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Guide: Best Motorcycle Security Chain + Lock Sets

Welcome to our guide to the best motorcycle security chains and locks.

Welcome to our guide to the best motorcycle security chains and locks.

Over the years (and to this day), I’ve owned dirt bikes, road motorcycles, track bikes, mountain bikes and more. Unfortunately, I have had a bike stolen. A short visit at my brother’s and I came out to find locks smashed off my Honda 600, and the bike gone.

The more motorcycle security you use on your bike, the less likely it is to be stolen. And, trust me, you don’t want to go through the tedious task of an insurance claim.

Below, we’ll focus on best motorcycle security chain and lock combos from leading security brands, and explain which one offers the best value for money.

Motorcycle Security – What’ You Need To Know

Most people tend to use a motorcycle chain and lock combo, and simply secure it around the frame and wheel. That’s ok if you’re on the move. But personally, I always secure the chain and lock through a ground anchor.

That’s another annoyance for a thief. They can’t just break the lock, or simply lift your bike into a van for the chain to be cut later; they HAVE to cut your motorcycle chain.

Motorcycle Ground Anchors

As we’ve mentioned in our guide to motorcycle ground anchors, a fixed anchor (preferably concreted in), is the best use of your cash. However, I’ve mostly used wall plates in the various houses I’ve owned, and I’m currently used this wall plate ground anchor from Oxford.

Motorcycle Security Chain

You’ll need a chain, and a motorcycle chain lock; that goes without saying. A couple of things worth mentioning here…

Chain Size

Be sure to measure up where you’re securing your bike from/to. You don’t want to spend chunks of cash and find out your chain is too short.

Typically, my chains are 1.5m-2m in length, and I’ve always found that gives me plenty of leeway to secure my bike, without too much of a struggle.

Chain Quality

I would seriously avoid low quality motorcycle chain lock combinations. I secure my bike with more than one chain and lock, and I’ve been broken into multiple times.

Fortunately, from home based break-ins, I’ve not had a motorcycle stolen. They tried, but it’s only the cheap chains they managed to get through; so, they don’t offer much in terms of security.

Personally, I’d suggest budgeting somewhere around the $200 mark for a quality motorcycle chain lock. And, if you end up with a bit of change, well that’s just a bonus.

The Best Motorcycle Chains & Locks

I put in hours of research before purchasing my motorcycle security chain. Below is the chain and lock I chose, as well as a really good alternative. Ready to find out which products are the best?

  1. Oxford OF9 Chain & Boss Alarm Lock

oxford lock and chain for motorcyclesOnce I got down to the nitty-gritty, there were two motorcycle chains on my shortlist; the Oxford complete with Boss alarm lock, and the Kryptonite New York Fahgettabodit.

Here’s why I chose security products from Oxford…

Alarm Motorcycle Chain Lock

As I’ve said previously, I’ve had one bike stolen when visiting my brother, but I’ve not ever had a motorcycle stolen from my house. One of the big deterrents I’ve found, isn’t just the lock and chain; it’s an alarm. I tend to use them on sheds, garages and they’ve worked well. Typically thieves will leave the second an alarm goes off.

But, when building alarm doesn’t deter them (or fails), it’s nice to have a backup plan. And that’s exactly what the Boss motorcycle chain lock from Oxford is going to give you.

Unfortunately, the Kryptonite chain lock doesn’t come with an alarm, which means the Oxford has a clear extra deterrent in place in comparison to the New York motorcycle chain/lock combo from Kryptonite.

Pick Resistant Lock

Most locks are easier to pick, rather than break. Oxford knows this, which why the R&D department have focused on ensuring the lock is pick resistant, partly thanks to the locking mechanism that’s hardened steel.

They’ve done a 5-minute attack test, which doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But, a cheap lock won’t take more than a few seconds to break into, so that’s precious extra time to catch thieves in the act and save your motorcycle from theft.

Chain Quality

I hate cheap chains. They’re pointless and a waste of cash. With the Oxford OF9 chain, you get one of the best chains in terms of strength and therefore security. It’s 12mm thick and square links make it extremely difficult to break. The heat hardened metal isn’t something you’d find on any low quality chain.

Essentially, this is a chain that be used to secure everything from dirt bikes, to road going motorcycles, ATVS and even snowmobiles.

Chain Size

Typically, you’re going to be looking at a motorcycle chain that’s at least 1.5m. That gives you room, so you’re not pegged into a corner when chaining up your motorcycle. So, no problems with the Oxford there, as it’s 2m long.

  1. Kryptonite New York Fahgettabodit

motorcycle lock and chain from kryptoniteIf I had to pick anything other than the Oxford combination, then I’d be looking towards the Kryptonite New York Fahgettabodit.

There are a few slight differences, and there are some things here I prefer, but overall, I’d still peg the Oxford product as the best motorcycle chain and lock combination.

Kryptonite Disc Lock

As a package, this is where the Kryptonite New York Fahgettabodit lags in comparison to the Oxford. The Oxford Boss lock is alarmed, and the Kryptonite isn’t. That’s making it much easier for thieves to get hold of your motorcycle.

Alongside this, I always figure a big looped motorcycle chain lock like this, is much easier to break than a tighter fitting one. It’s easier to get tools between the lock body and lock arm. Using leverage, it’s then easily broken.

Chain Quality

What I do like about the Kryptonite is the chain quality, which is one the reasons it ends up with such good reviews on ecommerce stores.

You’ll get a full 14mm of protection from six sided chain links, making this chain extremely hard to crack.

Chain Size

I like chains in between 1.5m-2m. The Oxford is perfect for me at 2m. If you’re needing this extra length, then the Kryptonite motorcycle security chain isn’t the one for you; it’s only 1.5m, so head for the Oxford I use instead.

Review Verdict: Motorcycle Chain & Locks

In my opinion, the Oxford motorcycle chain, coupled with the Boss alarm lock is the best value for money product, which is why I purchased it.

Whilst the Kryptonite combo is high quality, and has a slightly bigger chain link size, the lock (not being alarmed), really lets it down.

After a few years using it, I’ve now got a couple securing my bike, alongside some disc locks. I’ve been extremely happy with it (even when used outside, there’s no signs of rust), and I’d happily purchase it again.

You can get the Oxford motorcycle chain/lock combo here.

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