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How To Clean Golf Shoes (In 4 Simple Steps)

Golf shoes looking a bit worse for wear after a round? No problem. Here’s how to get them cleaned up and looking good as new in no time.

Bonus: regularly cleaning your golf shoes can help to extend their life, saving you $$$ on buying new golf shoes every season.

Step 1: Remove excess mud from spikes/soles

Ideally you’ll do this right after your round, but either way, you want to keep your spikes and soles clear of excess mud.

Use a scouring cloth or a wire brush. For mud that’s difficult to get to, an old toothbrush (or even a toothpick) can also work well.

Step 2: Clean the upper with mild soap and water

Never soak your golf shoes as this can cause damage to the material.

Instead, mix up a mild soap and water solution and use a sponge or towel to gently clean the uppers of your shoes.

Note: just damp the sponge, don’t saturate it.

Step 3: Use matching shoe polish to cover scuffs

If your golf shoes have leather uppers you can apply some matching shoe polish once they have dried.

Just make sure the color of the polish matches the color of your shoes!

Step 4: Treat your golf shoes with leather oil

Finally, once the polish is dry you might want to apply some leather oil to bring back that just out the box shine, and further protect your shoes.

You can also apply some specialist waterproofing wax (such as Nikwax) which will help keep your feet dry on soggy courses.

And that’s all there is to it!

But my final recommendation is to clean your shoes after every round.

It’s tempting to kick them off and leave them lying around in the car. But cleaning them straight after your round will be much easier than allowing the mud to cake into the uppers/sole.

Some courses have wire brushes, or compressed air hoses that you can use to quickly clean off excess mud before you head to the 19th hole. So use them!

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