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Where To Skate + The Best Skateboarding Websites & YouTube Channels

This is part 4 of our beginner’s guide to skateboarding.

Where To Skate

In the UK, there’s a cool resource over at They list pretty much every single park in the UK.

There’s also a global resource that includes not just skateparks, but a tonne of street spots too.

Go check out Extreme Sports Map.


Online Communities

If you’re looking to discuss anything to do with skating, there’s a range of online communities you can head to.

For example, the Skateboarding Reddit has over 124,000 subscribers.

And, the guys over at Sidewalk Magazine also have a fairly active forum.

Another cool forum is Skateboard-City.

Finding Other Skaters

Forums can be a decent way to find a group of skaters, but that depends where in the world you are.

If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to hook up with other Skateboarders, I’d suggest heading over to

They’ve got a group specifically for skaters that has over 16,000 members and currently 100+ skating meetups are posted.

The Best Skateboarding YouTube Channels


A general all-round skate channel worth checking out.


Not exactly a conventional YouTube channel by any stretch of the imagination.

AlexBskating’s videos usually consist of:

  1. Doing something weird…
  2. Whilst also skating

What’s Next?

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