The Best 8ft-15ft Trampolines With A Basketball Hoop In 2020

Huge budget? Small Budget? Huge trampoline? Small trampoline? Whatever you need, our 10-minute guide to the best trampolines with basketball hoops has got you covered.

Looking to perfect your alley Oop backflip?

Turns out there’s ACTUALLY a way to practice; on a trampoline with a basketball hoop!

In our 10-minute guide to the best trampolines with basket ball hoops we’ll cover the:

  • Best-of-the-best [8ft-15ft]
  • Budget [15ft]
  • Cheap & compact [12ft]

What ever your budget. What ever size trampoline with a hoop you’re looking for…

We’ve got you covered.

The Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoops In 2020

#1 SpringFree Trampoline

best trampolines with basketball hoop

Our Pick For: The Safest Trampoline In The World

So, where do we start?

Not with ONE of the best. Instead, we’ll start with the best-of-the-best (and trust us, it’s got the price tag to match).

SpringFree are world-renowned. To what extent?

They claim to have built the safest trampolines…in the WORLD!


Let’s get this out of the way. SpringFree Trampolines ARE NOT cheap.

What does that mean? SF make their trampolines with hoops in 8ft, 10ft, 11ft and 13 ft.

You’ll pick the cheapest up for around $2,000. No, that’s not a typo.

The 13ft trampoline with a basket ball hoop, and ladder included? You’ll struggle to get change from $2,600, and that makes this range the most expensive on the list.

But, there are good reasons SpringFree Trampolines are worth the cash…


OK, so this is where the SpringFree REALLY earns its title.

Safety for you and your kids…

Safety Net

springfree trampoline

If you already own a trampoline, you’ll know one thing; the safety nets SUCK. Most safety nets won’t withstand a full-on fall.

And, when the nets are high enough quality to do exactly that, there’s a good chance you’ll flip your low-quality and lightweight trampoline, clean-over.

The frames just don’t have the support to withstand quick switches in weight transfer.

(That’s not good, by the way)

The FlexiNet on SpringFree’s trampolines is a soft-knitted fabric. That makes it resistant to tearing, fraying and it’s tested to 2x the UV standard of traditional nets; so, the sun isn’t going to weaken it either.

More importantly, you’ve got the piece of mind that when you or your kids hit that net, the solid frame isn’t going to flip over and crush you into 1,000 pieces!

Why? Cause’ that frame has been tested up to 1,100lbs.

Their SoftEdge Mat

A lot more injuries than people think, happen when a trampoline’s mat wears out.

Jump 3-6ft in the air and come crashing through a worn mat – it’s going to hurt. And, there’s a good chance you’ll hear a snap in the process…

The SoftEdge mat on the SpringFree isn’t just comfortable for doing tricks on, it’s about as durable as a SUV tire, with a static weight strain rating set at a ridiculously high 1,540lb.

And, that already makes this one of the safest trampolines in the world.

As an extra precaution, SpringFree has made sure the SoftEdge matting has been tested to absorb 30x MORE impact than typical padding, and will hold up even after 5,000 hours of heavy exposure in the sun.

Sound good? It doesn’t stop there…

The Hidden Frame

You know the crazy thing about traditional trampolines and their frames?

They’re usually covered by just a few cm of foam.

I’m not sure about you, but I’d not bet my ass on that few cm of foam protecting my head from a fall of 3-4ft; let alone higher. And, if it’s not going to protect you, it won’t protect your kids either.


The frame on the SpringFree? Completely hidden. You CAN’T hit it.



This isn’t a normal trampoline with a hoop. Throughout the mat and net, you’ll see rods integrated for reinforcement. And, at first glance they look pretty-flimsy.

But, looks can be deceiving.

These rods have been tested and are 3x stronger than steel. If you don’t know how strong that is, it’s strong enough that Boeing use it on their aeroplanes. Seriously. They actually use it on planes.


As we’ve mentioned, you can grab these in 8ft, 10ft, 11ft and 13ft.


It’s only the 11ft and 13ft that comes as a square.

Why’s that important? Although all SpringFree trampolines with that built-in hoop give the most “even” bounce of any trampoline, this is emphasized with the square 11ft/13ft when compared to the ovals.

And it’s worth noting, due to the fact this DOESN’T have springs, they claim their 13ft model is the equivalent of a 16ft trampoline (i.e. springs can end up taking 2-3ft of space around the circumference).

Better bounce, bigger size and improved safety compared with traditional trampolines…

Online Reviews

It goes without saying that the online reviews for the SpringFree trampoline/basketball hoop combo are some of the best of ANY trampoline.

Assembly takes less than 2 hours, and then it’s time for everyone to have fun.

Sure, it’s a high price for a few summers of backyard laughs (come to think about it…it actually isn’t) but, the SpringFree isn’t just free of springs.

It completely removes the unsafe features of a traditional trampoline from the equation – and that’s something hard to put a price on.

What’s Included

When you purchase your trampoline / basketball hoop combo you’ll get:

  • Digital Gaming System
  • Ladder (AKA FlexrStep)
  • Basketball Hoop (AKA FlexrHoop)
  • + A Bundle Of Fun For All The Family.

Ready to go and check it out?

Get The Safest Trampoline in The World  

#2 Skywalker 15ft Jump N’ Dunk

skywalker 15 trampoline

Our Pick For: The Best CHEAP Trampoline With A Basketball Hoop

Ok, so you’re not ready to bust out $2k+ on a trampoline with a basketball hoop, but you still want something high quality, and that’s safe for adults and your kids?

Enter the Skywalker 15ft Jump N’ Dunk, one of the best and most popular trampolines on the internet!


So, the first thing that’s going to smack you in the face compared with the SpringFree? About $1600 in change.

The MSRP for the Jump N’ Dunk with the basketball hoop included, is around $350.

Just in case you didn’t know – that’s dirt cheap!


After just reading up on the “Safest Trampoline in The World”, that’s probably on your mind right now, so let’s get right to it…

Safety Net

Is the safety net as good as the SpringFree? trampoline safety


But, that doesn’t mean it’s NOT safe.

Skywalker have incorporated their (patented) “No-Gap” closure system. Because after all, it doesn’t matter how good a safety net is, if you fly straight through it, it might as well not be there!

This means that the net is secured to each spring; there’s no way to fall off the trampoline. At least, not via the net.

And, that net is made from polythene that’s been tightly woven. Not only is that going to take the strain of a fall, but it’s been tested up to ASTM standards.


Sure, you probably want a hoop replicated from the NBA, but this hoop’s all about being safe. It’s made from soft materials so if you pre-jump (incorrectly) and knock yourself, you’ll be able to live to tell the tale.

In fact, hit it hard enough and it will break off from its Velcro fastening. That means the Velcro takes the brunt of the impact, not yours or your kid’s head.


Now, this is the most important safety aspect of any trampoline with a basketball hoop.

There’s going to be more than one person bouncing around intensely, and that destabilizes the frame. That’s going to mean more chance of flipping the trampoline.

That’s why SkyWalker have incorporated the likes of:

  • T-brackets that are reinforced to give the best possible stability to the overall structure of the frame
  • Stabilization in the upper section of the frame (to reduce frame twist) thanks to reinforced T-sockets
  • Heavy duty, heavy gauge, galvanized and rust protected steel used for longevity

Chances of flipping it? Pretty-slim!

Online Reviews

We mentioned already that this is one of the best trampolines with a hoop – an absolute TON of online reviews.

Don’t believe us? Get searching and take a look for yourself.

Across multiple ecommerce stores, this trampoline now has over 1,000 reviews and counting.

Compare that with other cheap trampolines that have 5 reviews or less, and it starts to make sense why people buy the Skywalker over competitor’s products that are listed with the same MSRP.

What’s Included

Convinced that the Skywalker 15ft is for you?

OK, here’s what you’re going to get when you buy it:

  • 15ft trampoline
  • Soft Velcro fastened basketball hoop
  • Safety net
  • All fastenings and fixings
  • 2 foam basketballs
  • A big smile on your kids faces ?

Unlike other cheap trampolines, you don’t need any accessories.

This is the full (and real) deal. And you can grab it right here…

Grab The 15Ft SkyWalker Trampoline Here  

#3 SkyWalker 12ft Jump N’ Dunk

skywalker 12 trampoline

Our Pick For: The Best Cheap SMALL Trampoline With A Basketball Hoop

Maybe you’re a little short on space, and a 15ft unit is just too big?

Or, maybe your kids are quite a few years away from the NBA/pro gymnastics and just don’t need something that big?

Either way, it makes sense that if our “best cheap 15ft trampoline with a basketball hoop” is a Skywalker, the 12ft/small recommendation should be coming from them too.


For many, the decision between the 15ft trampoline with a hoop and the 12ft, is price. You’re looking at saving yourself around $100 but losing 2ft of bouncing space.

Is it worth it? Well, if you have small kids, and don’t plan to jump on there with them – sure.

Kids all above 12, and adults want to get involved too?

There’s a good chance that $100 is going to pay for itself in smiles ?, so we’d be heading for the 15 footer instead.


The Skywalker 12ft is tested up to American Society for Testing and Materials standards.

And it’s worth noting, Skywalker don’t HAVE to do that level of testing by law.

No-Gap Net

Like the 15-footer, you’ll get the patented No-Gap Net enclosure.

Regardless of who falls, they’re going to be protected from falling OUTSIDE of the trampoline enclosure.

Essentially, the net is secured to every spring and around the circumference of the unit.


trampoline safety

With the frame being slightly smaller than it’s 15ft older sibling, the 12ft Skywalker is incredibly stable.

But, that’s not just down to its smaller size.

It uses all the usual frame safety features you expect from Skywalker including:

  • T-sockets that have been reinforced (reducing the chance of the frame twisting and keeling over)
  • Over 70 steel springs, tightly coiled to give the jump surface an even bounce, and the frame further rigidity

The same basketball hoop is used on the 12ft, and that means you’ve got the Velcro breakaway attachment in case your kids (or more likely, YOU) bump your head.

And just in case they start bickering and decide to use their sibling as target practice, the basketballs are made of soft foam – limited tears!

Online Reviews

The Skywalker brand is producing some of the most popular trampolines with basketball hoops anywhere in the world.

Like the 15ft equivalent, the 12ft has over 900 reviews, with most positive reviews explaining how:

  • Sturdy the frame is
  • Easy the unit is to assemble
  • How even the bounce is across the entire jump area
  • It’s durability

The Alternative

If you’ve already been checking out the Skywalker, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the Meridax.

So, why haven’t we featured it on this list? Well, the Meridax weighs in at over $300, and that puts it in the price territory of the 15ft Skywalker.

Thinking about the Merdiax? We’d put up the extra few dollars and grab an extra 3ft of bouncing space from the 15ft Skywalker!

And, at around $50 more expensive than the 12ft Skywalker and almost identical in terms of both frame construction and safety, we’d rather grab that $50 and shove it back in our pocket.

What’s Included

  • 12ft trampoline
  • Soft Velcro fastened basketball hoop
  • Safety net
  • All fastenings and fixings
  • 2 foam basketballs
  • A happy family ?

Buy The 12ft SkyWalker Trampoline On Amazon  

What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our 10-minute guide to the best trampolines with basketball hoops.

Whether you’ve got the budget for best-of-the-best, or just want a cheap 12 footer – hopefully all the above has got you covered.

Still got questions, or purchased another trampoline and got an opinion on it?

Leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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