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The World’s #1 Golfers (Interactive Timeline)

About This Visual

This interactive timeline visualises the world’s number 1 golfers, and the total number of weeks they have each spent at #1. The chart begins at the inception of the Official World Golf Ranking in April 1986, and runs month by month to present day.

The chart will autoplay, but if you would like to look at specific dates in more detail, you can pause and scrub through the timeline.

Key Stats

  • The first world golf number 1 was Bernhard Langer  (April 6th 1986)
  • As of December 2019, 23 golfers have held the number 1 position
  • Tiger Woods holds the record for most consecutive weeks at number 1 (281) and most total weeks at number 1 (683)
  • Greg Norman has the second highest weeks at number 1 (331)

We have limited the interactive chart to show a maximum 14 golfers at a time (most weeks at number 1). The static chart below shows all 23 golfers who have held the number 1 position, and the number of weeks they spent at the top.

golfers with highest weeks at world number 1

If you would like to embed this chart on your website, you can use the code below. Please credit NoobNorm as the source.

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