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The Best Blackout Tents (with dark rooms) of 2021

Want the perfect sleep? Blackout tents are exactly what you need.

When you are out camping, your sleep is pretty much dictated by the length of the night, and how many hours of darkness there are.

Thin fabrics in traditional tents mean that as soon as the sun rises, light streams in and you are literally up with the birds.  This also means that you can’t really have an afternoon nap; your tent isn’t dark enough.

Tent manufacturers are aware of this and have developed the black out tent (also known as dark room tents, or dark rest tents). These are designed to absorb all light rays rather than allowing them to pass through; better sleep for everyone!

Some of the tents on this list filter up to 99% of light!

Looking for the best blackout tents that money can buy? This guide has got you covered!

This Year’s Best Dark Room & Blackout Tents

Reabeam Pop Up Blackout Tent

reabeam blackout tent for sale

Looking for one of the cheapest and best blackout tents for the money? Reabeam is a good place to start.

Make no mistake, while the Reabeam single black out tent is cheap, it is a great little tent offering a perfect dark room for plenty of rest.  

The double layer structure features a glued waterproof outer layer, with a dark breathable inner cloth which promises 99% blackout when fully secured.  Despite this twin layer construction, the Reabeam has a series of ground vents between them, which improves ventilation – a cosy dark room tent…whatever the weather.

The Reabeam pop up dark room tent comes with pre-assembled poles, making assembly quick and easy, and storage also isn’t a problem, as it breaks down quickly, easily and is incredibly compact.  

The two separate zippable doors come with an additional zipped screen, which forms the basis for the black out, but whilst still allowing plenty of ventilation during summer camping trips.

Easy to set up, waterproof and efficient at keeping the daylight out, the Reabeam is definitely one to shortlist if you are looking for a single-person black out tent. 

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Dark Tent

blackout tent from quechua

As black out tents go, the Quechua stands out as being something a bit special,which is why it’s made our list of top dark room tents.  

It’s not surprising that Quechua is fast becoming accepted as one of the best tent brands available, with growing sales in America as well as Europe.  One of the main reasons for this iis their innovative instant pitch feature, which works effortlessly and does exactly what it is supposed to do – it makes setting up camp easy!

The Quenchua range comes as silver/white or silver/white/blue exteriors as a counterpoint to their black fabric interiors. 

The light outer colours are designed to reflect sunlight and keep the heat inside to a minimum, while the black cloth counterpane is designed to block the maximum amount of light. That ensures you can get a good night’s sleep – beyond daybreak if you really want to.  

Whether you’re using this tent for a festival, or even wild camping, this is one of the best blackout tents on the current market.

Coleman Rocky Mountain Blackout Tunnel Tent

Coleman Rocky Mountain Blackout Tunnel Tent for sale

Definitely one for the larger family or bigger groups, the Rocky Mountain Blackout Tunnel Tent is designed to comfortably house five adults, or those that need plenty of tent storage.

The Rocky Mountain features an overhanging canopy that is roomy enough to place at least four chairs under it, and STILL not feel cramped!

The outer layer of the tent has some large integral PVC windows set in the sides so that it feels airy during the day.  And, the inner layer can be zipped up at night (or even in the day if you want a bit of privacy) to really close out the light and create a dark room.

This tent is a large tent, so would normally be a potential victim to high winds, but it manages to stay in place even during bad weather due to its sturdy fiberglass pole construction and fully integrated flooring.  

Fully glued polyurethane coated outer fabrics mean that the Rocky Mountain dark blackout tent is also fully waterproof, so if it gets stormy outside, you can be assured of being completely warm and dry inside.

Coleman MacKenzie 4 Person Dark Room Tent

Coleman MacKenzie 4 Dark Room Tent for camping

Sister to the Rocky Mountain Blackout mentioned above, the Coleman MacKenzie blackout tent is an awesome beast that feels more like taking a part of your house with you rather than pitching a tent.  That feeling is based partly on the fact that it weighs over 26Kg, which is a bit of a weight to lug around, particularly if you are headed to a festival. So, we’d only be looking at this when pitching up for 5 days or more.

Much of this weight comes from a steel pole skeleton system that makes this tent robust, even under the strongest winds, however fixtures of this type do tend to make the structure a lot less flexible. Despite the steel fixtures, the Coleman MacKenzie 4 dark room is surprisingly quick and easy to pitch, with the whole thing being erectable by just two people in around 15 minutes.  Structural parts are color coded and align with the instructions impeccably – it’s a breeze to pitch!

While this is a good-sized tent, intended for four adults or possibly two adults and a clutch of children, it still has a very effective internal cloth feature that can be zipped up to create a black out that really does keep the light out.   

Despite having a very good internal blackout, the tent has good ventilation that keeps it airy even in humid conditions, making the Coleman MacKenzie 4 an ideal tent for family summer camping.

Group of four that values your sleep? This is one of the best blackout tents for the money! 

Crua Duo Combo Inflatable Dark Rest Tent

Crua Duo Combo Inflatable Dark Rest Tent for camping

If you are looking at camping in changing conditions, the Crua two-person Combo Dark Room Tent should be in your shortlist. 

Extremely lightweight in design, the Crua Combo has an inflatable structure that is reinforced with aluminium poles to make a strong product that is lightweight and easy to carry around.  This type of design is not only convenient to carry around, but easy to assemble, with just two people being able to put it up in around sixty seconds. It’s one of the quickest inflatable dark room tents to pitch in the world.

Of course, it does mean that you have to carry around a foot-pump to inflate it with, but that is really not too onerous, given the low weight – just 6.8Kg – of the tent anyway.

The Crua Duo Inflatable actually looks a lot more compact than it actually is; Dimensionally the tent measures 9.8ft long by 4.9ft wide and is 4.1ft tall, so there is plenty of room for two people to be very comfortable.  Small when packed away, but more than enough room for family camping trips.

This thick insulation not only moderates the internal temperature, but also acts as an excellent blackout, reducing incoming light to just 1%. This lightweight tent is perfect for many different uses, including hiking, festivals, fishing, safari and it is elegant enough to take Glamping too.

Coleman Batur 3 Person

Coleman Batur 3 blackout tent for camping

Most certainly bright on the outside with its mix of high viz green/black design, and very dark on the inside thanks to the double skin black out layer. The Batur 3 is a little bit too bulky to take hiking but more than enough for casual weekend camping trips.

Shape-wise, the Batur 3 is a bit of an oddity.  It has the housing area at the back and a long, double entry access tunnel at the front that, once done up, gives ample room for feet or an extra, smaller, person.  Very spacious for one, the Batur 3 will house two comfortably, and has integral pockets either side of the main dome as a storage solution.

As per all Coleman products, the Batur 3’s is constructed from quality materials with sealed glued edges, making it fully waterproof. The integral blackout material is soft and very dark, so once the whole thing is secured, you can block out 99% of incoming light. It’s one of the effective and best blackout tents on the market.

The Batur 3 is easy to pitch too.  The main supports consist of two color-coded aluminium poles and a series of guys, and just one person can get the tent pitched, inside ten minutes!

If you are looking for a smaller tent that is easy to pitch and will keep out the elements along with the sunlight, then look no further than the Coleman Batur 3.

GEERTOP Camping Blackout Tent 4 Person

GEERTOP Camping Blackout Tent 4 for camping

Featuring the company’s Dark Tech system, the GEERTOP reduces incoming light by up to 90% while reducing heat inside substantially. That’s good, but nowhere near as good as some of the best tents on this list, that filter light by around 99%

The tent also has a rather nifty flap – called an e-port – in the side that allows you to bring in an electrical connection without affecting either the light or the ventilation, so the tent remains cosy whatever the weather.

In terms of floor space, you can get two twin-sized inflatable mattresses inside with room around them, so it is never going to feel cramped.  The exterior seams are glued solid so it will remain waterproof in even the most torrential downpours. 

Pitching the GEERTOP Tent 4 is simple too, with even novices able to erect it in a matter of minutes.  Its series of lightweight aluminium poles and reflective guys – very handy when approaching the tent in dark or gloomy conditions – make it easy to both assemble and take down again too.  

If you want a large black out tent that will accommodate up to four adults, then the GEERTOP 4 is definitely in the running.

Coleman Cabin 10 Person Dark Room Tent

Coleman Cabin Dark Room Tent 10 person for camping

If you have a larger family – or social distancing isn’t an issue for you – then the Coleman Cabin Dark Room Tent is one of the best blackout tents for the money, and suitable for you.  Big enough to comfortably take up to ten people, this Cabin tent brings both luxury and security to your camping expedition. 

The structural design uses straight standing walls which makes it easier to stand up almost anywhere when inside. Available in a 10-person size, the series of room dividers create an air of privacy so everyone can get a great night’s sleep. 

This is enhanced by the tents excellent black out properties which make it dark enough inside to ensure that no one is woken at the crack of dawn.

Despite its bulky size, this large cabin tent has been designed to be assembled by minimal happy campers in just a few minutes. So, even if you want to get it up in rotten weather, your camping trip won’t be ruined on day one!

One up, you will find that inside it has a footprint of 14 x 10 ft, and with 6 ft. 7-inch center height, no one is going to feel cramped.  The huge internal space is sufficient to seat four queen-sized inflatable mattresses, so it’s the perfect tent for big groups. 

If you are looking for a large black out tent, then the Coleman Cabin Dark Room Tent, is one of the best around. Or, if you’re looking for something bigger, check out our guide to the best 12 person tents here.

Coleman Granite Peak Tent with Blackout Bedrooms

Coleman Granite Peak Tent with Blackout Bedrooms for camping

When it comes to camping opulence, there are few tents that come close to the Coleman Grant peak. With its integral tunnel, two sleeping cabins and a dedicated living area for adventures with your friends or family, the Granite Pak offers plenty of room for everyone.

The twin bedrooms are huge, with integral blackout to allow for a peaceful rest, and there are molded-in windows for when you want a little daylight to peek through during the day.

The tunnel, together with the actual tent body are supported by sturdy fibreglass poles that are capable of putting up with the strongest winds and lashing rain. 

Because of this complex construction, the tent can take as long as twenty minutes to fully assemble. But once done, you can be assured that it’s staying put. The blackout elements in the two bedrooms are very effective cutting light down to as little as 1% and ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

Looking for a 99% efficient blackout tent? This one’s for you!

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Thanks for reading my guide to the best blackout tents and dark rooms.

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