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Motorcycle Tips & Guides

What’s A Scotts Steering Damper, And Do You Need One?

If you’ve been looking at purchasing a steering damper for your dirt bike, there’s one name that’s likely to pop up time and time again; Scotts Performance. Scotts steering dampers are among the most popular on the market and the only brand that...

Premix Ratios For 2 Stroke Dirt Bike Oil [Including Charts]

Just started dirt bike riding, and not sure which premix ratio to use, how to calculate how much oil you need, the best oils, or how to mix fuel? No problem! This 5-minute guide to 2 stroke premix ratios has everything you need to know. Popular...

What Size Motorcycle Gloves Do I Need?

Confused about motorcycle glove sizing? Our 2-minute guide explains what size motorcycle gloves you need, and how to measure your hands for the perfect fit.