The 10 Best Skateboard Decks In 2018 For Street, Pop & Beginners

If you’re a beginner to skateboarding, you’ll quickly learn that every rider is different.

As you try out different decks, you’ll find a style that fits the way you ride.

In our 3-minute guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your next purchase, including quick reviews of all the best skateboard decks.

We’ll cover:

What Are The Best Skateboard Deck Brands In 2018?

In a moment we’ll pick out our favorite decks for 2018.

But first, let’s quickly run down what we feel are this year’s best skateboard deck brands. Buy a deck from any of these companies and you can be sure you’ll get be getting a quality board.

Best Skateboard Deck Brands 2018
  1. Real Skateboards
  2. Element
  3. Toy Machine
  4. Birdhouse
  5. Girl Skateboards
  6. Enjoi
  7. Revive

What Happens If You Buy A Cheap Skateboard Deck?

Cheap and good never usually go in the same sentence.

If you want to buy something that lasts, and prevent injury, avoid cheap skateboard decks completely.

You want a durable deck, not this…

So, How Much Does A Skateboard Deck Cost?

We’ve covered 10 of the best skateboard decks below. And, the cost varies from $40-80.

What To Look For When Buying A New Deck


When you buy a new deck, the pop is how responsive the deck is when you do tricks.

Pop will generally decrease over time. The wood begins to flex, and that’s the main reason to replace a deck.

A bamboo deck will offer the best pop straight out of the box, and the pop will usually last longer too.


The length of your board affects stability. Most skateboard decks will be 28-32”.

An excellent choice for beginners is a deck hovering around the 31.75” mark.


The best skateboard decks on the market will have a width of 7.5”-8.5”.

Anything smaller than 7.5” doesn’t offer enough stability.

And, any deck over 8.5” just feels to big and heavy to do tricks on.

Best Skateboard Decks For Street

1. Real Skateboards Low Pro 2

asdReal Skateboards Low Pro 2

Real Skateboards Low Pro 2 – one of our picks for the best skateboards for street in 2018.

The Low Pro 2 deck from Real Skateboards is perfect for the street

But, that doesn’t mean it’s short of pop, thanks to the fact it’s incredibly lightweight.

There’s a tonne of sizes on offer, although we’d be leaning towards the 8.18” x 31.34” that the Davis Torgeson Spectrum Low Pro 2 gets.

Unlike a lot of the best skateboard decks, the Low Pro 2 comes complete with grip tape.

2. Plan B P2

The Plan B 2

The Plan B 2 is a great option for skateboarders with a slightly higher budget.

If you’ve got a bit more of a budget to play with, you’ve got the option of the Plan B P2.

It’s not just ideal for street skating, but it’s an excellent all-rounder too.

Both the tails on this street deck are even, so it’s perfect if you’re switching nose-to-tail throughout your ride, or during a trick.

It’s incredibly durable, and has more than enough pop.

Although it comes in a range sizes, we’d be leaning towards the Danny Way 8” x 31.75”.

That’s perfect for beginners right through to expert.

3. Element Section

Element Section

The Element Section is another great choice for street.

If you’re looking for a deck for street skating, look no further than the Element Section.

It’s skinnier than most with either a 7.5” or 7.75” width.

That’s going to give you more precision during tricks

But, if you’re using this mainly for cruising, you’ll feel it get a little twitchy at high speeds.

You’ll get thriftwood construction from the Element Section, and that means it’s durable.

Real Skateboards Low Pro 2, Plan B P2 Or The Element Section?

Due to the difference in price, we’d narrow it straight down to the Low Pro 2 and Element Section.

The Section is better for those looking for more precision in their tricks, but don’t spend a lot of time high speed cruising when street skating.

Its thinner deck means there’s a bit less stability at higher speeds.

If you’re looking for a durable all-round skateboard deck for street skating, our top pick would be the Low Pro 2.

Best Skateboard Deck For Street In 2018

Our pick: The Low Pro 2

asdReal Skateboards Low Pro 2

Best Skateboard Decks For Pop

Zoo York Photo Incentive

Reasonably priced and offering plenty of pop, we’ve got the Zoo York Photo Incentive deck.

It’s one of the most durable boards on the market, and suits every type of skater.

Although it’s designed with pop in mind, it’s a great all-rounder that can be used for street, vert and cruising.

There’s a range of sizing options, but we like the 8.5” x 31.9”.

Toy Machine Fists

For a few extra $, Toy Machine is a definite contender for the best deck for pop.

At 8.25” in width, it’s in that perfect middle ground.

It’s not unstable when high speed cruising, but it’s got it’s got the manoeuvrability to pull off tricks on the street and vert.

And, it goes without saying, Toy Machine is one of the best skateboard deck brands, so we know their stuff is top notch when it comes to durability.

Pretty much all Toy Machine decks offer a perfect middle-ground, so they are great for beginners too.

Girl Skateboards Sean Malto

Girl Skateboards are a top-notch deck brand. They might offer cheap decks, but the quality is all there.

There’s a couple of notable products in their deck range, including the 7.25” x 30.25” Eric Koston (perfect for low speed and technical tricks and parks), and the Sean Malto.

The Sean Malto gets our vote, thanks to the 8.12” x 31.625” size.

That’s enough that it’s stable when cruising, but not so big that technical tricks are difficult.

Check out reviews online and you’ll see Girl Skateboards are known for holding their pop for long too.

Birdhouse Skateboards David Loy 

The Birdhouse Skateboards David Loy deck is one that’s great for pop, but it’s also a straight up contender for the Sean Malto.

It’s 8.125” wide, and so it offers the same stability.

It’s 8-ply Canadian maple gives good initial pop, and that lasts pretty much until the deck is dead.

Birdhouse decks tend to be more stable, but that comes at the cost of additional weight.

Zoo York, Toy Machine, Girl Skateboards or Birdhouse?

There’s almost too much choice when it comes to the best skateboard decks for pop.

But, all things considered, we like the Girl Skateboards Sean Malto.

It wins us over on price, initial pop, but also the fact that it’s durable enough that the pop lasts.

Best Skateboard Deck For Pop In 2018

Our pick: Girl Skateboards Sean Malto.

Best Skateboard Decks For Beginners

Real Skateboards Renewal

At under $50, the Real Skateboards Renewal deck is a great option for beginners.

We like the 8.06” x 32”.

It’s big enough to offer stability, but small enough to manoeuvre easily. Anything bigger, and you’ll struggle to nail those tricks down.

It comes with Jessup Grip Tape as part of the deal, and if you’ve already got your trucks on route, there are pre-drilled holes for them.

Enjoi Spectrum 8.0

For a few dollars more, you can go and grab the Enjoi Spectrum 8.0.

It’s similar in size, being 8” x 31.9”, so the stability and manoeuvrability on offer is like the Real Skateboards Renewal deck.

The problem is, it’s not any better for beginners, costs more and doesn’t come with grip tape.

Baker Logo 8.0

At the higher end of the price spectrum we’ve got the Baker Logo 8.0.

Sizing is similar to the Real Renewal, and the Enjoi Spectrum (8” x 32”).

Like the Enjoi deck, it doesn’t come with grip tape.

Real Skateboards Renewal, Enjoi Spectrum 8.0 Or The Baker Logo 8.0 For Beginners?

Straight up, you’re going to trash your first deck.

You want a deck that’s durable, but not one that’s stupidly expensive.

The Real Skateboard deck is hard to differentiate from the Enjoi and Baker, and it’s a lot cheaper.

So, we’d label the best skateboard deck for beginners as the Real Renewal.

Best Skateboard Deck For Beginners In 2018

Our pick: Real Skateboards Renewal

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our guide to the best skateboards decks for street skating, pop, and beginners.

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