have as many online reviews as most. However, go and check out these reviews, and you’ll see that owners love their Titan.

Get The Custom-X Titan  

2. BPS Storm Body Board

bps stormOur pick for: the best bodyboard under $100

There are a tonne of quality bodyboards under $100.

In fact, the one we’re suggesting for those looking for the best cheap bodyboard is under $50!

BPS STORM Body Board Review


As we’ve mentioned, the BPS STORM board is going to give you plenty of change from a $100 bill.

But, it’s not price alone that makes this the best cheap bodyboard. The quality (just check out the online reviews) on offer, rivals that of boards in the $80-100 range.


For a lightweight boogie board, the STORM is incredibly durable. It’s got the slick bottom you need to get speed, but also a strong EPS core, meaning unlike other cheap bodyboards – it’s going to last.

In fact, BPS are so confident in their bodyboards that they offer a money-back guarantee on delivery, and a manufacturing defect warranty of 12 months.

Free Leash & Fin Savers

We all like something for free. storm leash

When you purchase your BPS board you’ll get a free leash, and fin savers.

Online Reviews

I’m a sucker for online reviews. And, the more reviews there are online, the bigger picture you can get of the product you’re buying.

The BPS storm has a 100s of reviews, and that’s because it’s one of the best sellers online in the cheap bodyboard category.

Go check them out!

Get The BPS STORM Bodyboard  

3. Lucky Bums Kids Board

lucky bums bodyboardOur pick for: the best bodyboard for kids

So, we’ve covered the best bodyboard for adults, but what about if you’re taking kids boogie boarding too?

Here’s what we think is the best bodyboard for children.

Lucky Bums Kids Board Review

Lucky Bums actually make boards in 33”, 37” and 41”.

So, for kids, you’re going to be looking towards the lower end of that spectrum.


The size of the board you buy, doesn’t really affect the quality. For instance, a 41” Lucky Bums has a similar interior construction as the 33”.

However, the size board you need comes down to weight and height. And, a child on a 33” board, is going to be nowhere near as heavy as someone on a 41”.

And that’s a good thing, because you can get away with a much cheaper board.

In this case, the Lucky Bums can be found online usually for under $50.

Compare that to high-quality adult boards that are $100 and beyond, and we think you’re grabbing a bargain!

Board Layout

The Lucky Bums board design is perfect for beginners.

It’s got rear channels, and 60/40 rails. That means grabbing a wave is easy and learning to turn (or even to do tricks) isn’t going to be far behind.


We’ve all bought a cheap bodyboard at the beach from a local vendor. If you’ve made these cheap $20 boards last more than a day, you’ve done well. lucky bums bodyboard

And, that’s because most are made from cheap foam; that’s not the case with the Lucky Bums board.

It’s got a polyethylene bottom that’s slick (and designed for speed), and a lightweight but durable EPS core.

That doesn’t just mean it’s durable, it means it’s buoyant too, something that can’t be said for cheap foam boards.

Free Leash

You shouldn’t be hitting the surf without a leash. The first wave your child catches, and the board will be off!

Lucky Bums include a free leash with each purchase of their boogie boards.

Online Reviews

OK, so this board isn’t particularly technical.

It’s not the #1 best bodyboard on the market, but it comes close when you consider durability, design and price.

Get The Lucky Bums Kids Bodyboard  

The Best Bodyboard Brands

If you’ve ever owned a bodyboard before you’ll know one thing; they break. best bodyboard brands

Well, not all of them.

If you buy a cheap boogie board from a low-end brand, don’t expect much in terms of value for money; they just don’t last.

So, whilst I’d urge you to check out recommendations for specific boards, at the very least, stick to the most well-known and best bodyboard brands.

There’s a tonne of brands to choose from, and here’s our top 14:

  1. 662 Boards
  2. Body Glove
  3. BPS
  4. BZ Boards
  5. California Board Compan
  6. Custom-X
  7. Empire
  8. Gold Coast Surfboards
  9. Liquid Shredder
  10. Lucky Bums
  11. Mike Stewart Science
  12. Thurso Surf
  13. Wham-O
  14. Younger

Buy Top Brand Bodyboards  

Which Size Bodyboard Do You Need?

Bodyboard sizing is incredibly important. Get a board that’s too small, and you’ll find that it’s hard to catch waves, and it won’t support your weight.

Each manufacturer will have their own bodyboard sizing chart, so make sure you check them out.

Each brand’s chart will vary slightly, as the construction of different boards means the level of buoyancy varies too.

Essentially, the taller and heavier you are, the bigger the board you need. So, for you bigger guys, you’ll be looking at the high-end.

Typically, the 42”-44” is the most suitable for the average adult. That covers anything from 160lbs-220lbs and 5ft6”-6ft8”.

Essential Bodyboarding Gear

So, you’ve got your first bodyboard.

Now what?

Well, you’re going to need gear for your bodyboarding escapades.

#1 – Bodyboard Bag

You’ll need to keep your bodyboard in good condition. bodyboard bag

Sand can ruin the slick bottom, wear away at joints and affect speed.

Keep it protected with a bodyboard bag.

Protect Your New Bodyboard  

#2 – Wetsuit

kayak wetsuit

Unless you live in the tropics, you’re going to need a wetsuit. Without one, you’ll struggle to stay in the water for more than 10-minutes.

For summer, you’ll need something like a 2/3 wetsuit. If you feel the cold a little more than most, head for a 3/2.

My 2/3 comes from O’Neill. It’s mid-range in terms of quality, but O’Neill tend to offer much higher quality wetsuits in comparison to other brands in the price range, so I’d certainly recommend them.

Stay Warm With A Wetsuit  

#3 – Wetsuit Boots

I tend to wear wetsuit boots for bodyboarding and surfing. best surf booties

These are important if:

  • You surf on rocky beaches, where getting out to the surf can cut your feet to pieces!
  • You find that the surf is just that little too cold – wetsuit boots will help maintain a slightly higher body temperature

Like the wetsuit, I use O’Neill wetsuit boots for bodyboarding.

Buy Wetsuit Boots  

#4 – Fins

best bodyboard fins

If you’re trying to catch big waves and struggling, it might be time to ditch the wetsuit boots, and grab a set of fins.

Not only will you be able to catch bigger waves, you’ll also be able to catch waves for longer, as you won’t tire out as quickly.

Catch Bigger Waves With Fins  

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 5-minute review of the best bodyboards for adults and children.

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