The 10-Minute Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

Zombie outbreak? No problem. Our zombie survival guide covers everything from building the ultimate zombie survival kit, to escape plans.

Zombie apocalypse on the horizon?

No problem.

If you’re reading this online, it hasn’t happened. YET.

We’ve covered everything you need to know in our 10-minute zombie survival guide.

Like what, I hear you ask?

Everything from compiling the ultimate zombie apocalypse survival kit, through to how to zombie proof your house using traps.

So yeah, we’re serious about zombie preparedness, are you?

Let’s go…

What Should You Do If You’re Bitten By A Zombie?

Tick as many things off your bucket list as you can, in the minutes/hours you have left.

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Rule #1 – Don’t Get Bitten

The ULTIMATE Zombie Survival Kit

Rule #2 is to be prepared.

So, we need a hardcore zombie survival kit.

Your zombie survival kit needs to be compromised of weapons, tools, gear and clothing.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Weapons

#1 Knife (s)

zombie survival knife

You shouldn’t use fuel or ammo if you don’t need to.

And, that includes hand-to-hand combat with a zombie; a knife should be your go-to weapon in your zombie survival kit.

You’ll want a range of blades.

A Katana might look cool in films, and sure, it gets the job done quickly.

But, if your cornered, how are you going to get the swing to eliminate the zombie?

You’re not.

So, you’ll need small, medium and large blades; sharp ones.

#2 Hand Gun

9mm handgun

Yes, you’re going to get into sticky situations. Only use a gun if you have to.

For up close and personal (well, zombienal) combat, you’ll want a small handgun.

A 9mm will be perfect.

#3 Rifle


If you’ve been made by a group of walkers, you’ll want to take out as many as possible, before they reach your position.

A handgun isn’t going to cut it at range, and a knife isn’t going to be any use until it’s too late.

You’ll need a rifle that can cause damage at distance, and learn how to use it.

#4 Rifle Scope & Cover

rifle scope

Even trained professionals need aids to help them aim, and you will too.

A laser scope is going to help give you that additional accuracy.

And, if you’re using a laser scope for a rifle, you’re going to want a cover, so you don’t attract any attention.

#5 Silencer


Any guns you have in your zombie survival kit need to be as quiet as possible.

The best way to keep them quiet, is to use a silencer.

#6 Tactical Crossbow


Looking for mechanical weapons, but don’t want to make a noise?

The tactical crossbow is your friend.

Highly powered, and highly effective.

#7 Baseball Bat


What zombie survival weapons kit is complete without a strong baseball bat?

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tools

#1 – First Aid

first aid kit

All hospitals are out of action. And, gaining access is likely difficult.

Whether it’s a zombie related injury or not, you’re going to need basic medical supplies to keep yourself healthy.

For this, you’ll need a first aid kit.

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#2 – Fire Steel

fire steel

If you’ve not managed to create a self-sufficient electricity source, you’ll need fire for light, warmth, and cooking.

Sure, you could find a generator, but generators burn litres of fuel per hour, and there’s a limited supply.

A fire steel allows you to create an ember, quickly and easily, rather than rubbing sticks for hours on end!

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#3 – Multi-Tool

multi tool

Whether you’re sourcing parts for cars, food for your group, or face-to-face combat with a zombie; the multi-tool has your back.

Useful for almost any scenario, and small enough to fit in your pocket. You shouldn’t be travelling anywhere without one.

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#4 – Bump Keys

Need access to a store for food? Found a property that looks like the perfect secondary base? bump key

Bump keys are designed to open most types of generic locks.

Sure, you could blast doors down with a sawn-off shotgun.

But, you’ll be attracting unwanted attention, and using valuable ammo.

Get into everywhere you need, quickly and quietly, with bump keys.

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#5 – Binoculars, With Night Vision

nightvision binoculars

See something in the distance, but can’t quite make it out?

Sighted a zombie, but not sure if others are following?

Get yourself a set of quality binoculars with night vision; take no chances.

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#6 – Flash Light


Whether you’re at war in the dark, or digging round stores sourcing supplies, you’re going to need to see what you’re doing.

Grab a quality LED flashlight. And don’t forget to get a tonne of spare batteries.

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#7 – Water Filter

There’s a good chance water is contaminated. zombie survival water filter

Make sure all water is boiled, left to settle, and then filtered with a water filter.

A life straw is a good example of a quality water filter.

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#8 – Local Map, And Compass

zombie survival compass

Broken GPS? Or, no satellites in range?

You’re going to need a map.

Especially when you need to source supplies from further afield, or want to find a new route to avoid areas that have a dense population of walkers.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Gear

#1 – Zombie Survival Backpack

zombie survival nightvision backpack

Most of your time is going to be spent sourcing supplies, and checking the perimeter of your property.

So, how are you going to carry all your survival kit, without a tactical backpack?

A 25L-30L backpack is fine for a single day trip, but it won’t have additional space to bring back many supplies you find.

Go hardcore, get a 50L-80L backpack – as big as you can handle.

Remember, the more straps, webbing and hooks it has on it, the more supplies you can strap to it, and bring back to base.

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#2 – Tactical Vest

Don’t take any chances. zombie survival vest

A tactical vest is going to protect you against any bites in the torso area.

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#3 – Body Armour

zombie survival armour

If you’re trying to outrun a zombie through rough overgrowth, or fighting hand-to-hand, you’ll be thankful of body armour.

Look for body armour that gives full upper body coverage.

Motorcycle body armour gets our vote.

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#4 – Kevlar Gloves

zombie survival gloves

A small cut on your hand could attract some unwanted attention. With basic medical care facilities miles away, and no one there to help, you’ll want to avoid any injuries.

Keep yourself protected with a set of Kevlar gloves; they’ll even protect you from low-impact bites.

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#5 – Tactical Helmet, With Goggles

Let’s leave no stone unturned. zombie survival helmet

Protect your face and head with a tactical helmet and goggles.

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#6 – Napsack

A sleeping bag with a difference. zombie survival napsack

The last thing you want to do, is leave yourself exposed.

If you need to make camp, there’s a good chance you’re more exposed than when at your base.

Don’t take chances. The napsack is a sleeping bag that still allows full mobility, and the ability to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Clothing

#1 – Pants & Jacket

zombie survival jacket

It’s not like Amazon are delivering anymore, so you’ll need some hardwearing pants, and a jacket to match.

We’d prefer thick breathable GORETEX, but hey, it’s not like we can be fussy.

If you can grab GORETEX clothing, it’s going to offer some protection from the rain and sun.

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#2 – Breathable Socks

You’re going to be trekking for supplies; your feet will sweat. zombie survival socks

Get thick breathable socks.

You’ll want socks that feature materials like merino wool; they dry out quickly and are comfortable.

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#3 – Tactical Boots

zombie survival boots

We need some durable tactical boots; steel-toe caps if possible.

Steel toe cap boots aren’t necessarily comfortable. But at least you can kick some ass with them if the time comes.

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Skills

Now you’ve got your zombie survival kit together, it’s time to get a handle on some zombie survival skills.

And, we’ll cover a tonne of tips in this section of our zombie survival manual.

First, it’s important to understand that your new life should consist daily of:

  • Sourcing Supplies
  • Fitness And Combat Training
  • Escape Route Planning And Testing
  • Zombie-Proofing Vehicles, Your Base’s Perimeter & Property
  • Finding Potential Bases In Case You Need To Escape

How To Kill A Zombie

You might not want to, but you’re going to have to.

One rule here…don’t hesitate! It’s kill, or be killed.

To kill a zombie, you need to penetrate the brain. Whether that’s with a gun, knife, axe, or bat, is up to you.

As a beginner, use the “double-tap” method to ensure they are down for good. But, as you become more confident, you’ll want to save your ammo.

Zombie Health & Fitness Survival Guide

Not all zombies are as slow as you might like.

And, that means at some point, you’re going to have to get away, or fight for your life.

Our suggestion?

Start your fitness training now. We like HIIT (high intensity interval training).

But, I know what you’re thinking; fitness training is too time consuming?

Wrong. We’ve come across a form of training that can take as little as 4-minutes per session; Tabata workouts.

We’ve created a guide on the best Tabata workouts here; perfect for fighting and building the stamina needed for outrunning zombies.

And, for additional survival training, get yourself down to a Zombie Boot Camp.


Sourcing Supplies

Sourcing supplies, is going to be one of the most essential skills you’ll need to learn.

Maybe you’re a lawyer? In a post-apocalyptic world – nobody cares.

You’re a lawyer-turned-scavenger.

You should be looking at every object you come across as something useful.

What is it? Can it be used as-is? Or, can you re-purpose it to be beneficial to your base?

Sourcing Supplies & Safety

A lot of the supplies you are looking for are either going to be in enclosed stores, or take time to dismantle (such as car parts).

So, here are some tips to avoid getting bitten.

#1 – Survey The Area

Have your group comb the area to search for potential threats.

#2 – Setup Watch

Split your group into two sections; those that will extract supplies, and those that will setup watch.

Try and have one person in the group on higher ground with a set of binoculars, looking for distant threats.

#3 – Send In The Troops

Once your over-watch is setup, send in your team to extract supplies.

#4 – Bang On Windows Before Entering

It might seem quiet, but that doesn’t mean walkers aren’t hiding in the store you’re entering.

Don’t bang loud enough that it attracts others, but bang hard enough that it draws them from the shadows.

#5 – Get In And Out Quickly

You’ll want to avoid being tracked by walkers.

There’s always the risk they could follow your trail right back to your base.

Supplies Needed For Zombie Survival

It’s always a clever idea to store additional supplies away from your current base.

If your base is compromised by a tonne of walkers, you can use your escape plan, and have supplies waiting for you on the outside.

So, what things do you need to be actively sourcing?

Medical Supplies

Don’t pass a pharmacy or hospital, without checking for medical supplies.

Plus, there’s a tonne of useful materials and equipment you can grab when you’re in there (linen and food for instance).

Weapons, Tools, Clothing & Gear

It’s expensive, but not when there’s a zombie outbreak.

Get in there, and get some spare kit.

Food & Drink

Anything non-perishable you should be stuffing in your pack. And, if there’s more than you can carry, it’s worth a group trip.


Not all food is non-perishable. So, what do you do with it?

You don’t want to leave any resources behind, so any food you find that is perishable, needs to be preserved.

How To Preserve Food In A Zombie Apocalypse


If you don’t have an abundant supply of water, you’ll need to find some.

And, once you’ve found water, you’ll need to purify it.

There are plenty of water purification techniques you can use.

And, as a safety precaution, use a water filter too.


You can use fuel to create bombs, start fires and to fuel vehicles.

If you find a supply, drain it!


Never pass up the opportunity to build up your collection of vehicles.

And, it’s a clever idea not to leave them all at your base.

If there’s a large group of zombies, they might be blocking all vehicle exits.

Escape, and get to your backup vehicles.

What types of vehicles are best in a zombie apocalypse, I hear you ask?

Building Fires Without Fuel

Fuel can be used to start a fire for warmth, for cooking, or for light.

But, that’s not ideal. You don’t want to drain any resource that you have.

Instead, learn to build and start fires without fuel.

Buying the fire steel mentioned in the zombie survival kit, will save you a tonne of time.

Making A Shelter


Over time, you are going to drain all local supplies. That means you’re going to have to travel further afield.

When you do, you’ll either need to find a property, or set up camp.

For camp, you’ll want a tree-tent.

Being elevated means you’ve not only got a better vantage point than ground level, but you’re protected from zombies too.

How To Zombie Proof Your House & Perimeter


The perfect property for zombie survival is one that can’t be surrounded.

Being surrounded is going to leave you far too exposed.

So, there’s a good chance you might need to escape your current property, and find a more suitable one.

Once there, you need to get to work. So, here’s our guide to zombie preparedness for your base.

How To Setup A Perimeter

You’ll need to setup a perimeter.

#1 – Setup A Quick Perimeter That Secures Doors And Windows
#2 – Source Supplies (Such As Construction Fencing) To Build A Larger External Perimeter
#3 – Set Exterior Traps Outside And Within Your Perimeter
#4 – Never Stop Improving The Strength Of Your Perimeter

The Spike-Trap

zombie spike trap

Zombies are notoriously stupid. They’ll walk into anything to get to you.

So, setup a spike (or barbed-wire) trap to secure your perimeter.

#1 – Grab As Many Spikes As You Can (Check Hardware Stores)
#2 – Angle Them At A 45-60 Degree Angle Away From Your Property
#3 – Dig Them Into The Ground

The Maze-Trap

Zombies will take the path of least resistance, or the one that requires no brain power.

#1 – Make Large Entrances The Obvious Route To Enter Your Property
#2 – Funnel These Entrances Into Small Mazes
#3 – Make These Mazes Funnel Into The Alarm Clock Trap
#4 – Build Small But Less Obvious Entrances, That Have Zombie Proof Doors (So You Can Escape)

The Alarm-Clock Trap 

zombie alarm

Got incoming walkers? Too many for your group to take down?

No problem. The alarm-clock trap can save your life.

#1 – Setup A Small Pen Like Area Using Construction Fencing (Or Anything You Can Find)
#2 – Add Gas Canisters Or Anything Explosive/Flammable
#3 – Put an Alarm Clock In The Pen & Set It For Roughly 30 Seconds Before The Zombies Arrive
#4 – Using Your Handgun Or Rifle, Take Out The Gas Canisters
#5 – You’ve Taken Out The Majority, And Others Will Be Drawn To The Noise
#6 – Now Get The Hell Outta’ There!

The Rake-Axe Trap

Imagine how many rakes there are in your local area?

You need to get down to a DIY store, or visit each property and get every rake you can find, and just as many axes.

Then, make a load of Rake-Axe devices.

How Does The Rake-Axe Trap Work?

Now, imagine that with an axe head on the handle.

How To Make A Rake-Axe Trap
#1 – Remove The Axe Head
#2 – Fit The Axe Head To The Rake Handle
#3 – Place The Rake-Axes Around Your Base, Especially Entries And Exits

The Noise-Trap

Most zombies are attracted to noise; so, use a noise trap.

The sound-theory is just that, so, you’ll need escape plans in place if this trap doesn’t work.

#1 – Find Batteries
#2 – Find A Control Operated Sound System
#3 – Place The Sound System In An Elevated Position
#4 – Make Sure It’s 100ft+ From Exits & Within Range Of The Control
#5 – Turn On Sound System When Zombies Are Blocking Exits, To Draw Them Away
#6 – Escape

The Well-Trap

Another trap to protect your perimeter is digging wells. Sure, you can do this by hand, but we’d prefer not to. zombie well trap

When you’re sourcing for supplies, keep an eye out for small excavators you could hijack.

Or, given you’re on the internet right now and the zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened, note down your local construction hire outlets.

#1 – Make Sure They Are Covered, So Walkers Don’t Walk Around Them
#2 – Ensure All Of Your Group Knows Where They Are (So They Don’t Fall Into Them)
#3 – Dig Them In The Path Of Least Resistance To Your Property (The Most Likely Route Zombies Will Take)
#4 – Never Stop Digging. Expand Your Wells Further And Further From Your Property, Giving Your Perimeter Further Protection

How To Make Your Doors Zombie Proof

You’re going to get a walker in your base at some point; however hard you try to deter them.

So, how do you zombie proof your doors?

How To Zombie Proof Your Windows

Windows are not your friend.

Glass is easy to smash, and it offers walkers multiple entry points to your property.

#1 – Locate All Windows, However Small
#2 – Use Wooden Battens, Or Strips Of Metal To Secure The Windows
#3 – Test The Strength Of The Battens/Metal
#4 – Strengthen If Necessary
#5 – Make Any Entry Points Difficult To Access By Blocking With Materials From Outside & Inside The Property (Chairs, Tables etc)

How To Zombie Proof Your Stairs

We’ve focused on keeping zombies away from your base’s perimeter, and into your house, but what happens if they defy all odds, and get in?

#1 – Remove Your Stair Case
#2 – Use Materials To Strengthen Windows/Doors
#3 – Use A Ladder To Access Upstairs
#4 – Always Bring The Ladder Upstairs With You, After Use

Preparation: The Zombie Escape Plan

No zombie survival guide is complete without an escape plan.

Sure, you’ve got your ultimate zombie survival kit, and zombie-proofed your base, but there’s still a chance a walker could get in.So, you need an escape plan.

Step 1 – Build A Secondary Base

Step 1 is to build a secondary base.

Escaping is pointless if you’ve got nowhere to escape too.

#1 – Your Secondary Base Needs To Be Zombie-Proofed In Advance
#2 – You Should Have Sufficient Supplies At Your New Base
#3 – The New Base Should Be Well Clear Of The Current Base
#4 – You Need To Be Able To Access Your Base

Step 2 – Build A Spare Zombie Survival Kit

If your base has been compromised, there’s a good chance most of your gear has been too.

You’ll need to make sure that you prepare a spare zombie survival kit (see the beginning of our zombie survival guide for details).

Basic Zombie Survival Bug-Out Kit

#1 – Weapons
#2 – Tools
#3 – Clothing

Additional Items For Your Bugout Kit

#1 – Food
#2 – Water
#3 – Basic Medical Supplies

Step 3 – How To Zombie Proof Your Car

The best way to get your group outta’ there quickly, is by car.

Can zombies get into cars? Yes!

If you’re out on the road and driving a vehicle, you’re making noise.

And, that’s going to attract zombies.

So, how do you zombie proof your car?

Step 4 – Planning [Multiple] Escape Routes

You’ll need to plan multiple escape routes, in case one is compromised.

Emergency preparedness is, well, all in the preparation!

Routes You Need To Plan

#1 – Routes To Escape Your Base

You’ll want to devise 4-5 different escape routes, with the worst-case scenario being driving flat out through a group of walkers!

#2 – Routes To Get To Your Secondary Base

Like your in-base escape plan, you’ll need to plan multiple routes to get to your secondary base.

If you can avoid zombies, you should.

#3 – Routes To Abandon The Area Altogether

zombie survival escape

If the area has become a zombie hot-spot, you might need to abandon it completely, including your secondary base.

You’ll need to plan everything below in advance!

Here’s the quickest and easiest way to put a gap between you and zombies:

Find A Large Water Crossing

Zombies might give it a go, but they are going to struggle to cross large, deep and open stretches of water (like rivers).

Find A Boat

As part of your zombie survival escape plan, find a boat.

Get this boat positioned well, so it’s easy to jump into.

Make sure it’s fully-fuelled up!

Set Sail!

Instead of heading for your secondary base, jump in the boat, and get across the border.

Find Potential Secondary Bases On The Other Side

You’ll want to scope out potential second bases in preparation for this last ditch escape plan.

There’s little point using this plan, without knowing what’s on the other side.

Step 5 – Testing Your Escape Plans

zombie survival plan

Zombie survival is all in the preparation, and marking a few routes on a map is really not a solid escape plan.

All escape plans (you should have multiple escape exits, routes, and bases) should be tested.

Testing escape plans (just as you do with building up your base perimeter and sourcing supplies), should be something that you do daily.

You need to figure out if there are any flaws in your plan, as well as how long the escape plan is going to take to implement.

What’s Next?

Well, after a zombie apocalypse, not much!

Hopefully our zombie survival guide has helped to uncover strategies for training, planning and escaping during a zombie apocalypse.

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