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Guide: 8 Best GoPro Accessories in 2021

Ready to take your GoPro footage to the next level? Checkout our buyer’s guide to the very best GoPro accessories, for every action sports junkie.

To capture the best footage on your GoPro, there are few accessories that you’re going to need.

And, these are the very best we’ve come across over the years.

So, whether you’re going snowboarding, travelling, skating, racing motocross or even diving; these are the best GoPro accessories in the 2020 lineup.

#1 – Smart Remote

Planning on using a drone?

Maybe you’re mounting your GoPro to a dog, your best lil’ buddy?


That all sounds cool. But, how do you control your action camera from a distance?


GoPro’s Smart Remote.

The Smart Remote allows users to start and stop recording, and even play with settings using the handheld screen.

All this can be done from up to 180m away.

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#2 – GoPro Wind-Slayer Foam

It doesn’t matter which camera you choose (we’ve got a detailed GoPro comparison chart here if you’re trying to decide which GoPro you need), this is an essential. gopro wind slayer foam

GoPro have improved the wind noise reduction system on their action cameras considerably. Does that mean it’s the best it can be?

Certainly not.

If you’re exposing your GoPro to low-level wind, you won’t find wind-noise, or the reduction system intrusive.

But when I snowboard, race motocross, or surf, the official GoPro Wind-Slayer Foam helps to clear up the quality of the audio in a huge way.

Anyone exposing their GoPro to high winds, or travelling at speed is going to benefit. So, that’s:

  • Mountain Bikers
  • Motorcyclists
  • Sky-divers
  • Car Junkies
  • Mountaineering Experts
  • Surfers, Skaters And Snowboarders
It’s the best way to reduce wind noise, and give your videos a boost in sound quality and consistency.

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#3 – GoPro Floaty

The GoPro Floaty is one of the best accessories for anyone involved in water sports. gopro floaty

Whether you’re a diver, surfer or wake boarder; you don’t want to lose your camera.

And, if you’re as clumsy as me – there’s a good chance you’re going to.

The Floaty is a small price to pay for insurance against losing your camera.

Dropped your camera in the surf?

No problem, the Floaty will make sure it bobs around until you can retrieve it.

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#4 – GoPro 3 Way Selfie Stick & Tripod

Ready to take the best GoPro selfie the world’s ever seen?

The 3 Way is GoPro’s answer to a selfie stick.

But, it’s not just a selfie stick. It can also be setup as a tripod, so it’s perfect for taking cool time lapse videos too.

The grips more comfortable than the average selfie stick.

The only downside is that a bit shorter than most.

It starts at 7.5” and can be extended to 20”. Of course, being smaller, it does have the ability to be packed into a smaller pack, and it’s also lightweight.

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#5 – Polar Pro GoPro Filters (3-Pack)

Ever wondered how people are capturing footage way better than yours, with the exact same camera?

Admittedly, a lot of this comes down to the quality of editing. But, different scenarios require different lenses, to really get the best out of an action-cam.

Polar Pro do a range of filters for GoPro cameras.

You’ll need their Macro lens if you plan on filming close-ups. And, they have a density filter which helps to dull bright lighting, giving smoother and more consistent video.

But, our favourite is the polarizer. This is the perfect lens for filming in snowy conditions, as well as underwater. The polarizer focuses on dulling reflective surfaces.

They do a range of filter packs for almost every scenario.

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#6 – GoPro Chest Mount (Chesty)

Ever thought about mounting your camera, beyond the most obvious places?

The GoPro Chest Mount allows you to do exactly that.

It’s perfect for surfers, mountain bikers, hikers, skiers and even motocross riders.

Take your filming to a new dimension with some POV shots.

And, you might think the Chest Mount is intrusive, but it’s not. It’s comfortable and fully adjustable, so you’ll hardly even notice it’s there.

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#7 – GoPro Remo

Without Remo, most GoPro owners would be spitting fire at their voice control. remo gopro accessory

The problem with voice control is that as soon as external noise picks up (wind and music, for instance), the camera struggles to recognise voice commands.

This is amplified if you’ve not mounted your camera near your mouth.

GoPro’s answer is the Remo. It’s a wireless remote, and you can wear it on your wrist. You’ll be able to activate any of the voice commands within 33ft (10m) of your GoPro.

Remember, voice control is only incorporated into the HERO5 Session, HERO5 Black & HERO6 Black.

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#8 – GoPro Battery

If you’re lucky enough to have a huge budget for an action camera, there’s a good chance your heading for the Holy Grail; the HERO6 Black. gopro battery

One of the most sought after features the HERO6/HERO5 Black has over the lower-end action cameras, is a removable battery.

Batteries last under 2 hours each, so you’ll need a handful to roll for a full day.

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Ready To Take Your GoPro Videography To The Next Level?

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