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The Best First Aid Kits For Camping, Hiking & Outdoor Adventures

Looking for the best first aid kit for camping, or the outdoors in general? Compare the 2 best first aid kits, with our 3-minute guide.

There’s one problem with the great outdoors.

The truly best spots to camp, and have a real adventure… And, I really do mean the best. Are incredibly remote.

Whether you’re camping in the outback in Australia, the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the US, or hiking in the Brecon Beacons in Wales; you need to stay safe.

A first aid kit will help make that happen; even a basic one.

So, which is the best first aid kit to take on your outdoor adventures?

Here are our top recommendations.

The Best First Aid Kits For Camping And Hiking Right Now

1. 299 Piece First-Aid Only Outdoor Kit

Our pick for: the best advanced first-aid kit for camping and hiking

first aid kit for camping
The 299 Piece First-Aid Only Outdoor Kit is the best advanced first aid kit for camping and hiking in 2019.

It’s hard building a DIY first-aid kit. There’s always the thought in the back of your mind…

“What am I missing?”

Unfortunately, you’ll only find that out, when you need that “thing” that you’re missing.

And, that’s where the 299 piece First-Aid only adventure kit comes into it’s own.

I mean, with nearly 300 pieces, how can you possibly be missing anything?

How Heavy Is It?

There’s a downside to advanced first-aid kits; they’re heavy.

But, the First-Aid Only pack is surprisingly lightweight, weighing in at just over 2lbs.

For backpackers and hikers, that’s a perfect weight to tuck it in your pack, or strap it onto the outside.

The soft storage case that holds your first-aid items is flexible, and that means you can fit it into the tightest of spaces.

What’s Included?

It would probably be better to list the things that aren’t included.

This is a first-aid kit for those that are serious about safety.

But, it’s also a kit that could take you through a 7-14-day adventure – and beyond.

The kit is compromised of:

  • Medications & Treatments
  • Bandages & Dressings
  • Tools & Supplies
Medications & Treatments

Most small first-aid kits for camping and hiking, won’t have any sign of medications or treatments.

So, if you get yourself into trouble, that’s where you’re staying.

That’s not the case with this kit.

Pain Relief

This kit has it all. You’re basically a walking pharmacy.

  • Aspirin
  • Ibuprofen
  • Non-aspirin tablets too
Cleansing & Ointments

For patching yourself up, you’ll get enough kit to clean out grazes and bites.

And, if you’re the clumsy type that’s prone to getting too adventurous when it comes to fire; there’s burn relief included too:

  • BZK antiseptic wipes
  • Pads for cleaning cuts (with alcohol)
  • Antibiotic ointments
  • Cream packs for cuts, bites and scrapes
  • Relief pads, for insect bites (which can also act as a repellent)
  • Burn relief packs, for you crazy fire starters!
Bandages & Dressings

OK, so you’ve got some relief.

And, you’ve applied the necessary ointments. So, you’re ready to cover the wound, burn or bite.

Now what?

Choose from:

  • Plastic bandages (self-sticking)
  • Wrap around fabrics
  • Knuckle, fingertip, knee and junior specific bandages
  • Butterfly patches, for really deep cuts and grazes that won’t stop bleeding
  • Gauze to help skin graft as it repairs
  • Dressing patches
  • Eye patches
Tools & Supplies

We said this kit was serious.

The tools and supplies section of this camping first aid kit will help secure bandages, and some…

  • Finger splint, to provide protection and prevent further damage
  • Tape to secure bandages and patches
  • Emergency blanket for harsh conditions
  • Thermoeter
  • Scissors, so you can use as little of a fabric as possible
  • Tweezers

Who Should Buy It?

This is certainly one of the best first aid kits for camping and hiking, especially when you consider the price.

But, it’s a general all-rounder too.

It’s so lightweight it can be used for:

  • Road trips
  • Wild camping
  • Survivalists
  • Preppers
  • Mountain biking
  • Kayaking (when placed in a dry bag)
  • Free-climbing
  • Motorcycle riding

First-Aid Only 299 Piece Review Verdict

There’s not a better first aid kit out there for the price, for those that truly want to be prepared.

Unless you’re specifically looking for a small & lightweight first aid kit for camping, hiking or the outdoors in general, this is the one for you.

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hiking first aid kid - swiss safe
The 2-in-1 Swiss Safe 152 piece adventure kit is the best small and lightweight first aid kit for the outdoors in 2019.

2. 2-in-1 Swiss Safe 152-Piece Adventure First Aid Kit

Our pick for: the best small & lightweight first aid kit for the outdoors

OK, so maybe you’re slightly short on luggage space. Or, maybe your happy with a more basic first-aid kit than what the 299 piece one above offers.

If that’s the case, there’s another option.

We all know about Swiss Army Knives.

The Swiss Safe is the multi-tool of the camping and hiking world.

Here’s why…

You’ll get:

  • 120-Piece First Aid Kit
  • 32-Piece Emergency First Aid Kit

How Heavy Is It?

The Swiss Safe is so small and lightweight, you can fit it in your pocket. The total pack contents weigh just over 1lb.

However, let’s say your going on a ½ day hike, just a few miles from camp.

You’re a minimalist – a survivalist. All you need is a snack, drink and basic first-aid. So, you don’t need a big backpack, or a backpack at all.

Don’t want to carry a 132-piece first aid kit? I don’t blame you.

And, that’s the exact scenario that the 32-piece is designed for.

It can be separated from the main pack, and literally be stuffed in your pocket.

That’s about as lightweight and compact as you’re going to get.

What’s Included?

The Swiss Safe camping and hiking first aid kit, is nearly half the size of the First-Aid Only kit.

So, we’d forgive you for thinking it’s lacking, in all areas.

It’s not.

The main area you’ll see a difference is pain relief and ointments. It’s pretty-much limited to antiseptic wipes. Which, 9 times out of 10, is good enough for bites, cuts and grazes.


So, this is the section of the kit that lacks, compared to the 299-piece above.

If you’re looking for the best first aid kit for camping and hiking, that includes treatments and ointments, it’s definitely the 299-piece.

  • Alcohol pads for prepping wounds
  • Cleansing wipes (with antiseptic)
  • Sting relief pad
  • Gauze pads (pre-sterilised)
  • Pads for sting relief
Bandages & Dressings

Once you start digging through the bandages and dressings, you’ll see this is pretty-much on par with the First-Aid Only kit.

You’ll get:

  • Small, medium and large bandages
  • Specific bandages for knuckles and fintertips
  • Elasticated bandages, whereby taping up would be too painful
  • Blister relief dressings
  • Sting relief pads
Tools & Supplies

This is certainly the strongest section of the 152-piece camping first aid kit; tools and supplies.

You’ll get a tonne of kit, including:

  • Cotton tips
  • PVC gloves that are disposable
  • Tape for bandages and dressings
  • A compass, whistle and emergency blanket
  • Safety pins
  • A glow stick
Bonus: Emergency 32-Piece Camping First-Aid Kit

Obviously, you can add or remove contents of this pack, but here’s what it includes out of the box:

  • A range of bandages
  • Prep pads for wounds (alcohol based)
  • Sting relief wipes
  • Tape and safety pins for securing bandages and dressings
  • A mask for CPR

Who Should Buy It?

Like the 299-piece kit, this is suitable for every adventurer.

So, that means bikers, hikers, campers, climbers, preppers and more.

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Our Top Pick: The 299 Piece From First-Aid Only

The fact you’re looking for first aid kits for camping and outdoor adventures means you want to be prepared; just like me. hiking first aid kit

And, that’s why I’d pick the 299-piece kit from First-Aid only.

Here’s why…


The difference here is minimal.

Pack Contents

The main difference comes in the “treatments and ointments” part of the pack.

The 152-piece kit really lacks here.

Pack Size

The 299-piece weighs 2x more than the 152-piece. But, we’re talking about just 1lb in weight, for something that’s going to be shoved in a pack with tonnes of other kit.

Like the price, the 1lb weight difference, really doesn’t matter.

And all the above, makes the 299-piece my top pick.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 3-minute guide to the best first aid kits for camping, hiking, and general outdoor adventures.

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