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The Best Skateboard Bearings In 2021 [Top Brands For Street & Park]

Trying to find the best skateboard bearings to ride street or park? We’ve got your covered in this 2 minute buyer’s guide, that includes our top pick.

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Before we recommend a the best skateboard bearings on the market, it’s worth considering a few things we’ve detailed in the buyer’s guide below.

We’ll start with a run down of the 12 best skateboard bearing brands, our top pick, and then explain bearings in more detail for you skaters that still have questions.

The 10 Best Skateboard Bearing Brands

swiss skateboard bearingsIf you’ve read any of my other stuff, you’ll know I usually start with a brand list before recommending individual products.

For those where budget doesn’t stretch to our recommendation, or you just fancy something else, the brand list is essential.

These are reputable brands that are well-known for offering quality skateboard bearings, at a reasonable cost; and they last.

So, if you’re choosing skateboard bearings besides our recommendation, just make sure it’s from a brand on this list.

  1. Andale
  2. Blazer
  3. Bones
  4. Chocolate
  5. Element
  6. Enuff
  7. Independent
  8. Mini-Logo
  9. Pig
  10. Spitfire

The Best Skateboard Bearings In 2021

Bones Reds

We’ll confuse matters here, by recommending a skateboard bearing that doesn’t have a ABEC rating. reds bones skateboard bearings

Bones has its own rating for bearings, and it’s professional grade.

Searching around, you won’t find many products with better (or more) reviews than this.

In fact, there are over 1,000 online reviews. People just love them!

If you want the best skateboard bearings from an iconic name in the skate industry, these are the ones for you.

Not only are the Bones Reds top-notch, they are low-priced too.

Check Price on Amazon  

Skateboard Bearings Buyer’s Guide

How Many Skateboard Bearings Do You Need?

First up. Remember, 4 bearings isn’t enough.

Each wheel takes 2 bearings, so you’ll need 8 in total.

If all wheels aren’t using the same bearings, you’ll feel your deck drag to one side (towards the bearing that’s riding the slowest).

So, make sure you replace all 8 at the same time.

Which Are The Fastest Skateboard Bearings?

Most of the best skateboard bearings will be quality rated by ABEC (except for Bones, ironically).

ABEC ratings start at ABEC 1. These are cheap and slow.

They rise to ABEC 9+. These are super-expensive, and super-fast.

Which ABEC Skateboard Bearings Should You Buy?

For riding street and park, you’re going to want ABEC 7s as a minimum.

Preferablly, you’ll avoid the cheap ABEC 1-7s and go straight for the ABEC 9s.

Are Steel Or Ceramic Skateboard Bearings The Best?

High-end brands that produce the best skateboard bearings for the street and park, will make them from ceramic materials.

Why? Because they are:

  • Lighter
  • More durable
  • Ride smoother

That’s not to say steel bearings are completely junk. In fact, most of the best skateboard bearing brands make their products from steel.

Ceramics are better, but they are a tonne more expensive. You’ll be fine with steel.

Chinese, American Or Swiss Skateboard Bearings?

There used to be a trend, where the best skateboard bearings, and I mean the very best; were made in Switzerland.

The mid and some high range bearings were manufactured in the USA, and like almost any other product, the cheap skateboard bearings came from China; and they sucked.

Nowadays, little is made in the US.

So, there’s cheap bearings coming from China, and the very best coming in from Switzerland.

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 2-minute guide to the best skateboard bearings for riding street and park.

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