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The Best GoPro Alternative under $50 [Spoiler: It’s A Campark]

Looking for the best action camera under $50? We’ve got you covered in our 3-minute guide. Find out which is the best cam, and what others say about it.

In our quick-fire guide to the best GoPro alternative under $50, we’re going to look into the illusive Campark, how it stacks up against a GoPro, and what kind of footage you can expect to capture with it.

Is it really worth buying a cheap GoPro alternative, or should you simply stick with the real thing?

Looking specifically for a GoPro instead? We’ve done a full GoPro comparison here, which covers every camera in the GoPro range (both old and new).

Campark ACT74 4K Action Camera Review

As one of the only action cameras with 1000s of reviews online, the Campark ACT74 is by far the best action camera under $50. In fact, last time I checked, the Campark 4k action camera had around 12,000 online reviews, making this the best GoPro alternative on the market. And, it has been for quite a few years now. In fact, for this year, the camera’s had a complete overhaul, so it’s better than ever!!!

So, why exactly is the Campark 4k action camera the best cheap GoPro alternative under $50?


Got a 50 dollar bill to spend on a camera? Perfect, these days you actually get plenty of bang for your buck!

The Campark 4K ACT74 action camera just sits in your budget. Trust me when I say that’s mega cheap for an action camera.

And, that means it’s $200+ cheaper than other action cameras you might have been researching. In fact, that saving can rise to $400+ depending on the exact model you choose.

The other GoPro alternatives out there come from brands such as:

  • Samsung
  • Drift Innovation
  • Garmin
  • TomTom
  • Sony

The problem with those as alternatives?

They’re not cheap. On average, you’d expect to pay $250-300, and you’re really in GoPro territory there – that’s a comparison for a different day.

Online Reviews

Search high and low for GoPro alternatives. Whether that’s the Stealth camera from Drift, or the high-end 360 degree Garmin – I think you’ll struggle to find one with as many positive online reviews as the Campark.

As we’ll mention below, many people compare the pack contents to something you’d expect from a $500 GoPro setup.

Admittedly, the footage and stills quality isn’t on-par, but at the same time, they’re actually a lot better than you’d expect.

We found over 12,000 online reviews of the CamPark, with a lot of people mentioning they bought this as a GoPro alternative (and to save $150+). In comparison, an action camera like the GoPro Hero7 has around 1,500 reviews on the same platform.


Being around 90% cheaper than the flagship GoPro, obviously you can’t expect the same level of footage, but this isn’t a “knock off”, it’s a quality camera in its own right, and I’d certainly use it (especially given it’s ridiculously cheap, you can be a little less precious about it).

But, that’s not to say this camera is useless; far from it in fact.

You’ll get 4K Ultra HD working at 30 frames per second. And, image capture is strong at 16MP.

Footage isn’t just limited to 4K at 30fps. You’ll also be able to flick between 2.7k/30fps and 1080P/30fps.

All this is captured on the 170 degree wide angle lens.

And that kind of footage quality is up there with other action cameras that are $100 and beyond.

Once you’ve set video quality, you’ll be able to make use of the:

  • Time lapse
  • Looped recording
  • Slow motion

That means it’s perfect for those using the camera for snowboarding, underwater, or even on a motorcycle helmet mount.

And, once you’re done filming, you’ll be able to review the footage on its 2-inch screen.


With a housing for a 64GB Micro SD, you’ll be able to capture more than enough footage for your day-trip. In fact, unless you’re non-stop filming, this would get you through a weekend of dirt biking, snowboarding, hiking, or however you spend your weekends.


There’s a big problem with most cheap action cameras. You can’t expect a camera under $50 to be offering much in the way of waterproofing. campark camera

The problem? That makes most cameras under $50 useless for most outdoor activities including:

  • Motorcycle riding
  • Mountain biking
  • Snorkelling
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking

Get your camera wet? Game over.

That’s why we’re impressed with the Campark. It offers protection as deep as 30m (98ft).

Perfect for water sports and anyone that expects to be caught out when the weather isn’t perfect.

Quick note…

You’ll only get your 30m of waterproofing when using the waterproof case!

Battery Life

And here’s the problem with the other alternatives to GoPro.

You might get enough storage for a day’s filming, but what use is that if the battery life doesn’t allow it?

According to Campark, you can expect up to 180 minutes of filming.

But, the good thing here, is you’ve got two batteries. Not all GoPros have a removable battery – annoying.

You get a removable setup with the Campark, not to mention you get a spare battery included in the package.

Basically, you’re good to go for a day. Get them charged up (a few hours charging time), and you’re good to go on day 2!


Does it have WIFI?

Yup. It’s also compatible with Android and IOS.

And, you’ll have a 10-metre range. So, you’ll be able to review videos and upload them via mobile, send via email, or share on social media, from your couch.

If you don’t have access to WIFI, you’ll be able to connect using a USB cable, and watch videos through your TV using a HDMI.

What’s Included?

More than you’d think. campark camera kit

The Campark 4K sports camera comes complete with all the zip ties and straps you need to setup a basic mount.

But, it also comes with a bike mount, and helmet mount.That makes it the perfect cheap alternative to a GoPro.

Why? Because GoPro accessories are rarely included in their package. And they’re expensive!

Here’s what’s included with the Campark action camera:

  • A case designed specifically for waterproofing
  • Two batteries
  • An exterior cover for the back of the camera for sound dampening
  • USB cable
  • A tonne of mounts including one for handlebars, a fixed base, helmet mount, base mount and 3M sticky mount
  • Wipers for cleaning the lens
  • The list goes on…

Basically, you’ve got a complete camera setup that can be used for a tonne of action sports.

How Does The Campark 4K Compare With A GoPro?

It’s kinda’ unfair to compare a camera under $50, with one that’s priced in the $300-500 range (depending on model).

The biggest difference comes from what’s included with the package.

If you’ve ever bought a GoPro before, you’ll know that there’s a real lack of accessories included. And, buying official GoPro accessories isn’t going to be cheap.

Whether you’re a free-diver or motorcycle rider, there’s every accessory you need to mount your action camera. And, unlike some GoPros, you’ll get a removeable (and spare) battery as part of the deal.

Admittedly, there’s a noticeable different in footage quality, stabilisation and quality of sound.

But that’s to be expected when saving 100s of dollars.

It’s not designed for professional filmography. But, it’s certainly good enough to get some amateur footage, to start Vlogging and hone your camera skills.

Should You Buy The Campark 4K Action Cam?

If you want a cheap action camera with 4K and only have a budget of $50; this is the camera for you.

You’ll get reasonable memory, footage quality, great options regarding connectivity, and all the accessories you need to get it mounted securely.

If you’re looking to take your footage to the next level (i.e. beyond amateur), you’ll need to invest more.

A lot-lot more.

Moving to the mid-range will allow you to get something like the Drift Stealth 2. But, nearing on $200, that’s nearly 4x the price.

Then, further into the price spectrum you’ll grab the Drift Ghost for 5x the price ($250+).

And, for the big boys, you’ve got the GoPro HERO5 Black (in the $400 range) and the newest GoPro, the HERO6 Black (around $500).

So basically, decide if you’re looking for the best action camera under $50, or the best action cam with no budget in mind!

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