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Roko Sports Quick Strap For Goggles [Here’s What You Need To Know]

Confused as to whether the Roko Quick Strap for MX goggles is for you? Check out our quick guide to what it is, and the types of riders it’s suited to.

Finished your moto, or just stopping on the trail for a break?

Taking goggles on and off can be annoying, and that’s where the Roko Sports Quick Strap for goggles comes into play.

It’s a patented quick release system for your riding goggles.

What is the Roko Sports Quick Strap?

The Roko Sports Quick Strap is designed for motocross, enduro, trail, adventure as well as ATV and downhill mountain bike riders. roko sports quick strap for goggles

It’s a simple to install system that replaces the original goggle strap with one that quickly snaps on and off the side of your helmet.

The Quick Strap connects to your helmet on either side. Release one side to remove your MX goggles from your face whilst leaving the other side attached.

If you don’t plan on using your goggles for a while, you can fit your goggles to the back of your helmet, snap in the Quick Strap, and they’ll be out the way until you need them next.

Goggle Compatibility

The Quick Strap is a universal product. That means it’s going to work with the most popular goggle brands such as Spy, Smith, Fox, Dragon, Oakley and even Smith Optics.

Like it’s universal compatibility with popular goggle brands, it’s also compatible with a wide range of goggles; that includes both roll offs and tear offs.

Not grabbed a set of MX goggles yet? We’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to the best dirt bike goggles on the market here.

Ease Of Installation

There’s an easy to install mounting kit included with every Quick Strap goggle purchase.

Better still, you won’t need any tools and the installation should be complete in a matter of minutes.

Online Reviews

If you’ve already started researching the goggle Quick Strap from Roko, you’ll probably have seen some cheap alternatives, as well as some that are similar in price.

The Roko Sports Quick Strap for goggles is by far the best. It’s been selling online for nearly two decades.

Just check out a handful of the hundreds of reviews and you’ll see why most people consider this to be the best goggle quick release system there is.

Is the Goggle Quick Strap For You?

Maybe you’re getting fogged up during a race? Or, maybe you just hate fumbling around with your goggles out on the trail.

If you want a solution to quickly snap your goggles on and off whilst riding, the goggle Quick Strap from Roko is the go to product for riders.

And here’s the thing. The strap isn’t just there for convenience.

Goggle straps get stretched into next week. Over time they’ll stretch and eventually, you could be junking a perfectly set of goggles, simply because the strap isn’t up to the job.

So, especially if you have expensive $100+ goggles like the Oakley Airbrake, you’ll be saving yourself some cash by not having to replace them when the strap eventually gives way.

And on that note, if you do have other sets of riding goggles that have stretched straps, you can easily breathe new life into them by getting a Quick Strap from Roko for each one!

As we’ve said, if you’re still unsure, jump online and check out some of the reviews – there’s a tonne of positive ones that are worth a read.

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What’s Next?

Thanks for reading our buyer’s guide to the Roko Quick Strap.

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